Conversations With Aleena ~


This is a Love Note in my musing sort of way: alphaOmega Order aka alphabetical order …? a short brief, a buss on the cheek while running out the door, a loving knowing Intimate look across the room of meeting later ~

In the midst of being the Designated BS today … no, no, no, not that!! Baby Sitter ~ (eyes rolling as head turns to the right to hide a smile) ~ in an yeah, that could be taken in many ways idea ~

I was in the kitchen this morning while, Elijah and Aleena were playing at the kitchen table when … I hear ‘you’re StuPid’ ~ … hm … what’s that? Aleena?

are you speaking loving words? Wouldn’t someone saying this to you hurt your feelings?

Out of the mouth of babes ~ or? rather Ms. Aleena’s mouth, age 3 ~


and that was it.? I cannot express in words the vibration of this very different from her siblings, ‘wonder’, what she ‘taught’ me today in her ‘aleena’ way ~

Talk about fore ~ giving ~ in ~ advance ~

She saw nothing ‘wrong’ with this at all ~ uh oh ~

She has a well oiled skin ~ I sense deeply in her ability to take in what she is willing to dish out (serve) ~

She sees no offense ~ nothing gets or is seen to be in ‘her way’ …

I am becoming like a child again ~

Namaste ~

Allowing Aleena to flow on through ~

Many Blessings, Be Well

InJoy today ~

Wonders Be ~



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