Back to Simplicity ~ Practicing The Art of Letting Go


?Letting Go


“Ya gotta put your behind in your past.”

~ Pumba (from the Lion King)


“Leap and the net will appear.”

~Zen saying


“We must be willing to let go of the life we have planned, so as to accept the life that is waiting for us.”

~ Joseph Campbell


“… letting go isn’t the end of the world; it’s the beginning of a new life.”

~ Unknown


My view of my life and life in general have taken deeper shifts since my mother’s passing away earlier this year. It has opened my eyes to noticing that when the people and things we have fought alot with throughout the years are no longer here, the fighting stops, and the silence that follows, brings with it an opportunity to change the way one is seeing the formerly viewed picture. The picture has expanded because the frame has been removed. What kept the picture inside was a limited view. The source of limitations has been removed.

As my mother let go of her physical form and continued on in her Life, I see that I was with her in this experience in more ways than one. I too was letting go of my physically formed image of life and continuing on…unfolding into what now…

Growing up as a child of a military father, moving from one place to the next was the often re-occuring experience. For awhile, we went through a series of moving every two to two and a half years . An accelerated course on practicing the art of Letting go of what has been and moving into what is now becoming. Returning to life on the open road, appreciating?simplicities.

?My father once told me of a trick question he used in a college class on forest fire control. If there was a fire coming from a certain direction and wind was coming from another, what was the best thing to do? The answer was, ?Run like hell and pray for rain,? but few students ever got it.

So allow yourself the freedom of knowing there are times to bail out, quit, run, leave the struggle, and have more time for joy.?

~ Charlotte Davis Kasl

As a teenager, I remember being awoken one morning by my brother yelling, ‘FIRE, Everbody out of the house!!’ He, my mother and I ran out of the house while our neighbors called the Fire Department. We had only the clothes on our backs. No one stopped to grab anything, nor thought of anything to save but our own lives from the potential of fire’s destruction. We in our haste, took only what mattered. Our Lives.

Letting go of everything and being left with only the bare essentials. It’s a GOD, me and Nature experience.

Like the closing of chapters, leading into the next … taking only what has survived in passing through the fire.

I have heard it said, while saying it many times myself, that the best way to let go and Zen one’s space is to pretend that you are moving at least once a year. I have been refining this idea in my life since my mother’s passing, earlier this year.

Through the unfolding of my experience.

Everything in Divine Order. Everything does work itself out and worrying and fussing over it doesn’t seem to alter this fact. I have done it both ways and many were the ways in between. My once held attitudes about these things have shifted and I find that I have dropped alot of concerns about daily life.

It’s becoming very peacefully quiet in here.

In observing?a?Soul?going through the process of physically letting go of this earthly form, the bodily systems begin to slow down more and more until the Life Breath which is keeping?the body?alive, decides the moment of enough, and releases itself from it’s former vessel of residence in this world.

It is said that we die a thousand deaths before we experience a physical one. I can relate to this much more now.

After someone has passed, the family still remaining sorts through their left behind belongings, no longer useful to them.

Stepping into her now emptied out house, my eyes moving around the rooms, I could see her sitting there in the place where she always sat, her ‘spot’ on the living room couch. I saw her sitting at the kitchen table where I would find her ‘doing her Lotto homework’ when I came to visit in the earlier days. It kept her brain young she said. Walking into the room where she once slept, and remembering her as she began to spend more of her time in bed the closer she was to leaving.

I reflect on how much?my mother?appreciated the smaller and simpler things the closer she came to the threshold. She noticed how beautiful each day was, the colors, the wind, the sun, the smell of flowers and the smell of fresh earth after the rain. The birds singing and squirrels chattering outside her front door … the water she drank, the food she ate, everything was becoming such a huge gift for her and I noticed. She was appreciating the simple things we tend to take for granted everyday when we are too busy doing and not being fully aware, present in our lives.

I’ve had plenty of time to review my life experiences and through each gradual shifting, my perception has changed my perspective deeply and along with this my once held onto beliefs.

The loom of my life weaving together inner and outer me, no longer separating this part from that.

I’ve been Letting go of alot of old and useless stuff. What no longer holds any value for me, their purpose having been served.

In a sense, through my mother’s passing, something in me passed on with her too. The memory of how I once saw her, myself, and my life. My past has seemed to leave with her, and taken its rightful place along with my mother in the?reclaiming of ownership for my life, and all that has been a part of?what it has taken,?to make me, realize myself.

I have been walking into the clearing of a new chapter unfolding in my life, I am yet, known…

?’The Tao Te Ching says, When I let go of what I am, I become what I might be. When I let go of what I have, I receive what I need. Have you ever struggled to find work or love, only to find them after you have given up? This is the paradox of letting go. Let go, in order to achieve. Letting go is God’s law.’

~ Mary Mannin Morrissey

I’ve been going through all the?stuff in my home that has gathered throughout the years and asking myself, ‘If there was a fire in my home right now, what would I stop and go back and get?’ ‘If I knew this was my last day here, what would I want to take with me and never forget? What symbolically reminds me the most of what Love IS and means to me?

Becoming much more aware of what is no longer useful or holds any value for me, and Joyfully giving it away to those whom may find more value and use in these things than I do right now. I have it to give away.

Returning into living a more lighter, simple life.

As I am practicing more in the art of simplifying by Letting go, it has been leading me to this feeling of being free and unencumbered. Easy in, easy out. ?Like Breathing.

InJoy, let go, emote, let go, eat, let go, notice foot and toes touching the ground, notice hand touching the skin, mine and another’s, notice the Love and you see Love looking?right at you, … here I am,

I see you Love …

Do you remember playing on the monkey bars as a child? In order to reach the next bar, you had to let go of the one behind you or you would get stuck, suspended in mid air between two bars until you let go and dropped down to the ground only to have to start again. This time making sure you let go in the right moment as you reached forward and then making it to the other side. Do you remember how wonderful it felt when you made it all the way through to the otherside?

I began to notice a couple years ago a familiarity in my life experiences, it seems that my life theme has been a series of Letting go of what is comfortably familiar, being shown to Surrender into what is yet to be … by forgetting about what is now behind me that?is no longer useful …

I’ve been sensing a move in my future for awhile, where and when ?I don’t know, I just know that I have felt this way for awhile and my mother also mentioned her own sensing of this throughout the last few years we spent together, without my bringing it up.

I put this idea on the back burner and felt if this were to be the way I was going, the details would work themselves out. Trusting Universal Source to bring it about in the Divine Time Space Sequential Order.

Recently, I have sensed a strong nudging that now is the time to prepare by boxing up all the things I no longer have use of nor find any value in and to give them away. Things I would let go of anyway if I were moving right now or running safely from a fire or knowing I was living my last day here on earth.

The more I let go of, the less stuff I have to worry about. The more I can just be in my living.

Clearing my space as I continue to see mySelf more clearly.

The clearer I become, the less I have to worry about, I notice that I am stepping into each moment being one with my foot as it touches the ground, one with my hands as I touch the skin of loved ones and my own, noticing and aware of the Energy of Loves Presence in me and all around me.

I have InJoyed the beauty of the Fall palette this year moreso than I have in years, sensing as though I am seeing it for the very first time while sensing it may be the last time for awhile.

I have been swept up in the beauty and essence of experiencing this gift.

Thank You is the only thought and feeling, for the priviledge of being able to InJoy this.

Coming from living with a long list of expectations and timelines and calendars to living like today could be my very last has given me the ability to InJoy my life simultaneously as though it were the very first day of my life.

Letting go, Lightening my lode, rising up to Higher Ground, seeing a Higher View of the Panorama known as my Life. The view from this position has gifted me with more clarity in seeing how all of my life fits perfectly well together and how every experience I have had has created this amazing display for me to InJoy in this moment. Owning and claiming all of my Life experiences as a whole person.

I am no longer so concerned with what the next moment will bring, I have faith, it will continue to be my becoming as I let go of what I think I am in this moment.

I am willing to remain UnDefined … by practicing non attachment to things and people and circumstances.

Thank you for the gift of my life and all who contibuted this far and are continually gifting me with their Presence.

Many Blessings and Be Well,

Life itself becomes a gift to us when we choose to open it with an attitude of spontaneous Surprise. Will we leave our gift unopened with an ‘I already know what’s in it’ ?attitude, or will we open it excitedly, the mystery of Surprise! of what is unfolding before you?

I Invite you to accept your invitation to Live this day being opened to it as though this is your very first day here, and then be willing to let go to allow more in. Choosing to experience your gift of life as though this were your very last day by being consciously alive and aware in it as though it is your first day ever.

InJoy this day, noticing what you appreciate about yourself and your Life, right here, right now.

It’s the gift we are All given who are still here to InJoy it.

Accept your gifts, by receiving them open heartedly, without expectations. Toss out the list of?shoulds, coulds,?and must be’s, and?going by the book mentality. Drop the ‘same old, same old’ mind frame and expand into a willingness to be open to the next Surprise gift, be open to not knowing what it could be…

Spontaneous Living is being able to be Surprised at Life!

To the spontaneous mysteries, discovered by Letting Go ~ Moving light footed and foward into whatever lies ahead of you on the open road of Life ~

May you always maintain your wide eyed wonderous Self,

ChildLike, Opened to Surprise ~

Let go and you will learn that you can fly ~



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