Energy Vampires and Parasites

Recognizing Energy Vampires and Parasites

Energy Vampires and Parasites


‘Attachment is the great fabricator of illusions; reality can be attained only by someone who is detached.’

~ Simone Weil

‘Inside yourself or outside, you never have to change what you see, only the way you see it.’~ Thaddeus Golas

“All organisms, including humans, communicate and read their environment by evaluating energy fields. Because humans are so dependent on spoken and written language, we have neglected our energy sensing communication system.”

~ Bruce Lipton, Ph. D., in The Biology of Belief

“An (emotional) vampire goes in for the kill by stirring up your emotions. Pushing your buttons throws you off center, which renders you easier to drain. Of all the emotional types, empaths are often the most devastated.”

~ Judith Orloff

I find my life experiences so far, come in stages. Sometimes it is the same lesson, just a different twist. Like an onion being peeled layer by layer until the heart of its substance is revealed. I heard and read about energy vampires and parasites years ago and have had my opportunities to experience them like most of us have.

I can remember when walking away feeling like I had been drained of all my life force energy. It was as though someone had pulled the plug on me. The ‘other’ left energized and I was exhausted. What happened?

I am a nurturer and enjoy sharing an uplifting, encouraging and empowering experience with others. I practice spending as much ‘time’ as I can in the Inner Chambers being empowered by connecting with my Source of Life Energy. I also understand that not all the beings I share this planet with choose to seek their connection from within because they are not always aware that they have it. They seek energy by taking it from others to give them what they are not always willing to do for themselves. Many are nice people. I don’t believe that most of them are aware that they are even doing these things, there are exceptions. People are here to grow us in our understanding of ourselves and others.

Recently, I was given an opportunity to experience being in the presence of an energy vampire or energy parasite. Another layer.

A couple of weeks ago my sister in Spirit ‘K’ called me and asked if I would like to spend some time away from my busy household to just be alone with myself. With a little gentle insistence she suggested that I house sit for her while she was away on vacation to experience the being alone in my physical body space along with connecting with my mind and soul. It was perfect timing for me. I said yes.

‘K’ mentioned that a man, a ‘friend’ of her’s whom I had not met and who had done wood work for her in the past would be there to put up a privacy fence in her backyard, as he would only be doing the back run, it would take no more than two or three days and he would be working outside, with access to use the facilities.

This would leave me an entire week to be alone with myself. Wonderful!

Well, I can be a magnet for ‘needy’ souls with bottomless ‘appetites’. I am what others have called approachable. I have a stronger inner sense of who I am and tend to draw those who are drawn to my energy and want to attach and feed off of my energy, again, not always intending to, just unwilling or unaware that they can do the work for themselves by recognizing it comes from within by connecting with the One Energy Life giving Source of All.

As Bruce Lipton’s quote states, we are all energy beings. All of life is energy in motion. We are equipped with an inner energy radar sensor and can sense energies in others when we are tuned into our own energy.

Energy Vampires and Parasites already have their own life force energy within themselves but choose instead to suck life force energy from others by neglecting or refusing to see and utilize their own. They just do not realize nor believe yet, in who they are in their True State of Being and so when they see someone who ‘has IT’, they look to another to give up their energy for them, instead of balancing and sharing mutual energy. Kind of like the ‘Grasshopper and the Ant” story.

They come in various disguises which can make it seem ‘tricky’ sometimes to identify them at first. How? Well they start off the conversation with an interesting or innocent topic or subject. Somehow in the course of chatting, they manage to bring their life troubles into it and off they go. They usually do not take the initiative to end the conversation.

Some come with ‘woe is me’ sob stories. I am speaking here of people who call or come by and are going through the same ordeal over and over again, year after year and have no intentions of doing anything to change it. (Broken Records). Their misery and complaining are their bed and breakfast and they will spend hours crying on your shoulders until you excuse yourself to wring yourself out.

I once was friends with a woman who was not happy at all in her marriage and I heard about this for almost three years. We would go on walks together. Well, being on the path of post divorce, healing and moving forward, I began to suggest by asking in a nice way if she was considering counseling for both of them or just herself, no that wouldn’t work, during the next walk, perhaps a trial separation, no, that wouldn’t work either and finally one day, I asked her why she stayed on in a marriage when both she and her husband were so miserable together and it was affecting their children. I never saw or heard from her again. I learned something from this experience. She didn’t want to change her situation at all, she wanted to wallow in it. I wasn’t willing to watch her suffer in her misery any longer and therefore our friendship was ended by her. She wanted her pain.

I learned something about human nature in this experience. My own human nature as well. We all have a past. Some wounds are deeply buried and yes, we need time to heal. What I noticed first in myself and asked is, where are my wounds and am I allowing myself to heal from them or am I not willing to acknowledge the wound, look at it, and let it go and be healed. Move forward.

Releasing the whole experience is what heals. There is gold in every experience. Find the gold and leave the rest behind. It creates an open space for a new experience to fill it. These Vampires and Parasites do serve a purpose in our lives.

Other Vampires and Parasites seem to have one catastrophe after another (drama queens or kings), they thrive on it. Some have a superior (put down) attitude, as in ‘keep your day job, you’ll never be able to do that’ or one upmanship. Some are downright toxic, being emotionally and or physically abusive to you, others and especially themselves, and then there’s the seemingly innocent compulsive talker and or endless jokers who have no concept of taking up your ‘time’ because it isn’t about you at all, they won’t get off the phone.

Notice if they ever ask about you or how you are doing! Really. Pay Attention.

Well, in this recent situation, the man was a combination of a few of these behaviors. My alone time turned into no time alone and having to return home to get away from him!! He kept arriving earlier each day and instead of getting to work, he would seek me out to talk to me about his ‘life and current relationship’. I told him I had to go and had things to do. I noticed when I arrived back in the evening that he was coming inside and helping himself to things and making himself at ‘home’ and the fence was no where to be seen.

Hmmm… I really do not like to hurt another’s feelings. However, I have learned that it is about mutual respect, love for others as for oneself and balance. Word and Action matching. Do unto others as you would have others do unto you. He was not concerned about how his behavior was affecting me because it was all about him focusing on his neediness being met and his actions were revealing this to be true. How do I know? He didn’t change his behavior or actions by my ‘hints’. He kept amplifying them more by showing up earlier and earlier because he wanted to talk more and work less.

This man was very well studied, was partnered and quite capable of figuring things out as well as able to manage his time in performing the service he was there to do.

To honor his word to my friend ‘K’ and his contractual agreement.

First, I began gently ‘hinting’ at how happy and excited my friend would be at seeing her fence done. He arrived earlier. I then I calmly stated I was having my quiet time.

I had already Asked for Divine Wisdom on How to approach him in a Loving way according to what was needed or lacking here and to do it without having to burn him with Holy Water, salt, garlic or a cross. With calmness and respect and in a Spirit of Love.

He was violating another’s Sacred Space (boundaries) and taking advantage of ‘K’s time as well as mine. His was mis-representing his purpose for being there. According to the neighbor who was observing him, he wasn’t working but staying inside where he had no business being.

Time for a loving reminder to establish healthy boundaries. I had to say straight forwardly, firmly but calmly, that he was inappropriately in my space, that ‘K’ said it would only take two to three days to be completed and will the fence be finished today?

Arriving back later that evening, Voila! The fence was done!! A job that should have taken two to three days was completed in eight days. He had it in him and I just empowered him in the realization by reminding him and in return was blessed by the result. ‘K’ will also be blessed by the result.

I wish to say again, it is about balance, mutual respect based on Love. I Asked to see the Divine in this man beyond the behavior. He forgot who he is and I reminded him. I was reminded in turn who I am.

Any relationship whether, business, friendship, partner or parent will flow when the Energy Self is Self maintained by each party allowing both the ability to share in empowered Energy and not by taking it or giving it all away. Leaving one energized at another’s depletion.

Short circuiting or overloading the outlet. Burning out the fuse.

It is about paying attention to our own energy, our Inner Sensor. We can be our own Energy Vampires and Parasites. Hanging on to old tapes, old wounds, the past, and people who wish to keep you there. Reliving it over and over. Draining our energy by staying connected to a disconnected outlet.

I’ve done this and caught myself doing it, that’s how I can share this here. Journaling is an excellent way to see what is repeating in one’s mind and who in my life may be draining me. It doesn’t serve me or others to be this way or to allow them to remain this way.

It weakens and drains everyone involved.

Having had these experiences provides me with the opportunity to sense it, to learn to know the difference and notice when I am doing this. It also allows me to recognize it when others are doing it. It shows me I do have the power to let go and walk away if neccesary.

The signal is vibrating in the Inner Sensor.

Time to unplug it from the ‘old’ outlet and into the Living Current. Be Energized.

We can protect ourselves by practicing the surrounding of ourself with the insulation of Love and Light and radiate out from Center our Energy without giving away the Source of IT. We can also share with others that IT’s in them too and how to plug into the Life Force Giving Stream of Endless Energy. They are free to plug themselves into it. All have access to this Infinite Source.

Vampires and Parasites tend to dwell in darkness and are repelled by the Light.

I encourage you to pay attention and to be aware of your Energy today and those of others. Not to judge but to be inwardly focused and aware of this Energy. Ask for the Love and Light of Source to Insulate you and allow you to Radiate this Love and Light to all you come into contact with, showing you, you are an Energy Being sustained by an endless stream. Radiate it into any circumstance you may be facing, let go of the results and watch how an Ever Loving Divine Source sustains you.

Be Empowered by understanding and maintaining your authentic boundaries. 

Many Blessings, Be Well,

InJoy the experience of your own life being authentically you and saying no to being the host for energy vampires and parasites,

Love in the Spirit of Yeshua,


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4 Responses to “Energy Vampires and Parasites”

  1. Linda S. Davis Says:

    Have to admit, have been on both sides of the fence here. Did not even realize that I was being a vampire myself. Have relived the same issues over and over again…either with the same people or different characters with the same costumes. I have come to the point however where I do know that living like this (thinking I am helping others by being the martyr) has to stop. It has drained me physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually and I miss me. One of my nicknames had been sunshine and I have been so bogged down that I did not even realize that my smile was missing so much. To the point that I have to ‘retrain’ myself to do so. It is difficult, but not impossible. And it does make a difference not only to how I react to the world around me…but to how I act. Thank you for your insights. btw…’How are you doing?’ :o)

  2. Julia Says:

    Hi Linda,

    I appreciate your wonderful honesty. I wish to encourage you that it is in going through these experiences over and over again that our Higher Self (faithful to us) is giving us the opportunity to choose our Authentic Unique Self over our pseudo-shadow self also known as our ego mind. In other words, we are all uniquely sharing a common experience! It is a step by step process and we all make it back into ourselves. I am happy to hear you are sensing your Sunshine Linda Self again. It does get easier the more we are aware of who we are listening to and can by this awareness make another choice to listen to our Authentic Voice speaking when we silence the other(s). I wish to empower you to trust and believe in yourself. You are worthy of your blessings and good.

    I am doing well, one moment by moment! :-)

    Love In Divine Spirit,


  3. Darrell Says:

    Self trust, self belief and self confidence are the lethal garlic to a vampire, it is the wooden stake that ends the dark night of control by those that seek your energy.
    Love is the pure blood they seek, it gives them a powerful jolt of life. I feel most of us have been on both sides of this fence. Our culture raises us to be little vampires, but it is not as sinister as it sounds here. It is an ignorance of our true design and ability to draw energy and life power from our Source of life.
    Once we are educated to our true selves, this behavior ceases and those that live this way seem to avoid us like we are death to them. Because they sense we can no longer be drained and fed from.
    I have taught meditation since I was a young man,it allows them to feel the power of pure energy from Source and the desire to obtain it anywhere / anyone else falls to their history. It also creates and energy around the person that repels those that would seek their energy or harm to them.
    Spiritual education brings mind understandings.
    Most all extreme behaviors are the direct result of extreme energy starvation. At the core of an act of what we call criminal behavior is a person literally starving to death from healthy energy deprivation. As they go without energy they learn to ingest toxic energy, as a starving person eating from a dumpster.Children are the truest victims of this condition.
    When we accept this idea as truth and not theory we will grow away from this behavior.

    WithIn Love

  4. kadensnga Says:


    As Darrell says I have experienced both sides of this fence being the vampire and the “vampee”.

    Walking in perfect harmony and always asking “what would love do now” is the answer to second part, and the first is answered by inspiring posts such as this one, and awareness being shared in this way.

    Thank you Julia for writing something that is so beneficial to us all, from the depth of your experience in sharing light.

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