Spring; Season of Death ~ Rebirth

Understanding the Cycles of Life

The Season of Spring Is a Reflection of the Death/Re Birth Process


‘Genius is more often found in a cracked pot than in a whole one.’ ~ E.B. White


‘I tell you the truth, unless a kernel of wheat falls to the ground and dies, it remains only a single seed. But if it dies, it produces many seeds.’ ~Jesus, Book of John 12:24


Spring has sprung. Soft chords announcing her arrival, played by the harbingers also known as; Robin red-breasts, crocus and chinadoxa. I can see the unfolding procession of tulip and day lily leaves pushing up through the ground after a Winter?s slumber, arms stretching, raised in greetings to the hyacinths, daffodils and newly swollen buds that are evident on the shrubs and trees.

I see and feel the tingling of Nature?s vibrating life force engaging my inner sensory perceptions. Awaken Sleeper, time to rise and go forth and bring life to your sleeping dreams of Winter!

Spring is a returning reminder of the season of passing from Winter?s womb and into New Beginnings. As day follows night ongoingly. An earthly reflection of the Eternal cycle of Life creating life, reaffirming that there is an Infinite Intelligence creating and expanding Its ongoing life giving energy source, increasing in Its abundance. It is the Season for giving birth.

Just as all living cells are replaced withInevery few years in the human body, so the original cells are replaced in the seed as it ?dies?, releases or sheds it outer shell and continues in the ongoing life process to grow into its true purpose, a plant that bears fruit after it?s own unique kind. The outer shell has served its purpose of allowing the life force of a baby seedling contained within to grow and bring it to its new level of experience. The seedling expands its life forward into the unknown. The seed shell adds its fulfilled purpose into the soil and nourishes the beginning life it once contained.

Nature reveals these Eternal Truths within its seasonal expressions.

How do I apply this Truth in my life through my daily experience? My mind is the seedbed or soil of my thoughts. How well fed and maintained is my soil? Is it clay as in heavy thoughts and heart? Is it sandy as in shifting thoughts and heart? Or is it rich loamy soil as in a healthy blend with proper nutrients? A soil that is well maintained to support the life growing within it to create a strong root system and plant that reaches its full potential by an equally strong leader rising above?
Thoughts without emotions (heart feeling) are like hollow and empty seeds. They won?t sprout if they have no life giving energy within them or no intention of living. Solid seeds are like thoughts that are filled with the energy of belief or intention of living, they have purpose with feelings in them. What you put your emotions (heart energy) into will give life to your thoughts and bring them forth into realization. We are all creators of our own thoughts. In other words a thought is only a thought and we have multiple thousands of those everyday that we can choose to grow on or let go of.

Which ones stay with me? The ones I choose to put my heart intentions or energy into. I can decide to focus and concentrate my energy into a circumstance, thing, place or person including myself and make it a loving and enjoyable live giving experience or focus my heart energy into thoughts of I don?t like this experience, you or that …

H mm?. Do you ever wonder why things seem to repeat in your life? Like a broken recording of the Twilight Zone theme song? Or the more you try not to think about something the more it ?seems? to happen? Do you ever feel like life is happening to you and you are not behind the wheel? All the while somewhere in the back of your mind you are sensing that there must be another way to do this?

How do I find another way to do this thing called life?

Ask. Who do I ask?


And then you must be very still and listen to what you hear.

In the beginning of learning this, it took removing myself from all daily distractions to get into what we have heard others call The Silence. The sound of no-thing-ness. Like when the electricity goes out and the sound is so quiet, at first it is quite startling and dark. It?s uncomfortable.

It?s a void and it seems very scary.

Wow! I might actually hear my own thoughts.

A great tool for discovering Who You Are is in journaling. I have journaled off and on since age 19. I became much more consistent with journaling when I made a space for myself to do it. It?s called honoring yourself, giving yourself time to be alone with yourself.

It is amazing what shows up on the page.

In Julia Cameron?s book, ‘The Artist?s Way’, she talks about writing out the Morning Pages. Find a quiet place. It?s best done soon upon arising, you just write what is streaming through your mind. Not nice writing. Example; ‘Wow, it?s so quiet, oh, I need to remember to call Kathie, H mm, I wonder if that job came through for Sara, my back is itchy?..’

I know this sounds silly but once you move through the ?monkey chatter? then your mind begins to empty of these thoughts and allows your True voice to come through. Thoughts like, ‘I?ve really been wanting to take that yoga class. I think I?ll stop in during lunch and check it out. I really don?t need all this stuff and would like to pare down, less dusting, less fussing, I feel like eating a big crunchy salad for dinner.’

Notice how you feel as these things arise. Peaceful or irritated? Write these thoughts down like you are in conversation mode. As you continue to practice this, it gives you landmarks if you will because there will be opportunities to go back and look at what you have written from where you are now and it really will surprise you to see what keeps showing up on the page. Use a highlighter to mark what really speaks to you. It?s called an Aha!

You will begin to recognize that You have been in touch with You all along, it?s just perhaps you haven?t been still long enough to listen and recognize your One True Voice. You are your own best friend. It?s time to reacquaint yourself with you.

This is how to begin to recognize the difference between a hollow or ?useless? seed of thought and a solid or ?useful? seed of thought. Which would you prefer to pour your energy into? The one that will yield fruit or the one that yields no fruit?

Hint: save yourself ?time? and wasted energy. Invest your energy on the winners, the ones that are sure to reach their full potential. Stay focused on your dreams you wish to see realized. Let go of the thoughts that do not benefit the dreams of your heart.

Choose this day to be the owner of your life. Release, allow the seeds of the past to die back into the soil and put your heart into feeding those seeds of your now realized dreams and watch them come to bear full fruit by taking the time to listen within. You will be shown what to do, when to do it and how to do it. Then act on what your heart stirs you to do. Happiness, Peace and Joy are good indicators.

‘Leap and the net will appear.’ ~? Zen saying

?Spring is the time to put your dreams that you?ve nurtured through the Winter into practice. Follow your heart?s leading, it will always lead you home.

`Knowledge is just a rumor until it becomes a muscle` ? New Guinea Proverbs

‘The best time to pursue your dreams is the first time you dream it, the next best time is now.’

~Julia Lisa

If you are reading this now, there is no such thing as too late .

To a new season of trusting the process of the Eternal Cycle of Life.

Many Blessings and Be Well,

InJoy this day, as you walk your garden withIn and discover what is unfolding in you, the newness of Life ongoing and reaching ever inward towards the Light in you, revealing your?greatest potential ~

Be Still and Know Your Self ~




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