Younique By Design Introduction

Me at 3

Before entering this experience known as the Julia Lisa Book of Stories on planet Earth, I made an agreement to have as many multi-colored, textured, cultural experiences in as many ways as possible. Once I stumbled through the confines of conventional learning, I was opened to pursue my ongoing education not in the realms of ongoing earthly schooling but within the depths of esoteric teachings. In an earthly sense I did not choose this, this was chosen for me by an Unseen Hand guiding my life as I know it without a doubt now.

The world was my oyster. The world remains my oyster.

I was born to parents of different heritage, an east meets far east blend and my childhood was spent in living amongst and mixing with the assorted crowds from all over this world, moving about in gypsy fashion.

I’ve been Divinely blessed to have lived in different neighborhoods, states, countries. Not as a vacationing visitor but by becoming all things to all people while maintaining through constant transplanting, myself a seed unto my own kind. My True Self. I have yet to finish my adventures and exploring.

I’ve lived my life from under the ground to violently breaking new ground to climbing the tree, and resting higher atop the branches. I’m still climbing up and down this tree and sometimes burrowing in the soil. There have been moments of being stuck on a branch and left there until I figured it out for myself how to get my feet back on solid ground. A wonderful way of building confidence in my natural innate abilities.

Throughout all this, I began at an early age to see behind the picture of my earthly eyes. Sensing the eyes behind the eyes or seeing behind the veil.

I have been being called to express my Inner Divine Nature and expand it into my earthly experience in another way. So I am beginning to take new steps into this outer thing called inter networking I invite you to join with me in experiencing my New Beginning.

My intentions are to encourage and empower others who walk with me on this ever unfolding path, some for a moment, some for a season and others walking with me the rest of the way by sharing the stories, resources and ideas on how to play with the tools I was given and being allowed to look into it and see for myself and now I offer this to you here within these pages.

I am blessed to have experienced so far being a daughter, sister, wife, mother, single parent, friend, all assorted familial associations, a business woman and now a grandmother.

Come along with me, the best is yet to be. I like that. ‘Someone’ once invited me to do this and I’ve never regretted it. Forever the ecstatic wanderer. It’s in my bloodlines. My Life giving Source.

I wish it to be known that while I do not adhere to any particular religion I do follow a Spiritual path. I was to experience religion in my upbringing through the Bible.

This book creates quite a stir. More than any other Spiritual book ever written and I wanted to find out why.

So I went and looked for myself. I spent many years deeply studying this book in layman fashion. Many were the well intended ones, however, I had to see and know for myself what its meanings were without another influencing my understanding or translation. I was more interested in experiencing the knowing and not so much having a religious creed to attach myself to.

I have learned that if I remove all former attachments to its meanings and that includes the emotions of Identifying myself with the ones who are doing the translation, I am then free and clear to Ask the Mysteries of the Divine Unseen Author who expressed Itself throughout its pages via multi-personalities allowed to deliver its foundational principles in their own unique style. I find this ‘Book’ when taken in its true method of delivery does conflict with all other spiritual teachings and texts at its core message. I?moved beyond just looking at the Bible as the Source for Spiritual growth, empowerment and enrichment and have come back to take another look after a 16 year sabbatical, being beckoned through an unexpected encounter with Jesus Christ last year.

I once thought, believed,?understood with my own human knowing,?that it did not matter what name we called our Source of Life. But now restored in my relationship with Jesus or Yeh-shua our Creator, I find that it does indeed matter.

God’s?Infiniteness is simply unknowable to our limited human minds, we must be filled with the Person of His Spirit to even grasp Who God is.

I have been experiencing a deeper understanding in that we of ourselves cannot possibly know-or imagine GOD and what GOD is like, because GOD is beyond human knowing and understanding, being infinite?is beyond?finite minds. And this is why He came to us, being?an Immortal Being,?He planned to?put on mortal flesh to relate with us, and even took on a name to be identified and distinguished from all the rest of us, being recognized as The Alpha and The Omega, The Name above all names in the entire history of this planet.

I have found that searching through all these spiritual things for over 30 s0me years,?has led me?to a very simple foundational Truth.

The Bible is about us being?able to Live Forever in Jesus our Creator’s Name under Heaven.

He came?to us the same way He created us, as Spirit Who breathed Life into soul and body, and He undid what?has been keeping?us from having this most amazing out of this world?relationship with Him, The Creator of the Heavens and the Earth.

He said, ‘I am not of this world, I came down from Heaven.’

?He is the?Way, The Truth and the Life. ?He is the Door into the Kingdom of Heaven, Who will enter in and dwell inside of us, if we open the door of our hearts and let Him in.

?This blog is about my journey, from having an unexpected encounter with Jesus Christ while pregnant with my first child, at age 19, having an amazing relationship with Him, and then, life doing an upside down turn that led me to run far away from Him, and turn towards New Age Paganism for another 16 years, only to have my life as I once knew it, stripped away of its outer facade, one bit by one bit. I left it all behind, and walked forward without knowing Who, what, where or when, or even how. I just lived life moment by moment and then one day late last summer, I had another unexpected encounter with this Jesus that transformed my life. He and I picked right back up from where we had left off, as though nothing in between this space of separation had ever occured.

It’s been amazing!

So, now, I will share the harvest of this experience, having lived through the subtle yet profound differences that allow for discernment in distinguishing Who is who, and what is what, by the grace of GOD, through His Spirit living in me.

The Door is open ~

Welcome to my home.

Live Forever in Jesus Name.

Love in the Spirit of?Christ Jesus,