Discerning Love’s Fruits in Relationships ~



?’We can never judge the lives of others, because each person knows only their own pain and renunciation. It’s one thing to feel that you are on the right path, but it’s another to think that yours is the only path.’

~ Paul Coehlo

‘If you judge people, you have no time to love them.’

~ Mother Teresa

‘Judge a tree from its fruit, not from its leaves.’

~ Euripedes


The true purpose of relationships is to help?us to see, understand our Self and then heal our emotional wounds and grow towards our purpose in life. That is why issues arise in our relationships. It is when we are willing to be open to understanding these things from this inner viewing, that allows our perceptions of what we see as being awful, painful and suffering, to shifting more?into there being a?possibility, that these experiences?may be a re-peating message from GodLOVE that our ideas of love might be worth taking the time to spend in reviewing them and then being open to changing them. It is being willing to have a change of heart to see in another way that there just may be other ways to view what we are and have been experiencing and this being willing is what opens us to the many possibilities of seeing the changes coming into fruition in our lives.

‘Everything that irritates us about others can lead us to an understanding of ourselves.’

~ Carl Jung

If we feel that someone hasn’t lived up to our ideals of what Love means and ‘should’ look like to our Self, and this painful way of relating keeps re-occuring in our lives in our relating with others in our relationships, where it seems to keep leading you into experiencing repeated emotions of hurt, betrayal and painful endings, there is usually hidden expectations at play within. Your own expectations of others or another.

There is freedom in being able to review our expectations of ourself and others and where these expectations have come from, by moving through the fear to see into our self and in being willing to see others differently we are welcoming another way to see beyond what appears to be. Invite GodLove to see through your eyes by opening up your view to a greater one.

This is where ‘Know thyself and all will be known’ can be applied as we journey through with those we have been, are and will be in relationship with.

One by one means for me, that it begins with me and there it remains. I am not here to judge another’s worth, I am here to walk in mine in the fullness that was, is and will continue to be mine Divinely designed by Creator and myself. And it is from this understanding that I can see it this way for another even when one appears to be otherwise in ‘acting’ out. As we do in moments, it only means we have momentarily forgotten who we are and what we are in Truth that was established before we ever step foot on this Earth.

Intimacy occurs within and there it forever remains. And it is recognizing this Self Being enfolded in the Divine Heart that naturally ‘extends’ itself in relating with life and others when living inside the Heart of the One that is the Creator of All. We all are so very unique and different in outward appearances… yet, we say that one must be and do certain things to be ‘spirtual’. Books are wonderful yet, they become dogma and we trade dogma for dogma…

We will not judge another as being worthy of Love when we let go of our own judgments of our Self and then using others as our witness of not being ‘God’ – good enough to be Loved.

‘The tendency to turn human judgments into divine commands makes religion one of the most dangerous forces in the world.’

~ Georgia Harkness

We are Loved, Love is not earned, and it is in seeing that this is what has never changed, and it takes time to really, really realize this I have come to understand. After all the things I have walked through to be in this place now, I no longer see one as spiritual due to what one wears, eats, has?or does. This is viewing only from the outer appearances and does not give me clear Insight into the heart of another, the whole story. I leave that up to the Love that we have all come from and then follow what I sense leads to freedom by trusting that GodLove Knows and that is all that matters. Living this way now, takes a huge load off of me and gives me a deeper sense of peace. I am only asked to be true to this Love’s Way and find that the rest takes care of itself if I am only willing to stay within Love, and allow IT’s Energy to flow through my bones, through my blood and skin and into the Universe I created with IT. Allowing IT to do the same with another, no matter how it may look from my human eyes and human mind in moments, appearing as a contradiction.

‘GodLove does not look at the things man looks at. Man looks at the outward appearance, but GodLove looks at the heart.’

~ From the Bible

In closing, this may be a very controversial statement to make in the spiritual arena right now, yet, I feel it must be said, we are still following dogma, only now it has taken on a new ‘image’. There is a judging mentality in the ‘name of love’ that speaks harshly of the ways individuals eat and this has become a fine tuned focus in the spiritual arena, and this in my honest opinion is still looking at the outer appearances. I have known ones who do eat things that are currently being stated as impure and ‘ungodly’ and these people have been most generous, kind and loving and compassionate and a friend in need in moments, showing through their actions towards me a caring that is equal in compassion to those who may eat differently.? So, this may not be the way of defining one’s level of spirituality in my honest opinion, because this contradicts what so many are saying is ‘highly spiritual’. Only GodLove knows for sure. My human ways may not be another human’s ways of being intimately acquainted with GodLove I have come to understand and leaving my mind, heart and soul open for ongoing change in viewing these earthly matters is where I am now ~

We are each and every one a gift of GODLOVE being Present and holding on to thoughts like this will change the world we see extending from our own eyes. One by one. I have changed, and in this place, I know it will only continue. Leaving you with this thought to consider from the book ‘Healing the Heart of the World’, ‘The Perfect Dream’ by Allan Hardman,

‘If you believe that the personal dream in your mind is a true representation of what is ?out there,? it will cause you endless conflict and suffering. You will believe that you are right about what you see and know, and others are wrong. You will create conflict through your need to convince others and defend yourself. You will be afraid of being wrong.’

InJoy this day ~

Be open and willing to exchange your eyes for viewing through God’s eyes your life, your loves, your Self ~

GodLove is?where it never left, stop looking for IT outside and live from Being aware of Being inside IT, and this may just heal our ultimate relationship, heal our fear of intimacy?through being intimate with our Self and then extending this relationship to?an ‘other’,

I am releasing this as my prayer for all ~

Radiating InLove’s Power ~



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