Finding A Balance




My Life Measured in the Balance


‘In the pursuit of learning,

everyday something is added.

In the pursuit of Tao,

everyday something is dropped.

Less and less is done, until

one arrives at nonaction.

When nothing is done,

nothing is left undone.


The world is won by letting things

take their own course.

If you still have ambitions,

it?s out of your reach.’

~ The Tao Te Ching as translated by Brian Browne Walker


What picture comes to mind when you hear the word balance? A scale comes to my mind. A solid centered origin or base that extends or ranges upwards and outwards.

Baskets or scales that extend or range in opposite directions. The baskets or scales are positioned into place along the center of the upward base, in perfect spatial proportion to balance the weight of the entire Scale system. A system of measurement. A way to measure quantity, quality and space.

Not too high and not too low, not too deep and not too wide.

This keeps the scale from tipping over or getting off balance. In perfect proportion.

How does understanding balance apply in my life?

I once believed in my other way of thinking that I needed an agenda for my day. A set schedule that would make me feel like I was accomplishing something here on my part of the planet. My way of measuring my productivity based on irrational thoughts of what approval and acceptable behavior was .

What would happen was when I was beginning in my day?s planned schedule of to do?s something would show up and mess with my schedule. An obstacle in my mission or thought process that created debilitating emotions. I was then being given an opportunity to make a choice in a decision making process. Something would have to be rearranged or let go of to accommodate this new event. A lesson being given to me to see if I really believed in what I was saying I believed. Was I trusting with certainty in the process of being in the flow connected to my Gods Divine Plan for my life? Following my Inner GPS system? As in everything happens for a reason.

H mm. Let?s see how this measures up.

I became aware of my energy emotional response to these unannounced interruptions by the thoughts that were streaming through my mind. In my asking how do I create balance in my life I was being given a lesson on how to not be so set in my ways of wanting to control everything. It has to be this way or it?s not right! My way or the highway. Is this balanced Mindfulness Julia? Let?s learn by how we are reacting or responding to any given situation. How am I thinking about what is happening? Was this an opportunity or a bum rap? Did I react by irrational thinking and getting irritated and bound into a tight coil ready to spring at a moment?s notice or did I respond by accepting this as Divine Intention?s way of learning what was important or not? What were my thought processes resulting in?

I found that when I paid attention to my heart that it was a good indicator for measuring my mental state which then indicated who was sitting in the director?s chair of my life. My mind or my heart.

I also found that my emotions were leaning a little too much into an unbalanced state of negativity based on the way I was thinking. Static, irritation, tenseness, a gripping and grinding in my gut. I was anything but relaxed and peaceful. ?This is just great!! I?ve a million things to do today and this just doesn?t fit into my schedule! How am I suppose to get everything done!!?? If I chose to allow this state of mind to feed my emotions and to remain in this pattern, I tended to take it to bed with me too. And my evening prayers were shoved to the corners of my mind while I tried to figure out via my thinking how to fix my current circumstance and issues. My emotional response was self evident.

I would then wake up and the first thoughts would be rested and peaceful? M mm, hardly. How many times have you heard the term ?vicious cycle??

I was beginning a new day with old thoughts carried over from the day before. And on and on it would go. Until there was no room left to go farther. I ran out of ways to fix it.? My mind was full of itself. These thoughts were feeding my emotions and wearing me out.

I would then in desperation say within, ?God!! Why are You doing this to me!!?? Ha! Ha! I laugh at myself in this moment because in writing this it is ever so clear who was doing what to whom. I left Gods Loving presence completely out of the picture. I let my thinking mind lead me and excluded my heart?s leading. It was when I remained in a state of Silent expectation of receiving my good (silencing the thinking otherwise) and was willing to be still and listen to the Still Small Voice (quiet) within that I realized I didn?t have any solutions to what I was daily creating until I did do this. I had made that obvious to myself. I went looking for help as a last resort. It?s about wheel reversal. So what happened next?

You guessed it. Another circumstance would arrive and this time I asked God to be Present by listening to my heart?s voice first and I was then shown another way of looking at it. I could then feel my connection with my heart doing the leading with my mind who then agreed to come along. In remaining calm I am able to trust the Divine leading by listening to my Intuitive Heart Voice, and it says that All is Well, here is what to do. I am free to let go of all unrealistic expectations (agendas) of how I thought it ?should? be done. I now plan my day loosely and leave it in the hands of a Higher Source who is full of All Wisdom and Knowing. My Secret Source of Infinite Supply. End of all worries by sitting down in the seat of emotions.

My Heart space.

I began to relax more and allowed myself via the interruptions to arrive at my destination 10 to 20 minutes late. I would call and let my clients know that I would be arriving late and did this still work with their day?s plan as I respected their time as well? I cannot tell you how many times they would respond and say, ?This is perfect timing, I was delayed too!? Wow!! I like the way this works. It all worked out. Even when I had to reschedule a client, so often as I was reaching for the phone to call them, they would call me first and ask if we could reschedule. It really does work like this.

I was learning to trust that all things are working for my Highest Good in all ways and this allowed my energy to balance and remain in the center of Loving energy, experiencing the peacefulness that comes by allowing my life to flow from this point of reference, no matter what?is grabbing for my attention to distract me away from my balance.


Maintaining Balance


No more stress, no more tension. Peace, Joy, Happiness founded on complete Trust.

I am still being given new opportunities to practice this in my daily life. By allowing the day to unfold I know with certainty that everything happens for a reason.

For My Highest Good.

I sleep peacefully, I awake with newness and refreshed to begin a new day of adventure knowing that many blessings will unfold for me today. God is a giver, I am only asked to be the Receiver by Being a giver in kind and pass it on.

I am deeply touched by the Love that is shown to me to remind me that everything is taken care of. My life is hardly boring. My God knows I don?t do boring because God is intimately acquainted with all my ways.

God Being Creative Spirit ~

I enjoy a multi-colored, multi-hued, diversified life of daily beauty and blessings. I traded in my rat on a wheel of imposed bondage existence to have this. I let go of it. I was given a choice by freewill that continues to allow me to have and experience what I asked for. Freedom.

It brings balance to my life. Relaxation . Peace. Good energy in motion. Measured, perfectly proportioned in quality, quantity and more than enough space for me to breathe.

We have been given the Power to Choose. Freedom or bondage? Balance or imbalance? Heart or mind leading?

Which way do you choose to live?

Begin today. By Asking.

Then Listen by paying attention to the Voice within.

??When we recognize the Divine Presence everywhere,

then we know It responds to us and that there is a Law of Good,

a Law of Love, forever giving of itself to us.?

?~ Ernest Holmes

And So It Is.

Many Blessings, Be Well

InJoy this day resting in the Balance, Trusting in the Divine Plan unfolding for your Highest Good this day ~



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