Can You Play Now?

?Can You Play Now? When Can You Play?

?The moment you start seeing life as non-serious, a playfulness, all the burden on your heart disappears. All the fear of death, of life, of love – everything disappears. One starts living with a very light weight or almost no weight. So weightless one becomes, one can fly in the open sky. Life is rarely as serious as we believe it to be, and when we recognize this fact, it responds by giving us more and more opportunities to play.? ~Osho

Rules and Models destroy Genius and Art. ~ William Hazlett


How many times have I both asked and have been asked this question?

Amma, Mom! Come see this, try this, do this with me, will you????

The key words being Play Now.


As a child, my only daily requested responsibility was to go outside and play by asking permission. It was a Be Seen and Not Heard world. In other words, ‘Go take your racket somewhere else.’ I am saying this with humor. Really. I see it now as in,’you have total freedom to do what ever you want, just do it in your own space and let me have mine.’ This thinking didn?t always go over well with me however, I am finding that this way of thinking is really fitting me like a glove Now. I really feel much more comfortable in this way of being. There is complete freedom in this way of ?thinking? and living.

I do not mean being shown how to give the care of ones provision by putting things back where they belong, keeping my space clean, baths and so on. That?s only one way about learning how to take care of ones self. A most important lesson by the way as it is a daily reminder for one to be appreciative of what one receives.

As I progressed into becoming an elder kid, I noticed that my opportunities to play outside with the daily routines were being redirected into ?more of less?, less play and ?more work?. By being ?taught? by human conditioning of more rules and models. I was told over and over again that I must grow up and behave responsibly or else. I must go to school, don?t talk back, get an education, don?t think for myself, get a job, you?ll never make it by living on your passion, and maybe, the ?Good Lord willing,? I might be able to experience some relief from this ?daily grind? of our dirt poor ancestors by taking a vacation, which meant stay at home and do not much of anything or if I were ?lucky? enough, to be released as a ?freed? being to make it to retirement. By then of course my most productive years behind me, fat chance at enjoying it because now I remember that I have this body I?m schlepping around and I forgot how to Play as in giving care for myself and well there you have it. Another rat goes under the wheel. M mmm..No Thanks.


All that work and no ?time? to enjoy it. Sounds like a rotten deal to me. I?ll have none of it.


My only other options as a ?younger aged? child was to be given only one other option of two choices. Go play outside or you can sit still on this couch and not move a muscle and get a spanking if you do. Wow! Tough choice here! They knew they had me here because, it was nearly next to impossible to keep this ecstatic wanderer still for a moment. Sit still!?! Torture, too much to explore and ?the day?s? a wastin?.

H mm? choices, choices. Isn?t this how most of ?us? were taught to mind? There is a big difference in being Guided and Directed or Controlled in ones Life. We are taught or shown to listen to our earthly ?parents? by having an upbringing experience. There are many variations of an upbringing. We know this and can observe this in the Picture. I began at a very young age to sense a flaw in the way I was receiving my formative collection of memories. Was it a fun experience, well, define what fun is for you? For me, It was not fun for the most part. Too much, too soon. It caused my Mind to become ?old? in this world?s idea of living.

Is there really such a thing as growing old? Only if I believe it. I choose Now, not to believe it.

Because that isn?t what God says.

In all fairness, there were experienced moments of fun. My experiences served to keep me awake to something. My wish for a Fun Source of Life and Living. I was looking for a way out of this picture or nightmare. I wasn?t having any consistent fun. I was caught in the daily grind and kept ending up where I started. At one point, I realized I may have not been aware or awakened to another option or way of Living. What did I do?

I Asked. And I Have Been Answered. Daily I Am Shown. That?s God?s Promise to Me, All of Me as in You, You, You.

Knowing this brings Trust and Peace of Mind to All. Not to mention the Fun.

Where does it say, ‘except for ???’ fill in the blanks.

Ones Truth applies to All.

I grew up in the ?Baby Boomer? generation. It was the generation of ?Children Should Be Seen and Not Heard and Severely Rebuked for Thinking and Believing Otherwise.’ Don’t rock the boat mentality. The way any definition (as in up for grabs) of ?disrespect? or any ?seeming challenge? to the Rules and Models game was awarded, was understood collectively as in; physical or emotional spankings or abuse. Discipline was the definition of this behavior for me. I hated the word and did anything I could to be the ?opposite? of the word. Again, there is a big difference between Love and Its True opposite and that is Apathy. There is a also a big difference between Discipline and Abuse. I was to learn this. Guess what? Discipline in its true meaning is an excellent way of keeping oneself awake. It really does come down to two choices and there are as many ways to say the same thing as there are in experiencing them.

Pain or Joy, Yes or No? Working or Playing?

I forgot I am an Eternal, Immortal, Universal and Infinite, Beautiful Child of God.

How many major decisions do you remember making as a child? Hey!! Is the house still going to be here when I get back? What about the electricity and all the stuff grown ups seem to talk about and think about so much? I can?t wait to do this! NOT!!

How did I find myself in such an ?irresponsible? State?

I Asked. And I have been Answered. So I?m just sharing the goods. I call it ?Sharing my Lunch Box.? Swapping with others is Fun too. We get to experience the many variations and varieties of this thing we call Life.

I have come to a place where I have let go of the merry-go-round and Now I am InJoying the Merry-Go-Ride.

We Forget to Have Fun!!

I love Spring. It renews and Awakens my rest filled Spirit of Winter. Fun is in the air!

Yesterday, was truly a beautiful Spring day. The temperatures were in the 70?s. Yes!! I can live with this. I drove around to finish some errands and was in wonder of the trees and shrubs that flower first before leafing out. Their bare branches bursting with color. Maples with their red five o?clock shadows, Ornamental Pears abloom with their fragrant white flowers. And the Magnolia?s are truly the Grand Dames of this unfolding glory. Wearing their heady flowered hats and sweet perfume. I love it. I see glowing Golden Forsythia bursting in warm extension. The tulips are up and the daffodils, being followed by; Bleeding Hearts, Coral Bells, Grape Hyacinths, Primrose, Sedums, money wort. Everywhere I look I see Life. I see creativity at its finest. And to think that all I had to do was show up! I love simplicity. It suits me.

‘Well, what?s it gonna be kid? Yes or No?? Work or Play?”

‘Inside or Outside? Painful or Joyful? Lived or Not Lived?’

‘Come On!! I ain?t got all day!!’

Serious or Fun?

I give myself Permission to Play Now ?

H mmm …?Choices, Choices ??

I say I creative play, imagine. So Be It. So It Is.

You have always had Permission to Play Now. How do I know?

Ask and Receive your Answer.

Sending Loving thoughts your way,

Many Blessings, Be Well and by All means InJoy this day, Go Play Now!!




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