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Garden Wonders

Gardening has been a kaleidescope of growing experiences for me in the thirty years since I was first invited to plunge my once well manicured hands into the soil. I’ve known and experienced the joys, delights, surprises and silent awe moments of wonder as well as the deep disappointments, dismays and heartache of realizing that a favorite would not be returning again. It is one of the most forgiving palettes to grow one’s creative life potential and expression from the inside out. An idea shows up and once I put into practice it unfolds into 3D. I love it and the bringing of it all together. The ‘Click’ moment. It just feels right.

I sincerely believe it is because of the way I was allowed to learn in the beginning; by jumping in and working with the earth one on one with Nature as my only teacher and without another soul around to say otherwise, I was able to do and try anything I wanted to create without knowing I couldn’t or that it wouldn’t work. Working in and with Nature grew my confidence in different ways by the doing of the practical work and then by understanding through the learning process and growing along with the plants. An added benefit was that I found myself growing from the inside through the having of this amazing experience. It is a passion that was struck like a match in me and a passion that I continue to explore and engage in, an ongoing desire to create the vast possibilities available and felt from my heart filled space in joy expressing through creative playing in my garden.

It was this very feeling of joy that I really desired to share with my clients and staff while I owned and operated my own Landscape Design and Installation business for seven years. Connecting the Inside with the outside. Making it flow together. I truly desired to share my love, joy and passion through the outflowing of ideas by sharing it with others and giving them a sense of what can happen by the transformation of one’s stressful and static inner state into a peaceful, restful one by being and working within Nature.

My logo was and still remains; Where Art Meets Earth©

It is Art from the Heart expressing its beauty.

Now, I am able to share this more easily through writing and sharing from my own playing in the garden along with the joys of discovery that await us everyday if we remain in a childlike state of wonder .

My humble beginnings in the garden began at age nineteen with an unexpected invitation delivered via a brown paper sack. I’ve never regretted accepting that invitation. All I was asked to do to R.S.V.P. was just show up. The party is still going on, no end in sight.

“Keeping my hands in the earth, keeps me grounded.”

~ Julia

Come grow with me, the best is yet to be………..

Welcome to my Art Meets Earth Garden. All are welcomed to be inspired along with me.

Blessings and Joy,


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