Doing The Math


Doing The Math


??If you always do what you always did — you?ll always get what you always got.?

~ Unknown

?Insanity: doing the same thing over and over again
and expecting different results.?

~ Albert Einstein

‘3 out of 2 people have problems with fractions.’

~ Professor Funny, Mathmatics Humor


Finding The Missed Step?In Your Equation

Once again I found myself having the same end results in another?relationship, in another job, in another argument and my life was not?going as planned. It felt like I was spinning my wheels and getting no?where fast. Talk about hitting the proverbial ?dead end?. Hey! What?s?going on here! Why do these things keep happening to me? Who moved me?around, my life and my freedom!?!? Who?s behind the driver?s wheel of my life??

STOP this bus, I?m getting off!!

I have a strange and quirky sense of humor as I tend to hear music?playing in the back of my mind at times. The ?Twilight Zone ? theme?song was playing in these moments. I really did at times expect to see?Rod Sterling walking out from the wings and saying, ‘Welcome, Julia,?all this time, you?ve really been living in the ?Twilight Zone?.’ Me in?shocking realization, screaming, Nooo!! ??

I find when I have come out of these ?crisis? situations that I am?experiencing a very lucid moment. Now, if I could just stay awake long?enough, pay attention and learn to be true to the ‘I?ll never do that?again!!’ heart felt confession. Well, that has truly been my?intentions. I just didn?t understand what was causing the repeated?patterns in my life. I just knew that I?d walked in circles more than?enough times and desired new scenery, new roads to travel and new?companions. Along with a new driver who knew all the best places to?visit with the most beautiful scenic routes! In a ride equipped with a?GPS system and cruise control.


Ask For Help?To?Understand The Basic Concept

I had to get to Higher ground and get another point of view.

In Asking my Source of Living, I was shown an interesting metaphor?using a subject I did not pay a whole lot of attention to while in the?throes of elementary education. Math. By not paying attention to the?foundational definitions of the principles of math, I missed a key?element in understanding the purpose of how to use what was being?defined and the process to make it work. How to do the math to make it?balance. Here is a basic definition;

Numerator X Lowest Common Denominator = Total Sum

The basic definitions of these words are interesting and worth?understanding. They give me an easy practical way to work with a Keep?It Simple System equation that can be repeated to give the same results?every time I work with it. It doesn?t have to be reworked. I do not?have to reinvent the wheel.

Numerator means; expression in the top location or what?s on the?surface, being static or changeable.

Lowest Common Denominator means;?expression in the bottom location of the most basic, sensible level,?being fixed or unchangeable.

These two combined are equal to the total?Verdanasum of all the parts of the equation. Total Sum means; that which,?gives a standard based origin or source sharing in characteristics or?common features. Or, this plus this adds up to, equals this. Let?s see?if I can solve this equation using words in the most simplest of?fashions. I like to keep things simple and travel Light.


Numerator = Outer?Consciousness = WYSIWYG

The numerator is the first figure to ?show? up on top, revealing what is going?on in the lower hidden yet supportive mind of my picture, my conscious?level of awareness, my thinking mind, is based on the way I am reacting or?responding emotionally to whatever I am thinking about, by defining how?I what I think I see is happening. WYSIWYG. What You See Is What You Get. The lowest common denominator is?the underlying, supportive figure (my subconscious or hidden heart?mind) of what is being accepted (received and believed) in whatever?thought forms (outer figures) are being shown to me, the results of my?math working the equation.?

My subconscious mind gives weight (belief) to what the conscious mind?s?(thoughts of? my view) is agreeing with,?in how I am?seeing it, so that what? I am experiencing?either balances,? and harmonizes together, or?disharmonizes, by the way I am feeling?about?what I am seeing,?and whether or not?both are adding up to equal the same experience.?Is what I am?seeing?in agreement with my emotions??We all feel unrest when experiencing dis-harmony.?Something is just not matching up in the?sum equation …?

Denominator = SubConsiousness, WYFYSIWYG

The subconscious (lower?denominator) ?just agrees with the conscious mind, to balance with it. A ?What you?see is equal to what you really feel, and believe to be true.? WYFYSIWYG = What?You Feel (about what) You?See Is What?You Get.?The numerator and the lowest common denominator?when brought together,?is then reduced?down to the simplest, basic results?(the sum total), and the sum total reveals what the conscious mind says?it thinks it?sees, being supported by the hidden programmed feelings of the?subconscious mind in the same moment, and not necessarily what one is desiring to see or feel for that matter…?

The sum total just gives you the ?evidence?, the results of this?combination. That?s all, that?s it.?


What’s?Causing A Mismatched Sum?In My Math?

All this is ?adding? up to invites our Asking; ‘Is it possible (anything is?possible) that what I am receiving? as ?the results? of what is showing up?in my life,? a direct manifestation-summation of what I am creating by how I am thinking and feeling about something and is therefore equal to what I am seeing?in my life circumstances? Am I really seeing in my everyday experience, the sum total of my emotion infused thoughts?!?

Is how I am choosing to emphasize, support, what I am seeing?really being supported by what I am putting my belief (full weight of emotions)?into? Hmm… so,?what lies underneath is what is creating what is happening or showing up in my life? HmmHmm?

So,?my results that seem off, are?possibly due to the way I am doing the?math? Is the way I am doing the math in need of a correction?

I wonder … so, how I am seeing and feeling about this picture, is?allowing me to see that I am drawing my very own conclusions down to a simple?core value, based on these two ideas working together to create a balance.


Where?Have My Labels Come From? Whose Really Doing My Math?

Do I tend to think of this by?choosing only two answers of; this is good or this is bad?? (Am I?Labeling also known as limiting my options?) How can I define what good and bad are, and what sum total am I basing?these definitions on? Are these definitions the only ones or do they?have the ability to be changeable? Can I change what I am seeing by?also changing the underlying emotion? Am I deciding to separate my?emotions out (projecting and complicating the ?problem?) as in, ‘Oh no!?this is bad! or Mm!! This is good!!?’ I seem to?have just created a split of?only two sides of possibilities of answers in my conscious mind by?separating my emotions into these two categories. Right or wrong?answers. Two different, opposite ways of looking at many ways of?feeling something about my current experience. A possibility, Yes??

Creating a ?complicated? math to the nth degree ?

How do I go about changing the outcomes? How do I?turn the ?problem??into?a solution of;

?This is so easy, there is no unsolvable problem when I know how to do the math?’

I Invite a Greater Mind into this session.?I find all is being?reduced to the core value. I am learning?a simpler way to do the math.

Have you ever asked?yourself,?’just where are these labels coming from?’ Are they someone?else?s ?borrowed? definitions of what ?good or bad? is or are they my?own ideas based upon a Greater Mind?s definition of Its Eternal Truth, that All?is Well, Perfect, it all comes together in a certain order? What if (imagine) by removing?the labels, the limitations of there being only two ways to do?the math, good or bad, I say, It Is what it Is. It?s?Perfect. Every answer is reduced to One or Zero .?

Taking a step into the in between, not either or, and looking at it?this way, allows me to?view?Life like I am watching and enjoying a variety?of movies. Up and down hills, butterflies in my tummy, chase scenes, adventure, romance,?intrigue, mystery, drama, thrills, chills, etc?.?

Differently defined yet, in genre, they are all movies.

I ask you, does everyone agree on what these definitions mean??Does good and bad mean the same exact thing to everyone else’s ideas? Obviously not. So, when we are not in agreement, all others definitions?of ?good and bad? are therefore changeable in definition, they are?numerators which are supported by denominators which are all being?supported by the total sum of all the parts of the equation in each one of us!! Who?decides for me or you what defining ‘good or bad? means for me or you??Is it you or you or you? Yes, and any number of ones, only if I allow?it by choosing to believe it and not deciding for myself.?

And this makes for a very complicated mathematical ?problem? or it can?lead to doing a Simpler method of doing the Math.

Allowing ones to do their own math.

Choosing A Simpler Way of Doing Math

I want to live my own life as we all do. I desire to be the main?character in my movie as we all do. By giving myself permission to be?the star or focus or the producer, connected to the Source of living my life, I can?respect, enjoy and allow you to be connected to the Source in yours. We?balance, we are equal in our understanding one another.?We are free to Be in harmony with one another. We are free to agree on?the same foundational?balance of Harmony ~?

We now have lots of movies and characters to enjoy together.?

Freedom to Live and Let Live in agreement to the sum total of the?equation. Sharing a core value by reducing it all down to agreeing on the same?idea to all these seeming problems.

By being made aware and shown the?results of my own thinking and?feeling process, I am now able to see by making this connection, that?what?I?see or experience with my feelings is my choice, it’s my?decision?in the way I choose to think and feel about anything or?anyone. I just changed the equation in my math. The denominator just wants to?support the numerator in balancing the sum total in the simplest way to?deliver it. The numerator and denominator always agree, they just don?t?seem to be agreeing when I don?t see them as working together to get to the sum?total. The answer seems to escape me? I?m not getting it ? for some reason things aren’t coming together, into harmony.

I am always receiving what I am Asking for, I am being supported in everyway. I am?matching what I am seeing with?the way?I am feeling is true to me in the moment.?It’s whenever I am ready to receive it, that the answer comes to me.

I want to see Perfect Harmony in my life. As in you, and in me, by realizing first,? as I see It in myself, I will see this in you.

A Course in Miracles says,’Ideas leave not their Source.’

I can change the total equation, by changing my mind on?all levels, working together as they always do, only now I have found a simpler way of?doing the math so the consistent answer brings me confidence in the sum?total.?So I receive?what I am seeing is on the top is the same as what is on the bottom, as in giving me the answer, I know is the right one for me.

Now, I am excited to do the math!!

I get IT!! I see it now!! Wow! This is so easy and I was making it all?so hard!! I really do not have to re-invent the wheel.

There is a System that works!!

Because I?am no longer mis-understanding the foundational principles of doing the math which,?reduces all the parts of the equation into ITs simplest form. The core?Value, all the parts are in Harmony, aligning, it’s all adding up.

I?m blazing new trails???.

I?m making new movies?.

?I seek but what belongs to me in Truth. God?s Peace and Joy are mine.?

~ A Course in Miracles ~

My desires are formed in the depths of my heart, and I watch my Higher
Self carry them out.

~ Morning Decree, from The Sacred Prayers

?What we give, we will receive, and what we withhold will be withheld from us.
The Universe will always support our integrity.?

~ Marianne Williamson, from A Year of Daily Wisdom Calendar


To a new way of doing the math, a Keep It Simple System that works over and over again ~

Any number multiplied by one equals one, or multiplied by zero equals zero, the open door ~

Many Blessings, Be Well ~

InJoy Being a Wizard of Math today, founded on your Core Value of the simplest, purest, Greatest?Equation ~

The sum total of all the parts reduced into ITs simplest form ~

IT All Works out for the Greatest Good of All ~ ITs All God at the Core, the Sum Total of All the parts of life and living.

Many Blessings InLove,

InJoy this day, Doing The?Math, Remembering to, Keep IT Simple Sweetie pie ~




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