Are You My Dad?


‘Making the decision to have a child is momentous.? It is to decide forever to have your heart go walking around outside your body.’

~ Elizabeth Stone

I dedicate this blog today in honor of all the dad images in the world (married, single or by proxy) and to the children viewing their dad images. Whether experienced as an excellent example or not based on one’s view of childhood.

Parenting for anyone who has or is experiencing being a parent, is a new and profound life changing event that only continues to change throughout the years. We are not in the same place as we once were on that momentous day, when this new form of life was being placed into our arms for the very first time. Sensing deeper that our life continues on and will never be the same again … Little did we know how much participating in this relationship would affect the relationships in our lives … especially our own with ourselves usually viewed from our relating with our parental figures.

Gaining deeper insights through?living out of our daily experiences,?and with it our ability to understand those who parented us as young children unfolding throughout all the changing phases of parenthood changes too.

Some parents are more present in the daily lives of one’s childhood into adulthood and some are not. We are all?given an opportunity to experience life by being present here, and the ability to make of it what we will is enough reason to honor those who?are a part of the combined effort that brought?us forth into this world. Coming to an understanding that it is up to each one of us to decide the way we will live our lives once we reach the age of being able to take care of ourself, no matter what the environment of our childhood upbringing was like. We can move forward into creating the life we envision for ourself that leads to our Highest Good and through this understanding flowing through us, it allows us to extend this Heartfelt intention towards another’s Highest Good as well. Removing our limitations of?whatever image?we see as our dad symbol, our provider and protector in our lives.

The ability to let go of our past idea of support leads into our freedom. The person you and I are today are the direct results of all our life experiences combined into this very moment by the way we are choosing to live?our life?based upon what we feel we have gained or feel we may have lost. By being aware of the authentic feelings we have that supports our view about life. If something was not experienced in our childhood years that created a longing within, that sounding~feeling inside is Love’s call reminding us that it is here, just misplaced and we are in the process of remembering where Love?beyond measure?is being provided from in this experience. A lesson in our life experience of what we are being shown to remember where this Love really comes from. We know when we feel Peace inside, stillness. For this Love gives rest to our Souls that All is Well always in all ways. We are living from a deeper trust that we are always being provided for in our life.

‘At the center of your being you have the answer; you know who you are and you know what you want.’ ~ Lao Tzu

?Your mind will answer most questions if you learn to relax and wait for the answer.?

~? William S. Burroughs

We innately know what feels right to us when we move beyond believing in the external view of life being much more about others opinions and behaviours of and towards ourself, by getting in touch with our knowing how we genuinely feel about ourself,?moving beyond?all the images around us that once defined us. We have been given the freedom to choose what feels right for us and by actively living in awareness of this feeling, to live otherwise is to live as a slave to another. We are not ever intended to be slaves of or to another. Dad, Mom, children, family, friends, co-workers and or lovers. Reaching deeper into my authentic self and letting go more and more of my self-image as seen by other images has allowed me to free ones from any obligation of being my caregiver for life.

As my own trust has grown in seeing life from this?way and my faith in this trusting being the ground from which I walk upon in this life, I have tapped into a Love without any image to draw from, extending this ongoing idea towards others, who I once held myself hostage to by basing my view of life?coming from their opinions of me and the way they acted towards me as the ‘truth’ of who I really am.??My view of life has changed as my feelings have changed by being more intuned to listening to and following my inner voice.

The peace that?I?am now?experiencing has not diminished by the external view which is continuously changing and shifting. Moving along with the changing view by remaining in the center, the eye of the storms of life trusting?that my?Highest outcome is being supported?and clearly showing up?through my increasing trust in the good of life?and having enough of this peace to share in this trust with others.

We share from what we are willing to receive for ourselves.

May you receive this immeasurable Love you are sourced from eternally. We are free to live authentically when we are able to extend this Love living inside of us to all others in our life as we continue to accept ourself as being an extension of this Love without bounds.

Many people in this world have experienced less than ideal childhoods as well as many that have experienced wonderful childhoods. This world is filled with people from all kinds of backgrounds that have found the gold in their experiences and invested in it and are reaping the returns while ones are still looking for the returns through trying to salvage something that is no longer there or they feel is still missing. They keep looking for something they feel they left behind somewhere. Investing their focus and energy in the past. Letting go is realizing you have it in you and do not need to seek for it elsewhere.

Spending copious amounts of time trying to fix something that is not fixable is a waste of time and energy. What comes to mind is the Law of Diminishing Returns. Overworking a plot of ground to get it to produce more than it was intended to. The idea is to increase the supply by extending the ground and planting more seeds that will naturally increase one’s supply. Life is moving your supply source along to extend your idea of there will always?be enough as we continue to move through life. Your inner souce of supply~provision is being extended … are you moving along with it or are you still looking for it in the same place it once was, is the idea that spoke to me to look into that has moved me onward. Removing whatever barred my view from seeing this supply being enough to provide for me all the days of?my life experienced here.

Our mind is capable of extending our ground space to plant new seeds from. Something our parents and significant relationships may or may not have been aware of at the time, like us in our awareness at this time. Each generation learns to stretch forth from the one before or continues by choice to remain in?the same way by not participating in cultivating new seedbeds,?supporting our?ongoing life supply.

I found that by just being willing to ask to see the truth in what was robbing me of my Joy especially during the years of viewing my life focused upon my childhood experiences, it led me into seeing it for what it is. A part of what has allowed me to unfold into the person I am today.? I am at peace with my life now and I feel this peace because somewhere along the way I changed my mind about my where my Source of supply is and these subtle and sometimes not so subtle changes are what have allowed me to see how differently I feel about my life now. I cleared new ground and began planting new seeds to increase my life supply and this is an ongoing process.

A father figure, a dad, is symbolic of provision and protection. A symbol is only a reminder of the power that lies beyond it. We can recognize what a father symbolizes by the very fact that it is innate within us, the idea of being fathered. We are capable of receiving our provision and protection for ourself as we increase in our understanding of who we authentically are beyond our outer images.

Now, in this place, I can honor my life by honoring my father and mother for bringing me into this life and blessing them as I increase~expand in my ongoing awareness that?I am always taken care of by the Source of all life in me that has led me into now.?Showing me through each step that I am always being shown the next step.

I am thankful for my earthly dad being a part of bringing me into this life to experience it. I am thankful for all who have been and are a part of the unfolding process of my ongoing life support. I am able to see my inner dad source?everywhere ~

Many Blessings, To Your Well~Being ~

InJoy this day being open to experiencing the authentic Source of Life’s provision flowing through you, may you be aware that you are Divinely guided, guarded and protected always by the eternal dad source in you and surrounding you ~

?To Your Highest Good and Outcome,

In Immeasurable Love’s Light,



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