Communication of A Sacred Kind~My Experience of 12/12 2009~


‘As we acquire more knowledge, things do not become more comprehensible, but more mysterious.’

~ Albert Schweitzer

?’There comes that mysterious meeting in life when someone acknowledges who we are and what we can be, igniting the circuits of our highest potential.’
~ Rusty Berkus

?’The ultimate triumph of philosophy would be to cast light upon the mysterious ways in which Providence moves to achieve the designs it has for man.’
~ Marquis de Sade


I was considering making this a two part post, relating to my wonderful experience on the evening of December 12. In the scheme of things, it was the best two days of my life experienced thus far … however, after writing about this, I felt that I was to just place this on the table and let it be for ones whom have the ability to recognize the Energy in what I am about to share.

?I’ve been sharing about the feelings of a deep change going on within me yet, no words to adequately describe it. Because my outer picture has been slow to reveal these deep and dynamic sensings. I just kept feeling this sense of its arrival like an estimated time of arrival, a something wonderful this way comes …

So, Saturday, while life was going on in my home, my mind kept wandering back to the evening plans I had with my Soul Sister Jen. Jen is an Earth mother and a certified herbalist. Her brother Sam was arriving for a visit on this weekend from Colorado, and she had been saying for over a year how much she wanted me to meet him as she knowing both of us felt that we would bond right away. His intention in coming was to assist Jen’s husband as he transitions, moving through the door here and into his ongoing life Journey.

I walked in to find our friend Chuck Digby was there also. Chuck is a dowsing master and very much into raising Energy in our environment by clearing it as well as in the atmosphere. He works with weather forecasters observing weather patterns and atmospheric changes.

?I was looking forward to this evening gathering of friends. Meeting Sam Silver Devananda face to face for the very first time, it was like meeting someone I had always known, picking up where we left off. I later realized that Sam is a Shaman like Chuck and Jen are.

?’The most beautiful thing we can experience is the mysterious.’
~ Albert Einstein

?So within this circle of four, the evening begins. A Crystal Ally deck of cards were on the table and since it had been awhile that I had drawn from it, I began to shuffle the cards to draw from when the idea for Sam to do a Tarot reading on me came up, an experience I have not had plenty of.

?He asked me to shuffle the deck and then pull only three cards. I began to pull the cards by feeling the energy in my hand getting warmer as it moved over a particular card, drew it then laid them on the table, I started to ‘rightside’ the cards when Sam said, just lay them the way they are coming up and he began to express with a focused interest what was showing up. Chuck and Jen were also showing alot of interest in the cards as well. I noticed the exchanged glances around the table. Sam said to me after drawing three cards, pull another one. I pulled six cards altogether and they were all spontaneously laid upside down upon the table.

I had drawn what is known as a Reversed Tarot reading. For some this carries a ‘negative’ reading. My Energy experienced in this reading was Light filled and Uplifting. I felt I was moving through a threshold. Into Reality, Clarity.


The cards drawn upside down in order of appearance were; the King of Pentacles, Two cups, Ace of Swords, Page of Swords, The Journeyman card and the King of Swords.

?This is my experience of recognizing the Divine Voice speaking directly within me through Sam. The Energy while not easy to describe, permeated everyone and everything around me. It was like I was speaking out loud to myself through another person since Sam was not aware of my Journey up to now, which has led to all that has gathered into this year. The deep implications inside of me and my recognition is being shared here of what unfolded on this December evening in a delightfully unexpected way…

?As we began this reading, the feeling to record this was strong to share this amazing experience of Divine meeting with others. And so, since we were unable to locate the tape recorder, I wrote these things down and Sam felt INSpired to paint as we did this. This painting of Sam’s I share with you is titled, ‘The Shaman’.


My reading as shared through Sam Silver Devananda.

?I see two Kings drawn, one on each end and the King represents the Divine Mystery, the Divine Magickal Presence of God, Never-ending Beginnings and Endings coming into Full cycle. Your beginnings and endings being King cards reveal that you are and have been Divinely guided, guarded and protected by the Highest Divinity thoughout your entire Eternal Journey ~

?This being Divinely guided, guarded and protected was a message I received a very long time ago and throughout my Journey I have forgotten this in moments when I took my eyes off my knowing and would question it due to being focused on the surrounding circumstances in my life.

?The King of Pentacles is also known as the Shaman Card. That the card was drawn upside down means it’s your unconscious Shaman calling you to uncover and use your innate powers hidden in your mind. It’s all about the Mind. You have been hiding your ‘magickal’ powers and it is time to let them be brought into use, into the Light. Time to use them openly ~ Hmm… it’s like someone being able to see into your mind and view your hidden thoughts.

?For awhile now especially more prominent this year, I had been hearing as I moved into waking state upon rising, this very thought, your powers are returning to you. So, this really spoke to me. The idea of being a Shaman has been brought up to me quite a few times in my life and I pushed it to the side while not letting go of the idea completely, a part of me was not ready to accept this part of me yet … it kept returning, rising to the surface …

?As a child, I was able to see things that others were not seeing, heard things that others didn’t hear and sensed things before they would happen. I also experienced being visited by ‘Being’s with messages of Loves Goodwill and when I shared these with my mother, I was not expecting nor understood the response of fear that arose in her and she made it very clear that I was not to speak of these things ever again. She said they were evil and from the devil and I deeply buried my abilities thinking something was wrong with me. And throughout the years of my life, I felt them rising up and played with them in secret, not sharing very many of the intuits that arose…

The two cups is about Relationship. It’s about celebrating all relationships you have with your Self. It’s in the tree, the things in this room, People, everything around you. It is about walking in the celebration of your Life. The Joy of Spirit in you. Being fully present. Hmm… this is what I have been experiencing unfolding in me on a much deeper level this year … detaching from all ideas of separation and experiencing Oneness …

?Being upside down is the cup being emptied out. Releasing by detaching from anything that separates me from the Divine Presence in my life. In nature, with the Ocean tides of ebbing and flowing, and Lunar cycles of waxing and waning, this is waning or ebbing in the cycle before the flowing tides come in and the New Moon cycle begins.

?The Ace of Swords. is about understanding the physical shocks and traumas experienced in life and how they have been locked deeply into your psyche. Where you were split asunder inside of yourself. It’s understanding how the shock of a physical trauma affects you all the way through into your deepest psyche. Embedded deeply into your Mind. Jen and Sam share with me, ‘It’s when you got hit on the head, especially the very first time.’ It’s a deep shock, a trauma to your ‘system’ that you experience to where it knocks you out of your body or you go unconsious. Head Trauma.

?The sword piercing through the center of the crown represents the center, the heart of you. This is about recognizing where the Intial Wound (the fatal wound), the very first trauma of your experiencing being pierced all the way through your heart with a sword took place and all the times thereafter that re-echoed this trauma. The sitting on a beach ball in water experience.

?Now look at the sword, you see a hand holding it. This represents the Hand of God, the Divine UnSeen Hand in your life. What this means is that it is only by the Hand of ‘God’ that you can be healed of this trauma completely. Allow the Hand of God to heal you by allowing IT to move ITSelf all the way through you to the initial wound and remove the knife, the sword. It brings you back to your state of wholeness. Oneness in your Being. Your Being re-stored in body, mind, soul and spirit … removing the barriers that keep you from experiencing the Divine in you.

‘Consciousness is either inexplicable illusion, or else revelation.’
~ C.S. Lewis

?Sam and Jen also mentioned that this was a card that represents the fork in the road in one’s life and seeing how the road taken based on my choice has led me into this very moment, meeting the ones I have along the way and whom I am meeting in this moment. Wow, this card was deeply profound in meaning for me. I have been sensing this all throughout this year. I have been feeling a deeper indescribable releasing of things, a resonant feeling that I was not as aware of, things deeply hidden and still rising to be seen and let go of. My sleep patterns have been off kilter for over a year and I felt it was due to healing going on in the deep recesses of me and I was sensing in my feeling that my knowing was right on, it has indeed been going on, and was being affirmed through what Sam was sharing with me. I was sensing all the amazing Beings whom have come along side in my Journey especially within the past two years …

He went on to share that I was once again at a fork in the road at this time in my life. And I knew this was the Divine’s message for me. It all fell into place in this moment. The residue I experienced was releasing all of the hidden physical traumas that were leading back into the very first initial wound of trauma of being struck through the center of the crown, my head all the way through my heart, the deepest parts of me, I was receiving my healing from the Divine Hand moving ItSelf through me. The fatal wound being healed by the UnSeen Hand of God, The Divine Mystery.

?I was being given the opportunity to choose the road not taken at the fork in the road of my life.? Some would call this a second chance at life … I saw where my original choice had led me and the dreams I left behind still haunting me in moments … deeply buried and I felt this underlying sense of sadness mixed in with the moments of Joy, life was so bittersweet to me and now I found myself full circle back at this fork in the road … so, I made another choice …

?What I had asked for throughout the years I had been receiving and I felt the fullness of this healing Presence in this moment. There is no words adequate to express how I feel in writing about this. Being touched in my most sensitive and tender spot by the Hand of the Divine. Experiencing intimacy with the Divine Presence.

?The Page of Swords. This is the part of the Journey where you empty yourself out of all illusions of identity and become like a shell so the Hand of God can move through you, filling you up with ITSelf and overflowing. A God Filled Being in form. Where All you see and know to exist is by Being intimate in sharing One Breath with the Divine Presence. A total and complete letting go, surrendering to all that I thought I was and have been and opened to All that Is flowing.

Experiencing life by Divine Spirit breathing ITs Life through you, It’s Heart is what is beating yours. It’s Being an Open Channel of God flowing through your Being. A God Channel. God being your Best Friend and you are channeling the Divine. WOW. There is no separation or differentiation. That is about all I can share on this one. It really spoke to me is all that I can say.

The Journeyman Card. Also known as the Wade in the Water card. You are ready to go because it is the moment to go. It means you are on your way into your New Journey. In the water and flowing. You’ve made some gains and the conditions are favorable for you to progress in your Journey, you are in the flow moving into new things. You’ve prepared, made yourself ready for the move. The Divine is smiling upon you and you have found the conditions favorable as the Divine opens the floodgates. The lessons of my experience have been experienced and I am ready for new ones.? ~ In reverse, it is saying JUMP! let go of anything and everything that holds me back.

?The last card drawn was the King of Swords. This card represents The Witness. I AM is my One thought. I AM is my Witness. I’m showing up. It’s my turn and I take my turn. ‘Consciouness recognizing ITSELF’, as Sri Nisargadatta says.

No hiding from oneself any longer. It is time to show up and be seen and live my desires. My time of cave dwelling, hibernating has reached full cycle. The seed is opening to new life ~ pushing its way through the soil and reaching for the sun.

?The meaning behind all this for me in introception, I have noticed as the years go by that the celebrating of the seasons has deeper implications.? And what I have experienced in this Divine Vibrational Energy of it being numerically 12/12/ 2009 is this, that in each new yearly cycle, I am given a preview, a ‘theme’ of what this cycle is for.

?2009 was The Year of the Child for me. And in having this amazing aha ~ a Happy Accident ~ I realized that I had reached an ending of an endless cycle in my life this year, it has come to pass, all was fulfilled in this experience leading into this year and now it is leading me into the new experience unfolding before my eyes.

?My Childlike eyes have been restored.

After this wonderful and profound experience, there was one more card yet to be experienced, the icing on the cake. Just before leaving, I remembered the Chrystal Ally Cards and I pulled only one card from the deck, the Aquamarine card on release. Detachment ~ surrender.

It is a water element ally and relates to the throat chakra. It’s message is about releasing that which no longer fits who I am. My Authentic Voice speaking, My Authentic Self Being. I have been ‘working’ on things to move myself into a different way of living and I was lovingly being reminded to release all my creative ideas to allow the Universe to benefit me by allowing It to manifest for my Highest Good. So I can experience the essence of my experiences. Clearing the Pathways to allow Spirit to fill ITSelf in my body and mind. No divisions, seamlessness.

? Children do not differentiate between body and Spirit, it’s the same thing to them. All One.


?’The real mystery of life is not a problem to be solved, it is a reality to be experienced.’
~ J.J. Van der Leeuw

?I have been sharing about my progression throughout this process, my Journey, and I am humbled that I have been shown yet again, how faithful Spirit is. My theme in life has been on surrender, letting go, detaching and what showed up this evening was like my life story unfolding before my eyes and revealing to me where it has led me to now.

I have shared with many that I walk backwards or hang upside down and this gives even deeper meaning to this reversed reading. The power of intention in the right side up card applies in this interpretation. My life has been turned right side up.

?I am filled with deep gratitude and overflowing Love for this experience. And for the wonderful Souls who were my very present witnesses to my anointing. It’s the only way I can describe this. Being set free to embrace Loves Powerful Presence in me and to share this with all that this same Power is in you and recognized when we see no separation.

?This message isn’t intended just for me, if there is something in you moving through you as you read this, the chord is plucked on the same string. This is your message, your Love Note from Heaven as well.

?We are in a time of experiencing great transformational change and Spirit in us, is always faithfully guiding, guarding and protecting us all the way through the complete cycling of our experiences. I am deeply grateful for having this experience. It was perfect in its timing.

?Namaste` Sam, Chuck and Jen for sharing in Loves Energy which influenced what happened on this twelfth night of December, 2009, as I walked through the open door and into Freedom. The theme of my life all along. The number one on my ‘list’ was Freedom throughout the years and now, I am on my way to experiencing it in a whole other way.

I agreed with Sam, Chuck and Jen, that this evening spent together was a gathering with an Ancient kind of feeling in the experiencing,? and the connection felt in the circle of four was a Sacred one.

?InJoy this day,

?Know that you are Divinely guided, guarded and protected, Divinely led in all your ways by the UnSeen Hand of ‘God’ ~

?Many Blessings, Be Well ~



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