Healing A Wounded Ego ~

?I wrote this article in a forum I am member of, Our Ultimate Reality Forums, in Light of recent life experiences that stripped away what did not belong to me while leaving me with what was mine to begin with …

My birthright and legacy … a peek into my Soul’s Journey and there is more to share ~

?Healing A Wounded Ego

May this bless all those whom I am openly sharing the gift of the Presence that I am bringing back into this world with me from returning from Homing in for awhile ~

Many Blessings of Well-Being, ~

InJoy this day knowing Love is in your corner,



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  1. Louie P. Says:

    It?s so amazing to gather information on the blog. I really loved reading these post. It has strengthen my faith more. You all do such a great job at such concepts. ..can?t tell you how much I, for one appreciate all you do.

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