Living In The Present Moment



Balancing Act by James Christensen

May I Have My Undivided Attention Please?


?The aim of life is to live, and to live means to be aware,
joyously, drunkenly, serenely, Divinely aware.?

~ Henry Miller


What Are My Priorities and Why So Important?

Living in the present moment sounds so simplistic, idealistic and easy to do doesn?t it? Why then I wonder, do so many seem to have forgotten how to live this way? People are continually searching for a way to break free from the daily grind. I?m hearing and seeing how it is wearing them out by trying to keep up with everything and that it feels more and more that Life is running away from them and not truly being enjoyed and lived. More time is being spent at working for a living while home has become just a place to sleep.

Where does one find Joy in living?
What does it mean to live in Present moment awareness?
How does One become fully Present?

The desire to make this a living True experience of everyday life is evident in the abundance of Spas, advertisements for books, cd?s, herbs, music, meditation and other body-mind treatments which offer a variety of methods of how to?s for accomplishing a relaxed state of Being. Gardening has become one of the fastest growing activities in the last ten years.
All of this being created from the obvious desires of an over stressed humanity desiring to know how to Be calm, serene, relaxed, and just enjoy the living of life in an unhurried pace.

Nature has generously provided the most excellent practical tools for me, and by practicing withIn by learning to relax in the present moment I find myself evolving into a continual state of peaceful calmness. I lose all sense of time when I remove myself from living in a tick tock hurried environment packed with a schedule of heavily calendared events.?Time?seems to get away from me when I am cramming more activity into my day, my week and my year. As I have slowed down my pace in learning to slow my pace by going more with the moment, I am realizing that there is always more than enough ?time? to accomplish whatsoever I am doing in the moment.

A definition of being present means; Being at hand,the opposite of being absent, Now existing, begun but not ended, Being at this time; not past or future, the Present Instance.

The quintessential Be Here Now.

To be absent means; being away from a place (as in ones physical or mind presence), withdrawn from a place, inattentive to what is present, preoccupied.

H mm?. I ask, have I ever found myself ?not? being present in the moment, as in being inattentive or absent in the moment by being preoccupied? Have I ever been in a conversation with another only to become aware that I missed what was being said or a question being asked because my mind was busy being somewhere else or more concerned with my answer then what was being shared? Absent minded? I have then had to ask the one conversing with me to repeat the comment or question. Have I ever felt that the day went by so fast that I don?t remember experiencing it?

Where did this day, week, year go!?


Self Knowledge Is Power, Know Yourself?

Do I find my mind lingering on past regrets or longings for ?once upon a time? dreams or something that I haven?t acted upon? Delaying my dreams? Could this be due to the decisions once made by my own prioritizing of importance as in keeping up with a mortgage, bills and perhaps an unrealistic and unreasonable lifestyle ambitions of others for me?

Would I stop to consider the possibility of a less is best lifestyle change? Quality over quantity?

Do I feel divided, split up, restless, separated out all over the place? Or do I feel whole, united, calm, trusting, complete, at rest in a deep Trust. Peaceful.?What Am I focusing my thoughts on the most? Where I don?t want to be in this moment (worry, dissatisfaction)? Or is where I am right in this moment, where I am happiest to be (content with my life as it is right now).

It?s in asking these questions of myself which I have, that in listening to my Heart,? that the genuine answer is revealed. And in those moments,?when I?have been buried deep enough, lost in my anxieties, I have?turned within and Asked a?Greater Mind for Wisdom and Guidance, that has helped to lead me into a peaceful state of Being in, by seeing things in another way, from a Greater perspective.


Where am I in this moment? All together in One place or all over the place? How do I get back to Being in the moment?

Ask for IT.


Observe Life’s Examples of What Living Peacefully Looks Like

Some of the most simple and wonderful everyday examples are shown by daily by taking the time to observe the way children and animals live in simplicity on a daily basis.They have no ambition other than to InJoy themselves?in Being With the moment. Watch how children play when they are alone with themself and not with another child. I also enjoy watching animals. Peaceful. Children and animals live in a moment by moment pace; they enjoy life, by slowing down long enough to stop and smell the roses along the way. They do life One Step followed by the next unfolding step. Nature?s seasons follow one right after another in perfect sequential order. It?s a walk in the park pace.

Sauntering ~


It?s a committed daily discipline of taking baby steps towards the Inner goal of Being Present. Experiencing yourself as I am Being what I am, in this moment, led moment by moment to Be Here Now as I am, and all I am ever asked to do is to remain Present in the moment as I am.

Taking one step leads into the next step.

?Being Still in your steppin.?

Becoming aware of my thoughts by slowing down enough to hear with inner listening, allows me to let go of the needless chatter, releasing my thoughts by going deeper??into the Silence, Being grounded and centered Inward and no longer divided in my attention. Collecting my Self Presence by bringing all parts of myself back to the Center.
My Inner Self.

Pay Attention To How You Are Feeling Inside

I can definitely notice the difference when I do not practice being still-completely One within my Being. I become undecided, restless, racing minded, and scattered, short of breath. I allow distractions to take my eyes off of my center of attention. Am I projecting my emotions or extending my Unconditional Love for others by seeing only Love? The answer I choose for this question has a lot to do with having a calm mind. It is based on Trust in the next step you are stepping into. Really.
Will you consider this?


Going Silent

Being with myself, and intent on Silent introspection without anything around to distract me, I can begin with observing my surroundings, by detaching without making any judgments of what I see around me. I am paying relaxed attention to the movement and sound of the wind?s breath blowing itself through the trees and across my skin, listening intently to the birdsong all around me, my skin is glowing with the sun?s radiating warmth touching me, smelling and breathing in the fragrances carried on the wind of roses, lilacs and peonies. I am enjoying these impressions while in a restful state. Now in closing my eyes I become more aware of my Self by focusing inward and bringing my restful attention within, by focusing Into the area around my belly button and allowing this calming energy to flow in and throughout from this point. Breathing in Silence…Ebb and flow, In and Out…

One Breather with All of Life.


Practicing A State of Restfulness In the Midst of Activity

You can experience this whether you are walking, washing dishes, picking up the mail.? By being attentively aware of how you feel in your body while doing these things. Feeling the Energy of your Immortal Spirit moving with you in unison underneath your earthly skin. Pay attention to your foot step, your hand movements. Concentrate on one foot moving in front of the other. Allow your eyes to experience all the colors Nature provides for you. Notice the texture and shape of a leaf or bark or flower. Take deep breaths in, and releasing them, knowing your breath is giving life to all the living life surrounding you, and returning living life back into you.

Practicing daily being within each moment more and more. Feel what IT would be like to experience being the only One on earth, expanding this feeling into the Universe and as far as you wish to go. Being in Silent Oneness. The Only One. Feel IT by Being IT. I am still learning this.


Tucking?Your Inner and Outer Child In?For Peaceful Rest

You can practice this anytime or shortly before going to bed. Laying down, closing your eyes and placing your arms relaxed by your side, with your palms facing upwards. Placing your feet apart and in alignment with your shoulders. Relax and take slow deep breaths in and feel yourself being pulled inside of your body, releasing your breath and feeling yourself backing into and going deeper within yourself. Feeling each breath is taking you deeper within to your center.

Notice if you feel any unrelaxed tenseness in any area of your body. Focus now on the tense area that shows up, and begin to feel the inside of your body becoming a perfectly warmed liquid ocean of sunlight or warm water within. Begin moving the soft waves of warm liquid lightness into this tensed area and allow the warm sensation of this feeing to flow in and out, moving slowly yet, surely into every part of your body.

As you relax more, extend this feeling of warm sensation into the edges of your body?s boundaries while sensing them softening and eroding away little by little in this warm liquid ocean of light. Feeling yourself softening into this feeling
of being suspended in weightlessness while submerging deeper into and Injoying this floating sensation, of being in an ocean of this warm liquid lightness while you are drifting deeper, all sense of tenseness moving farther and farther away from you. Hearing only the deeper silencing sound of being submerged deep in warm liquid lightness of Being breathed in and out.

Deep Silence within The Inner Chambers. The Holy of Holies.

I InCourage you to play with these ideas the next time you are feeling like life is getting away from you. Take a moment out of the daily grind to go outside and be present in the sun or under the canopy of a shady tree with a blanket and lay on the grass. Watch the clouds floating by. You can do this in your own backyard. Close your eyes and listen to the sounds of Nature?s soft lullaby and allow yourself to be at rest.

Once this Being Present is experienced with consistent practicing, it becomes a familiar feeling to Be Present in this moment. Now, I am able to maintain this State more and more, by choosing to remain in this experience of feeling alive everywhere and anywhere I am in the moment.

I choose to Live in this Present Moment.? It?s Be Here Now in This Instance.

?I know not what you believe in God, but I believe He gave yearnings and longings to be filled, and that He did not mean all our time should be devoted to feeding and clothing the body.?

~ Lucy Stone


Many Blessings, Be Well,? Injoy Life in the Lightness of Being,

?Living in the moment is Being Present with this moment.? ~ julia lisa expressing

I hope you will take a moment to stop and really smell the roses today,

?Truly, InJoy the Beauty of this day, by?consciously Living?of Being in the Present Moment~

Blessings InLove,




Copyright ? 2008 – 2011

Image: Balancing Act by James Christensen

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7 Responses to “Living In The Present Moment”

  1. kadensnga Says:

    I am now learning to create my reality in a way that free’s from obligatory energy.

    As more people move to making their living from the internet it suggests to me that we want to be free…

    To be able to flow in the “now”.

    I am slowly learning how to let go of more and more things… to become free. Learning that obligations are something I have ‘created”. WOW!

    ..and bringing life to a place where I only participate in areas that bring me joy, by freeing myself from things those pose as obligatory and not joyous.

    I love you Julia.

    As you speak of going outside and looking at the clouds…your website is my clouds…I look at it in freedom and refuge… it is my choosing to relax and just watch the thoughts roll by on the backdrop of this beautiful pallette of colors you created as you website.

    Great Love and warm energy to you,

    “Grandfather of the Adonis” lol

  2. Leona Montee in Uraguay Says:

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