Nurturing The Child Within



A Child?s Curious Wonder?


‘Blessed be childhood, which brings something of Heaven into the midst of our rough earthliness.’

~?Henri Frederic Amiel

‘At the center of your being you have the answer; you know who you are and you know what you want.’

~?Lao tzu

‘Be patient toward all that is unsolved in your heart and try to love the questions themselves, like locked rooms and like books that are now written in a very foreign tongue. Do not now seek the answers, which cannot be given you because you would not be able to live them. And the point is, to live everything. Live the questions now. Perhaps you will then gradually, without noticing it, live along some distant day into the answer.’

~ Rainer Maria Rilke


In my home office I have a framed picture, a symbolic gesture of myself as a little girl at three years of age. At times when I am feeling a little out of sorts or a need to be more tender, kind and loving with myself,?I study this picture of my childlike self and I am filled with wonder at how we are still one and the same.

I am still her and she is still me. I keep her within my havened harbor, safely held within my heart and Love ‘s Presence.

In this photo I am bare foot with arms open, outward and extended, wearing a short gingham dress, my hair is pulled into a tiny knot while smiling in coy confidence at the camera, tanned from the daily playing in the Southern California Sun.

I had heard about this idea years ago, that keeping a photo of one’s three year aged Self was a loving reminder to nurture this Pure Minded Innocent one, not yet indoctrinated, still alive with wonder and in touch with one’s true heart mind and soul nature. Sometimes this Child can get buried deeply underneath the many layers of society’s and environmental indoctrination. A favorite photo is a symbolic reminder of one’s favorite moments lived in true joy at a certain point in this life. A return to one’s Innocence, Being, Knowing Oneself.

Yes, at times while busy being a nurturer of others, I have neglected and still don’t always listen to my Inner Child-My Self. Sometimes, when it’s been a long road traveled without respite I become more easily agitated, low on energy, cranky, bored and restless with life, feeling uncreative and down right ready to throw a major tantrum and run away. The I’ve got to pack my bags and get out of this place kind of feeling.

Each time I have peeled through another layer of this state of being, I notice myself becoming a little more attuned, sensing quicker that ‘something’ is off center when I become overwhelmed by responsibilities, feel unappreciated, once seemingly small things are turning into huge ordeals (cheap drama). It feels like my life does not belong to me anymore. I’m feeling boxed in by the making of my own choices of not choosing for myself. It’s the time to say enough for now. Come away, play and be refreshed.

In studying this photo, I remember what it’s like to be this child. Being in my own space. Carefree to play and be in my body enjoying Nature, drawing and coloring, using my hands to create by following my imagination’s ability to build and create things. Imaginative Creative Playing and being in Nature has always given me this wonderful sense of joy and happiness, peacefulness and calm.

Now a days, while my body has grown, my heart, mind and soul still has the wonderful ability to nurture myself by Being Still and listening to the Voice within.

I Ask; What do you want? What do you feel like doing? What makes you feel wonderful, free and full of joy?

She, my Inner Child,?may tell me to slow down and take it easy, take the day off, go and treat yourself to that massage, soak in the tub, light the candles. Write a page, faux paint the dresser or concrete pieces you’ve been wanting to do, change the color of the room to that crazy passionate, wild color. Pot up the plant designs you visualize in your minds eye and add the art pieces for whimsy. Pack a lunch and go sit in the park, go for a long walk or just take a nap.

It’s by giving myself permission to follow the whims that pop up, my Inner answers.

Enjoying and keeping the company of True friends is also a wonderful way to nurture oneself. Choose your friends wisely a wise One once said. Treat yourself like the diamond you truly are and pick diamonds who are a matching reflection of yourself. Sharing your Inner Child with the ones who allow their Childlike Self to be playfully present as well, is very nurturing to One’s Soul. It brings a Lightness to Living.

I am very blessed to have a wonderful small group of ‘core’ friends who Love me as I do them. They wouldn’t change anything about me anymore than I would change anything about them. We enjoy the freedom of being respectfully open and honest about ourselves and our lives without judgments or comparisons, always believing the best about one another and believing the best outcome for one another no matter what. It’s a mutually felt and knowing expression. A True Friend always meets you where you are. A reflection of Unconditional Love.

While my friends are all uniquely different, we all share a common bond of mutual acceptance. We play, laugh, share meals, talk and cry together as?we share our life stories, and when the time comes we can leave one another’s company with feeling uplifted and trusting that All is Well because we have been blessed by each other’s presence in the momentary sharing of this world together.

We remind each other to not take life so seriously all the time. My friends are my gems that add their beautiful richness and color to my life, lovingly reminding me to be my very own best friend by staying True to myself no matter what.

I have learned a lot about nurturing myself through my friends’ encouraging presence and shared wisdom. It is about being comfortable in my skin while I continue to grow into Knowing All about myself and being okay with where I am in this moment. Just like the child in my picture. She is comfortable being herself in the moment.

By listening to my Inner Child’s wishes, desires and dreams I can appreciate and enjoy my wild woman’s fuchsia, gold and green birdbath I painted years ago, my daring and bold self being coaxed out after too many glasses of wine. I love this birdbath as it was the first playful expression during a very healing time of self re-discovery expressing through the using of these vibrant colors resurrecting my long forgotten artist on sabbatical.

I have placed this one in the front garden and put a beautiful pot of colorful flowers that allow the plants to look suspended given its height. I tuck little art pieces within my garden for my grandchildren to enjoy discovering them. A gnome tucked into the mugho pine, a garden fairy suspended within a weeping blue spruce, a frog with large eyes peeking out from within the hosta planted at the bottom of a silver maple.

Music was always a big part of this joy expressing within me and something I also silenced years ago when life became a much too serious business. Flinging the doors open now and letting it back in. leads me into singing and dancing again. My little granddaughter is very self expressive when music is playing. I laugh with delight at her expressions when she begins in a sudden burst of energy to dance wildly, and upon catching her reflection in the window of the oven door, she dances with even more wild abandon. She is the essence of being well pleased with herself. She is teaching me to let go and be myself again and dance with the same wild abandon. Carefree. Free to Be.

Lately I’ve been realizing more that as I am consciously letting go of the heavy weight of seriousness, I am returning to this state of living with ease. Being at ease. If others around me so choose to carry the world in heavy serious fashion upon their shoulders, it’s by their own choosing, I can let them do that. I’m willing to let go and hand it over into a Higher One’s Keeping.

In being Asked to be much more open minded and willing to have my eyes opened to see the wonder and joy of my unique life expressing, I am allowing myself?to see and recognize the uniqueness in others I am being blessed to meet along my path. When I remember to nurture my Inner Child, the moments in my day are spent far more in bare foot exploration. My Soul is walking on solid ground.

Trusting like a Child in the process of Life and Knowing that All is Well and taken care of at all times. It brings a wonderful sense of relaxed contentment and gratitude within me for this day. I sleep peacefully renewed by spending more moments having done what I love and InJoy the most.

Nothing but Being Free to Be me …

Sweet dreams for a well spent day ……….

Many Blessings, Be Well,

InJoy Being the Child of Innocence and Wonder that you are.




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