Gratitude Is An Attitude

Commitment to Gratitude


?Prayer is an attitude of the heart.? ? Larry Dossey


?We can smile, breathe, walk, and eat our meals in a way that allows us to be in touch with the abundance of happiness that is available. We are very good at preparing to live, but not very good at living.?

~ Thich Nhan Hanh


In asking Who Am I? I was led to the Sacred Prayers I have shared within these pages with you.


Now I was looking for practical ways to apply these truths in my life. It led me to Invite, Ask ?

How do I begin to love myself lovingly and faithfully to reach my Highest Potential? Show me how.

What?s the first step?

I was speaking to myself out loud in my Heart, I was listening to my Heart ? and felt in Trust that the answer was forth~coming ? It takes a faithful and loving discipline, a training of ones mind to be consistent in comfortably knowing ones Heart, knowing ~ recognizing Loves Voice ~

My answer was Gratitude. Gratitude is an attitude. A position of my heart. It opens me to my Inner connection to my Source for living and supply. This is where I receive an inflowing of Love and further Gratitude and from this place I am Now able to give (express to others) by allowing the flow to go out from Source?s constant supply. When I remain in this position of coming from Gratitude, I am an ever living, expanding, growing, talking, walking Giver of this attitude. It is Love in Action. Results show up in my daily moment to moment experience such as; kindness, compassion, worthiness, dignity.

I Now come from the knowing (Heart Space) that I am generous, rooted in Gods soil, secure in Gods care, and I prosper because I know with certainty, there is more than enough for all.

My Love becomes limitless because I am connected to Infinite Love. The more I give the more I receive. It?s like that. Sometimes I forget. But Love is ever present to remind me. Accepting this Love for ourselves is the very Power that heals us.

A Return to our True Nature. It is a Return to Love.

I give thanks for the beauty of this day, and you in in sharing this day with me ?

??The first step in practicing Knowing who you are, is by saying thank you for everything in your life up to Now. Everything.? ~ Julia Lisa

?A simple gem to carry with you throughout this weekend. Pay attention to how often you think of being thankful and how often you are expressing this to all others. Say thank you over and over again, no matter what happens or shows up. See what happens. Pay attention. Write it down. Try it, you?ll like it, in fact you?ll Love it!!

?We achieve so little, says A Course in Miracles, because we have undisciplined minds. Training our minds to think from a loving, faithful perspective is the greatest boost we can give to our immune systems, and one of the greatest challenges we can pose to our minds.?

? A Year of Daily Wisdom Calendar by Marianne Williamson


Many Loving Blessings, Be Well

and In Joy this day,

Play the game of Gratitude, your scavenger or treasure hunt for today ~

It?s here ~ InJoy the discovery, the mystery of the game ~




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One Response to “Gratitude Is An Attitude”

  1. Darrell Says:

    Beautifully expressed Julia.

    A lecture I was once attended on Buddhism, the speaker stated ” if your life was a movie up to this point, you would be so bored by it, you would walk out of the theater. ”
    This stuck with me all through the years. It referenced directly how little we accomplish in the course of a day, how much energy is wasted in our motion through life.

    When we say ‘ life purpose ‘ we think of our jobs, vocations, or desires for them. It is how we are wired in this culture as children. We are taught to singly focus on career, thusly our minds are occupied with this most of our lives, until we retire.
    Then we begin to look into ‘ who ‘ we are and want to be. Prior to this, ask someone who they are, and the majority will tell you their job description.
    This person that just told you what they do instead of who they are is what we call ego and the one that struggles against our higher selves voice most of our life.
    When they tell what they do – it is because they do not know who they are, or want to be. It is lost in the childhood they surrendered to be a ” good worker ” and a responsible citizen. This person is a creation of others, who we truly and is only a matter of recognition.
    From this recognition our life’s purpose evolves of its own power.
    The sense of gratitude Julia speaks of will be felt from our higher self for this honoring of it, and then flow into the rest of our life.
    You step into walking in Faith, and this generates gratitude and thankfulness as your energy attitude. It will be felt by those near you and just passing you on a walk.

    In our culture of self-help, spiritual workshops and the ‘ business ‘ of God / Source we have lost our way in an attempt to be ourselves. Many discover this in meditation, prayer, even workshops, but most I think find it by just stopping long enough to know they are not what was created as they surrendered their childhood’s to the demands of the majority.

    WithIn Love


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