Comfortably Naked Under My Skin ~ Living Peacefully Within Loves Presence


Living Radiantly Grounded In Love


“As we let our own Light shine, we unconsciously give other people permission to do the same. As we are liberated from our own fear, our Presence automatically liberates others.”

~ A Year of Daily Wisdom Calendar by Marianne Williamson


“If you tell the truth you don’t have to remember anything.”

~ Mark Twain


“If most of us remain ignorant of ourselves, it is because self-knowledge is painful and we prefer the pleasures of illusion.”

~ Aldous Huxley


‘The hardest tumble a man can make is to fall over his own bluff.’

~ Ambrose Pierce


“The cruelest lies are often told in silence.”

~ Adlai Stevenson


“We tell lies when we are afraid … afraid of what we don’t know, afraid of what others think, afraid of what will be found out about us. But every time we tell a lie, the thing we fear grows stronger.”

~ Tad Williams


“Pretty much all the honest truth telling in the world is done by children.”

~ Oliver Wendell Holmes


“Truth fears no questions.” ~ Unknown


Children are adept at being real, they are tuned into themself and relate by sensing Energy. I had the opportunity to be even more aware of this the other day while, in?a non-attached state, I observed something that was happening with my grandson Elijah, who is all of the tender age of five. I happened to be the one home whom answered the door when his dad was bringing him back from his overnight. I immediately could sense something was off as they walked in and I noticed?Elijah’s and his dad’s energy.

As they came inside, I asked Elijah if he had had fun with his dad. He said it was good without any enthusiasm and no more. While he smiled at me, he was ‘acting’ uncomfortable and it showed in his body language and his eyes. He left the room as?quick as he came in, leaving me to be alone with his dad. I then looked over at his dad whose demeanor was by now?one of?growing anger and irritation, arms hanging in a defeated manner, so I asked him if everything was alright.

Not looking me in the eye, head and eyes down and boring a hole in the floor, he said yeah and then he left. As soon as he left, Elijah comes to me and stands next to me silently expressing that he wanted to talk to me about something. So, I asked him again, if he had had a fun time with his dad .

He looked out the window as he shared with me that he had decided that he did not want to go the movies with his dad that day. Aaah! Bingo. Guilt. He was now looking straight?into my eyes searching for the assurance of his being loved and accepted for making his choice that felt right for him. While I do not know what his dad said to him, I sensed a deep feeling of guilt in this young child’s demeanor, and I said, ‘Elijah, you made a decision that felt right for you in the moment and it is okay to be honest and make your own decisions. It’s okay to feel what you feel. Your decisions are what make you Elijah and you know what?’ ‘What?,’ he asked. ‘I love you Elijah just the way you are.’

He played for awhile,?staying close to me as though he were being balmed, soaking in my Love Energy?in peaceful acceptance of him. And then, he showed me his new car that his dad was letting him play with while telling me all about it, and went off happily to play in his own space.

His dad has behaved this way before with Elijah, when he did not want to ride his bike down a steep hill. His dad immediately packed him up and brought him home and proceeded to lecture him in front of us,?about how he had let his dad down. Elijah cried uncontrollably for awhile, after he left. His dad gets easily angered when others do not go along with his way of thinking or doing things.

I have grown to trust in my sensings, and what was happening here was that Elijah’s dad was not able to come clean and be honest with himself, his son, or me, in this case. Something in him did not feel comfortable enough in himself to admit what he was feeling, nor was he willing to discuss his responsibility for his owning his own feelings. Honesty wasn’t being expressed here, and I saw that his dis-honesty?with his own feelings, was also what he was not allowing Elijah to express, by cutting him off with his angry and irritated countenance. His son wasn’t giving him what he wanted. Now, Elijah’s dad knows that I am one to InCourage taking full responsibility for owning your own feelings and behavior, and he wasn’t willing to see it this way at the moment. He still tends to believe that others are responsible for affecting his happiness, by his emotional outbursts and reactions to those whom do not comply with him. Out comes the blame.

Later that day, my daughter received a message left in her voicemail from Elijah’s dad, who had poured out his anger and frustration onto her, angrily telling her how it was Elijah’s fault for upsetting him, because of changing his mind about going to the movies with himself, his brother and nephew ‘making him’ look bad to his family and feeling humiliated by his son’s behavior.

Now, I wish to say here, that I am not sharing this to bash on Elijah’s dad. I am sharing something from my own daily living experience as an example of what we all?may have experienced in the allowing of,?and from doing?this with others. I am sharing how I have noticed by moving into a place on how to see the picture playing out in front of me from another angle, of remaining in a state of non-attachment, while being Energy sensate~sentient,?how much more able I am in staying in?a Peaceful state. This has allowed me to be alot more understanding of what I am sensing is the under the skin causing what is?going on, without getting sucked into the emotions that may be unfolding before my physical eyes. I find that I can better respond in these moments by not getting offended when remaining unemotional, and non-attached, instead of knee jerk reacting in defense and with arguments. I don’t get so easily ruffled by other’s behavior like I once did. And I don’t feel the need to constantly apologize when I am mis-understood, and try to retract my statement. I am willing to clarify what my Heart feels though.

My daughter was very agitated at Elijah’s dad’s message, for trying to manipulate their son with his own sense of guilt and anger. When he has brought Elijah home in this mindset,?my grandson?is left with this residual Energy, and?my daughter,?and our household must deal with his tantrums that arise from having experienced this. His mother then tries to remain calm on the outside while she is really seething inside. And Elijah gets very restless, and out of sorts from his usual gentle loving nature. He can sense her underlying emotions. Children are much more connected?with their sentient nature.

Be Still. It’s?by paying attention to what’s going on in our self that leads us?into awareness. We can choose to allow our Self to get sucked into the emotional energy field?of another. We can also choose, to be still, and calmly see through their emotions?by listening to?our Heart. Is this about me, or them? What is being revealed here? If I had allowed myself to get drawn into the emotional drama being played out in front of me, then yes, it is about me, and something is being shown to me about myself. I am taking the bait based on my own inner fears and discomforts. I am reacting to defend myself. Most likely related to an?unfinished?past experience that?I am?pulling my emotions from.

Is this about something similar, that happened to me in my past? ?Or have I let go of my past experience, now being able to relate from this present place??If I am peaceful, by not getting snared up into it, then it’s a good indicator that I have let go of the past.?Whatever is in front of me now, is viewed as?a new experience. I can choose a different response, by drawing upon the Wisdom gained from another similar experience of how I could have chosen to handle it in another way. I could have chosen to react from an emotional state by consoling my grandson with my own past based insecurities.?Choosing to?be sympathetic by fanning?the flames of his feeling his worth threatened by his dad. Giving into his dad’s, Elijah’s and my own feelings of uncertainty, and passing on a victim mentality, by saying things like, ‘Elijah, I am very upset?with your dad?for treating you this way,’ and so on.

What benefit would reacting this way have?been for Elijah, his dad, myself, or anyone else for that matter. All this would have done is reinforce a wedge between my grandson and his dad and all involved.

Does this mean I have to accept or be affected by the behavior? Not at all. I notice that when I remain in my Peace, I can be more calm in understanding what is really going on behind the guise of emotions and see it for what it is. I can allow another to be in their feelings without making them mine through being compassionate.

This allows me?to make the?choice to make it small,?by not making it a big deal. I am opting to keep my Power contained right where it belongs, in me. I said to my grandson, that his feelings were important, and that it was okay to feel the way he does, and that it was okay to not feel the same way about something, as his dad does.

Disagreeing with another does not have to mean not Loving them. Genuine Love is solid when anchord in the right place.

Planting a seed in Elijah, that he is big Hearted enough to understand this kind of Love?by accepting himself and his own feelings, and making room to allow his dad to be the way he is and feel the way he chooses to. He can accept the way his dad is, without losing himself in times like these.

Allowing Love to expand our understanding and not shrink us from misunderstanding.

By not taking another’s emotions in as your own?… just seeing it for what it is and understanding where something is really coming from?…?helps us?let it go ~ if another wishes to remain in an emotional state, then let them. We are not here to learn another’s lessons for them. We are here to learn our own. And how long we or anyone else chooses to learn our lessons, is completely of our own choosing. Freewill. We have freewill to say, ‘I will leave you to sort through your feelings and calm down.’ Or, I don’t feel the same way as you do about this.?If the relationship is important enough to you,?giving further understanding to the other is an option. And it is equally their choice to do the same. Speaking truthfully from our Heart,?will?give us this feeling?of being at rest,?comfortable being naked from under our skin.

In another conversation, one of many I have shared with my grandson, he sought me out once again after another visit with his dad, for reassurance of, is it really okay to be Elijah, by doing what he did. I said to him, ‘you know Elijah, we are all children in our Hearts, even as grown ups, and ‘sometimes grown ups act alot more childish than children do’. Just a place in each one of us, that hasn’t grown up yet.’

This was the Voice of Wisdom whispered softly in my ear years ago, by another five year aged boy I once knew, speaking about his dad’s irrational behavior, well before Elijah ever arrived, and I’ve never forgotten it.

Later that evening, once Elijah was in bed, his mother was venting her frustrations about this episode?to me and Brian, her partner, about how she felt so angry with his dad for manipulating Elijah like this, with his angry guilt trips. His dad has also been ‘working’ on him to come and live with him, by?making derogatory remarks about Elijah’s mother’s past,?and after such episodes like this, my daughter was feeling more resolved to keep this from happening. Resisting and fighting against him. She was feeling to stop the visits because she did not want Elijah to be influenced by an angry dad.

I shared with her that I went through these very same kinds of circumstances, where two people with a common interest have different ideas about what is best for the interested one in common. Our children. The gift revealed to me was to Let go of wanting to control others. The lesson was?that we do not have control over another’s behavior. Let go of trying to wrestle it away from another. How mom? By focusing more on your Loving relationship with Elijah and let his relationship with his dad be what it is. Spend the one on one time with him that he is asking for. Take a moment truly. Love makes time for a child. Focus on creating a Loving Home environment, your home?with your children. To react to Elijah’s dad, is to feed the fire of his already felt and experienced emotions. Don’t take the bait, you can choose to rise above it. Elijah is able to see these things for himself, and will choose what Love Is for him. Allow him to choose for himself whether or not he wants to continue to see his dad.

There is no substitute for Love. Children know what Love is, they feel it. And we are all Children at Heart and recognize when we are in the Presence of Love. Love smooths the rough bumps along our way ~

Not giving in to?Fearful emotions ~ is when Peacefulness is felt. We cannot experience both in the same moment.

We have become very good at hiding and running away from Love. Children are Love Notes from God reminding us to be Home now,?resting securely under the covers of our skin.

Our Home established in Love. It’s in our Life Building Code, to know when we’re Home.

I shared some examples with my daughter from my own life learning experiences of having to unlearn to want to be in control.?I found that it really takes removing our Self from entangling our emotions with another before responding to another. Especially?when it has to do with?our children. So often, like my daughter exampled in this situation, I kept a cool front while?I inwardly seethed.

Children usually haven’t fully developed their language skills in order?to?express?in words how they feel. They don’t have a word in their growing vocabulary yet, to match what they are feeling. They just feel what they are experiencing, and we can see this very clearly if we are attentive. Whether they are happy, sad, upset, excited, it’s obvious. They feel it fully, express it,?and let it go, if we do not stop them. Next. This is because they are at Home with being?who they are. They relate from their Heart and it shows. And no matter how calm a front may seem to be on the outside to a child,?they are attuned to?picking up on the under the skin Energy of emotions. They sense the separation going on underneath our skin.

Because they are naked, they can see ours!

We have all heard children openly asking questions, and?openly expressing out loud,?whatever it is that they see, that sometimes embarass their parents or another adult in moments! They are not intending any harm, they are being Honest, a this is what I see what is in this moment. They wear no masks.

A calling it out as they see it.

They share their gifts openly unwrapped.

As I have moved through?my Journey, I have honed my ability to discern more and more, by paying attention to my own Energy, where my sharing is coming from, and sensing whether or not it is useful, or beneficial to the hearer as well as for myself to even say what is rising to be heard. Will it fall on open ears or deaf ones?

What is our Heart Intention when sharing honestly? To extend Love or fear? To bless and benefit the hearer to grow with?us in experiencing more Love, or from a harmful intention to get back at someone because?we allowed their words to be hurtful to us by holding onto to them, constricting Love by?witholding our Love through closing the inner door?

Are?we open to hearing Love’s voice? Love recognizes Love. Will what?we say change anything??We will know by understanding our own emotional behaviors first, and then another’s will become more understandable from observing our own responses and reactions. Do?we stop certain behaviors when being asked to stop? Or do?we ignore another’s request to stop, with?a need to explain why our way is right, or because?we need to have our way or say with them to feel secure? Being right?might be?more important than being happy and peaceful in these moments. Realization is a place we come to after kicking against the goads long enough and it becomes clear when we are not getting a different response. Do we only have one way of responding to a given circumstance?

Peace comes from ceasing all attempts to change anyone else’s beliefs and their minds. When?we are comfortable being naked under our skin,?we won’t feel a need to be validated or approved of by any other.?We are already fully approved in acceptance of our Self, anchored in knowing who we are. This happens when our focus shifts from giving permission for others outside of ourself, to direct and affect our lives, to focusing on the?inside, being guided by our Essential Self and giving ourself permission to live from our Hearts connected to our Source of Love.

Only?we can think our own personal thoughts for our self, no one else can do this for?us, and Peace is in living from this understanding. Watch what happens when?we stop?our tendencies of?arguing and convincing another about anything. Just Being our Self, no guises, masks, underlying intentions. Heart Speak is our language. And let?the person?be what?ever way they choose to be. We can share from our Heart and Let go of how it speaks to another.?We will notice when others are arguing for the sake of ‘needing to be right’ (from our own having been this way),?and?we can choose to allow them be anything they choose to think in their own minds.

We’ve nothing to prove to anyone.

Young children are this way.

Tending to the care of our own thoughts and actions?will allow another to tend to theirs.

Carrying our Self and our own stuff?will?allow another to do the same. This helps another to grow.

Why is this? Because when we let go of feeling responsible for how another’s chooses to feel and give them their right to choose from their own box of emotions whether to be miserable, angry,?happy?or joyful…, we will find that it’s a full time occupation?to?remain fully in ourself.

Abiding in Peaceful Energy is when we are Home, the searching is over. Time to relax and be naked at Home and do Homey things.?We’ve journeyed back to where we began,?and are beyond the ‘need‘ to go looking for these things, or people to fulfill?our sense of needing them to define our self for us. Life doesn’t have to be a certain way in order to?experience the Joy of having?Peace. My way or else thinking, is believing that what seems right for me,?has to?be right for you, in order for me to feel Loved and approved by you, and I will not experience Love’s Peace until you do?life my way.

When I use to live like this, my Love, Peace and Happiness, were still outside focused and based, dependent upon other people, places, and things for my well-being and happiness. I was still of the believing mind, a re-occuring pattern existed in my thinking,?that it was up to others to change for me in order for me to be happy in my life. A my way or the highway mentality like this limits us. We get stuck. Are?we reinforcing the I cannot change mentality, I am the way I am and that is that? In essence reinforcing this idea of you must change for me, because I will not change for my Self??Being this way leads to?a very long road to finding one’s happiness…

We are really free to choose in every moment.?We have the option to change our choices, and our minds, about ourselves and how we see everything in our life in any given moment. We can choose when to stop our crusade to change the world by forcing others to conform to our way is right mentality by offering to walk on level ground.

We are all choosing right now to believe what we believe yes? Or are?we allowing someone else to make up our mind and make our decisions for us, by what?we don’t say? Why do we believe we cannot change? Fear? Hmm …

Life is actively alive and not stagnant, life is forever offering more opportunities for each one of us to experience more life…

Do you feel alive? Or just surviving?

What allows?us to experience feeling Alive here and now, being naked under our skin? What would it take for us to experience Loving our Life the way we are in it right now??When?do we last remember feeling?at Peace within our Self?and?being content with our life??What does contentment really feel like to us??Is this a futuristic event? Feeling any anxiety? Or is this something you missed out on? Feeling any depression?

All these questions are about knowing our self intimately. Listening to our Heart’s response.?Intimacy is experienced in?the very first relationship we ever?relate with. Being?our unpainted self,?before we began?to paint others impression?upon?the? blank canvas we began as.

Is the way?I am currently?living giving?me a sense of Peace about?my self right now? Am I?being Loving towards?my self in?my?Life, exactly the way I am right now? If not,?I am?really?still focused on?living from?what is ‘true’ about?my self,?based from others eyes and opinions of?me, that?I am not ‘fulfilling’?for them… still not Home quite yet, while the Lights are always on…we can sense Home, there is a familiar feeling about being home, and we recognize it when we come upon it.

Turn around and head?towards Home.

Moving away from ~I want to be Love Energy, a Light of Loves Presence in my world in my head. Past or Future tense…

To experiencing ~I am Love Energy Alive and Well, I radiate the Light of Loves Presence in my world from my Heart.

Present tense.

We are this Light of Loves Living Presence when?we stop the searching and reaching for it outside of ourself, in trying to find?our self in and through another. It comes to us?when?we are aware of?Being right in the middle of IT.?We have reached?home by being?presently aware of ourself living from our Heart within our skin, basking in our Source of Love, glas to have us Home again.

You are Inside of?You. Know yourSelf and All will be known.

Am I willing, even open to considering, that there could possibly be another choice in the way I see my Self?

Love is calling?us to?Be Home. It comes from making?Peace with our Self and the Source of our Life.

A Loving reminder that?we are called to be GOD’s dwelling place in?this world.

Home is where our Heart’s Soul?rests, ITs where Love dwells and Love is what?we are and come from.

Many Blessings and Be Well,

Home fires burning and glowing, radiant in?the warm Light of Loves Presence, ready and waiting for us to return ~

Be Reconciled by the Renewing of Your Mind and Heart?today,

InJoy Living Life Fulfilled, Being the Child we are In Heart ~

Feeling Comfortably Naked under our skin, safe within the arms of Loves Abiding Peaceful Presence ~




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3 Responses to “Comfortably Naked Under My Skin ~ Living Peacefully Within Loves Presence”

  1. "K~adens~nga Says:

    Wonderful article Beloved Julia…

    You are helping Elijah to develope the wisdom of Solomon and the enlightenment of Hermis…

    He will be a boundless man of love and spirit, with the loving guidance of one like you around! Not that anyone else could be like you…but ” me ” of course… lol

    Just kidding. Maybe in in ten more years…

    Your wisdom is God’s gift to me for reaching this stage of the (as you it) “curriculum”, whereby I have access to teachers like yourself. I am grateful and honored to find your words.

    No time limitations…only “how fast can you get through the curriculum”?

    Comments, if you will kindly indulge:

    Indeed… Love is first a security blanket, then a stuffed monkey, then a fascination with spiders or art, then a crush…then a “steady”, then a fiance, then a bride…then children, and then “yourself”…

    Finally it just “is”.

    It just “is”…wow. No umbilical cord attached to any idea.

    Like the trees must breath in carbon dioxide and breath out oxygen…

    They must do both to live, and then it’s not even a matter of “must” do both…

    It’s more a matter of they just “do”.

    They just “do”.

    When love is something that you just “do”… not from a need or a must, an obligation, or even a want…it’s just who you are…, then you need not experience negative emotion anymore about anyone…because just as the tree’s do not breath by any condition… they just “do”…so then you will love in the same manner…and no conditions go unmet, because there are none…you just “do”.

    As the prophet says “Love needs not, for it is sufficient unto itself”.

    Ideals are things we aspire to…when we aspire to something, we have not yet “real~ized” it.

    The idea of detaching from the emotion becomes a metaphor for detaching from the illusion…what illusion?

    The illusion that you could be separate from love.

    You can fit a square peg into a round hole if you pound on it hard enough… you can beat it in there…and it will be all notched up…and it will be a struggle…

    But when you find a square hole…and you place the square peg in the square hole…then it just slips right in like a warm knife into butter, with no resistance or effort…

    When we realize the truth that we cannot be separated from love and it is what we “are”…

    Then we have found our square hole…and we are as you say “home”.

    Mucho Amor to you Beloved Julia, and all of your little beautiful adorations. Thank you for allowing us to adore them with you!


  2. Julia Says:

    Beloved John,

    Thank you always for your loving and kind comments.

    Your thoughts shared enlarge the view of my picture.

    That you are InJoying Loves radiant Peace in your Home,


  3. "K" Says:

    I missed a point my friend…

    Tree “are” love… and by them “being” love…”we” are able to have life.

    You see (especially you) that we cannot be seperated from love… it “is”… just as the life giving oxtgen they emit just “is”… as long as it is a tree, it bears the fruit of love.

    Namaste my Friend, thank you for this wonderful website which is like a tree.


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