From Martha To Mary

From Saviour to Servant, Ego to Spirit Living

?Mary and Martha by Luini

‘So let each one give as he purposes in his heart, not grudgingly or of necessity, for God loves a cheerful giver.’

~?2 Corinthians 9:7

‘Service which is rendered without joy helps neither the servant nor the served. But all other pleasures and possessions pale into nothingness before service which is rendered in a Spirit of Joy.’

~?Mohandas Gandhi

‘He who is not a good servant, will not be a good Master.’


‘Of all tyrranies, a tyranny exercised for the good of its victims may be the most oppressive. It may be better to live under robber barons than under omnipotent moral busybodies. The robber baron’s cruelty may sometimes sleep, his cupidity may at some point be satiated; but those who torment us for our own good will torment us without end, for they do so with the approval of their own conscience.’

~ C.S. Lewis

‘It is good to be helpful and kindly, but don’t give yourself to be melted into candle grease for the benefit of the tallow trade.

~ George Eliot

‘If you have knowledge, let others light their candles in it.’

~ Margaret Fuller

It always begins with good intentions really. I have always enjoyed helping others out, and been willing to lend a hand to another in need. My hands must be strong?yet soft at the same time, because it seems difficult to get my hand back when the moment comes to let go. Like a crushing handshake you can’t shake loose. There is such a fine line between ‘helping’ another and giving them a too long piggy back ride by agreeing to take care of the responsibilities that belong to them.

Before I know it I am making decisions for them by their asking me what to do, cleaning up their messes that they’ve made for themselves, because I’m such a dear, straightening and tidying things up for them, running errands for them because I get the job done, and all the while I am getting sweaty,dirty and worn out in maintaining their lives for them.

By the way, where is my life? Who?s maintaining my life for me in my absence????Hmm?sensing an imbalance here.

No one seems to be offering a hand to help out. God! Make them help me!

Why should they Julia, when you will take care of it for them? You must learn how to say No, by setting proper boundaries. I give each one their portion according to what each can handle and with it the ability to maintain it. Do you think it might be time to retire your super hero ?Martha the Saviour Woman? who has come to save the world??.Hmmm? yes I?m seeing you Martha?

A still small voice whispers…?(p’sst!?) ?ready to hand it over yet??

Mmmm?give me a second… Martha or Mary ?

Becoming what ?seems? like a Waiting for me, God, um moment?(could take ?years? to decide)

While all this is progressing, I?m becoming more aware that my own life garden is becoming infested with weeds, munching critters, an infestation of bugs and road side thieves because I am too busy being focused on the details of another?s life garden to tend to my own.

When I come to my senses and decide to return home I am disheartened by what I see. This isn?t the home I created, I can barely recognize it or make it out. I?ve allowed others who do not care enough to tend to the details of their own home let alone mine, to run amok in my home. I?m not feeling any joyful or happy energy when in this momentary State of Being. There?s a block in my flow. I am not taking care of my assigned portion that my Provider has left in my care.

I?ve been mismanaging the funds entrusted to me.

Julia, Julia, who is responsible for this happening? Why me of course, I allowed it.

I have been given many opportunities to learn and understand that it is about placing my complete Trust and Faith in the Divine Creator?s Promise (Word) that all has already been provided for you as well as for me.

All I have to do is remember to go to the Source of my sustenance?first, and Ask for help, and not wait until I am at the end of my rope, knowing without a doubt, help is already present founded in my willingness to receive it by opening to It.

I can choose to Be Still and remain in a Restful Trusting State.

There is a Bible story about two sisters, Mary and Martha. Martha was a ?get things done? ?super woman? who tended to over extend herself. Now the cultural beliefs were much different in Jesus? time. It was believed that a woman had no right to be shown, nor learned about any Spiritual Knowledge of God. That was a man?s rightful place. A woman?s place was in tending to the kitchen and managing the home.

So here we see Martha, slaving away in the kitchen, her idea is to make an elaborate dinner (her forte?), all the while she sees Mary sitting at the feet of Jesus, ?just hanging out with the men (a taboo during this time period) and she is getting madder than a wet hen until, she takes it up with Mary? Well no, she goes straight to Jesus (her invited guest in her home) and blows up, and proceeds to tell Him what he needs to do about Mary! Sound familiar? What happens next?

Jesus blows away the cultural beliefs of His time, by saying in a loving way to Martha, leave Mary be, she is in her rightful place. Mary is receiving the True Benefits of experiencing his teaching while Martha is missing out on it due to her always wanting to ?be in charge? by fussing and doing busy detail work while missing out on InJoying the real experience. Perhaps she just desired to gift her Teacher, by showing off her ?talents? and finesse as a way of wanting to be acceptable to her God and others.

I?ve played Martha?s side for many years. I have considered why this story was even mentioned, I realize that in looking behind this story there lies the possibility of a view of seeing two different sides?of the Same Soul, wanting so much to offer her own idea of what she thinks is valuable, based upon her ego?s personality?idea, which tends to get in the way (wanting to show her talents off, i.e. aren?t I an amazing cook, see how hard I worked to make this for you, I know you will love me, accept me if I?etc?).??Secretly hungering for a generous serving of praise for ?well doing? something for her Master. Giving service with an underlying intention of receiving something in return. Praise, validation, attention, acceptance.

Her Pride was hurt when no one seemed to notice her slaving away in the kitchen, I sense she really rather be with the rest of the guests. They?re too into listening to Jesus. I sense Jesus was very aware of what was going on. Her own undoing follows. She misplaced her rightful place of acceptance, Self- Validation by emphasizing more on the doing than on the being with her Teacher.

Ease up Martha, you worry and get upset about doing outer things too much, just sit down and rest awhile Martha, and receive by accepting this opportunity to spend some time experiencing being with your Teacher~ Guide, let me feed you now, everything falls into place, God?s handling all the details. Mary has chosen what is better (spending time with me, being fed in the Spirit and learning from me) and she will never lose the value of making this life choice of being well fed non-physically in this moment. The Father knows what your human needs are before you even ask …

Martha was busy laboring, trying to feed and please Jesus, while Mary was resting in pleasure, being fed by Divine Providence through Jesus.

Have you ever said yes to someone or something when everything inside you is saying, No! Your plate is full right now, finish what is on your plate before adding anything more. In true Martha fashion you reply, ?Sure, I?d be glad to help, I?m here to save the day!? Why are you doing this? Maybe because you were more concerned about how another would see you or feel about you? Do you have to be doing for others in order to feel needed or validated?

Afterward, suffering in pain from the straw that breaks the camel?s back saying, ?Oh my god, I?ll never do that again!? And so we do, until we learn to understand the vast difference between being another?s Saviour or Servant.

Learning to say no to someone or something when your heart isn?t in it, is being a person of your word, it’s saying yes to your true feeling. If you do not honor your word to yourself, (mean what you say) then others will not either, and you can?t ever fool the God within, it shows up in the earthly picture.

Saying yes when your heart is in it, is equally honoring your word to yourself, and others will honor your word also (knowing you mean what you say and will do what you say), and so will the God within, it shows up in the earthly picture.

Knowing and Setting healthy boundaries, benefits all. It gives others permission to do the same. Keep One?s Word.

Overstepping another?s boundaries is disrespectful to another.

Self-sacrifice with hidden agenda’s,?is about telling others what they need to do and how they need to go about doing it when it is their own ?God? given rightful responsibility to enjoy the experience of learning to do for themselves, what they are here to do. It is dis-empowering to both parties when one plays Saviour by carrying another on their back like an old rugged cross.

This is not serving one another. It weakens one in their faith in one?s God Source of Self, and breaks the back trying to ?carry? another and live their life for them instead of tending to your own.

I ask you to consider, how long you can continue to ?carry? your life and another?s ? continuously adding on and on to yours?

What do you think will happen when you let go and allow another to stand up and carry themself?

Feeling any Re-sistance or Re-sentment to this idea?

We are being shown to let go and allow our burden to be Lightened by Trusting in the Infinite Source of Love, Intelligence and Power by trusting that It?is available to all with the asking.

When we decide to enter, our Inter Chambers, and Ask ~ Invite our Highest Source of Life Sustenance first, what we will uncover is our will is One with?God’s,?whose will only desires our Highest Good, and is keeping us, maintaining us All within a Love without conditions, no matter where we are in any given moment.? One who gives to all equally when Invited to give of ItSelf to any one who asks. All is being provided for, for each and every one in all ways. In knowing this we can truly Serve one another in?authenticity. We can freely share the goods of this knowing trust. There?s always more ? It?s coming from an Endless Source of Life Force Energy ? Eternal, Endless ? Source of Life.

God?s Will and our will are One and the same when we have peace. We are One with our Source. Our desires are matching our Source of Life?s desires as we are participating as Co-Creators with Life Source Energy. God?s Will Be Done means?merging my will?as One,?according to God’s Will, for the Highest Good of All, no matter what.

Respecting One another?s boundaries eases one another?s load. Each one manages their rightful portion as Equals. I can Invite, as you can Invite Divine Loves Wisdom and Guidance to establish my rightful boundaries, so as to not as C.S. Lewis quotes above become an omnipotent moral busybody.

We always are receiving our answer to what we ask, are we really listening?

Being a woman in this Universal experience has already shown me many things. We are by Divine Nature, nurturers. Like the children we carry in our wombs, the moment arrives when we must allow the Divine Life Principle and natural course of events to take place. Allow the new life contained within to come forth and serve it?s Divine Purpose here.

Release and be Blessed by increasing Life.

I understand that children are meant to be carried for awhile but not for forever. Children must learn to stand up and walk in the confidence of their True Authentic Power equally given by God,?by learning to trust in their own Innate GodSelf Source of Living. We as parents are here to assist by guiding them to the ?point? where they are able to do it for themselves and then?let them spread their wings and fly to create and expand ongoing life by allowing them to grow into their Trust of a Loving Creator as we have been given opportunity.

We trust there is enough for our children, and all, as we grow in our own understanding of this for ourself.

True Service leaves another empowered in their faith in God Source of Self?s provision. We alone know what we need to Ask for and receive?according to our own growing Faith. Just ?point? (leave clues (a Light on) to the Source and let them develop their own relationship with Infinite Source of All Life ~ Life Force Energy of?oneself.? A Provision of a Lifetime.

Self~Reliance upon?Spirit,?is Freedom ~

Leave a Light on, or a bread crumb trail ? Share your experience of Trusting in this knowing.

Like a lingering scent that remains long after the bloom has faded into memory ~

Doing unto others as you would have them do unto you by Loving others as you Love Your Self. Trust in their God given abilities as you grow along in Trusting your own . Know that their Divine Creator Loves them with no limitations as you are so Loved. You empower one another because you have a big-hearted faith in the Infinite Source of God?s Unlimited Love and Provision for each One of us, Children of the Most High.

This is about Trust. Trusting is the ground that grows our Faith.

So, in going from Martha to Mary, will you consider along with me,

If you don?t feel it in your heart to do it or say it or be it, don?t lie to yourSelf or others. You aren?t fooling anyone, especially yourself. You honor your word to another by first being honest with your own Self.

Jesus said, ?Let your yes mean yes and your no mean no.?

From this Heart InPowered Knowing Mind agreeing, You can freely give to those who Ask of you, generously sharing the Infinitely?Divine Source of Life with others. Let them taste and see and Know for themselves that the Divine Hand of Heaven cares for them and All.

Each one receiving their good according to one?s own faith ~ becoming Self reliant upon Source …

There?s always more than enough Love to go around ?

Many Blessings in Love, Be Well

InJoy Lightening your load, by Passing On the Source of All?Knowing, where your Goods are coming from with all who would ask ?

Serving InPowerment not weakening by Saving, weakening one another ~ by Being Loves Home fires brightly shining its glowing warm and radiant Light into ones seeming momentary darkness ~

No longer longer a slave, now?free to serve others,?being a well cared for Child of?the Most High God,


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