Choosing To Change ~





‘If you watch how nature deals with adversity, continually renewing itself, you can’t help but learn.’

?~ Bernie Siegel

‘Look deep, deep into nature, and then you will understand everything better.’

~ Albert Einstein

‘Nature does nothing uselessly.’

~ Aristotle

A loving thank you to my Soul Sister and friend, Kathie, for sharing this amazing email with me, regarding the rebirth process of eagles and how it relates to change being about making a choice. We can?be so?InSpired about the natural process of life?as?we observe?Nature’s ways. We have the freewill and freedom to change our life.

If you?happen to be?experiencing some radical?changes in your?life, and everything?seems to be appearing as out of sorts or off kilter?in your?external world?right now, be InCouraged in viewing ‘The Rebirth of Eagles’.

May your heart, mind and eyes be opened to the possibility?that what you?are experiencing right now?is change.??Change is?life in motion,?and it?is only?a temporary experience, yet, a very?natural part of the process of life.?These experiences of change, are life’s way of presenting us with an opportunity?to choose to?change in ways that will enlarge us, by?letting go of?our past?experiences up to now,? creating room for rebirthing, and allowing space for new experiences, that will gift?us with?a renewed, greater sense of?ourself,?in order?to fly higher than?we have ever?imagined flying?before.?Growing our?new wings to?be able to see vista’s yet to be discovered.?Change is a gift being unwrapped in the process…

InJoy this day,

Being?InSpired?in your Journey ~

May you live being Present today, with a renewed sense of understanding, in accepting?life’s cycles, and in the deeper inner knowing,?that everything under the Sun has its purpose, even when we are not fully aware?of the?beneficial nature?of our progression all the way through, just yet ~

Be patient with yourself,?while experiencing?life’s process of continual changes in motion…leading you?to greater heights,?and unfolding within you, a?greater purpose for your life?through each?phase of?metamorphosis ~

Be Blessed, Be Well?InLove,



The ReBirth of Eagles















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3 Responses to “Choosing To Change ~”

  1. Laura Says:

    That was beautiful Julia – thank you for sharing ?

  2. Talker Says:

    Ah yes, that process called ‘change’. It happens either with conscious awareness, or lack of conscious awareness. While there is no right or wrong using either process, both have there place in forming ones life experiences. If you can honestly say to your self ‘all is well’, then you have made the ‘correct’ for you, changes. What often is a source of ‘all is not well’, is being to busy experiencing fear in all its forms.
    So if one is feeling ‘all is not well’, it is time to go deep within ones self and ‘be still’ and ‘listen’.
    Change will then take place

  3. Charlie Says:

    Thank you Julia for piercing my heart with these beautiful words. They are awesome! May I use this medium to thank Mina-Laura for her wonderful daily love notes! Once again thanks JULIA for always being there for us.

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