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‘Every part of God’s creation is very good and very special because it results from the loving design of Almighty God…As persons created in the divine image we are very special. The dignity and worth of every human being flows from the divine decree, not human decision. Our essential dignity does not come from government fiat, social usefulness, or self-actualization. It comes from the Creator of the galaxies who selected human beings alone out of the almost infinite multitudes of the created order to bear the divine image. No matter how poor and defenseless, old and weak, crippled and deformed, young and helpless, human beings enjoy a God-given worth and dignity that sets them apart from the rest of creation.’

~ Ron Sider, from Christianity Today


Every single person is unique (You-nique-by-design). Equally of value and worthwhile to our Creator, our Source of Life. 


We can see the evidence of our Heavenly Father’s Love for diversity all around us, by looking at the amazing world we live in. Our uniqueness is revealed in there being 3.1 billion sub units of human DNA in our bodies that determines our unique and personal characteristics.

It has been said that there is one chance in 64 billion, that someone else will have the same fingerprint as you! There are approximately 7 billion people inhabiting this planet right now. There is no one else on this planet like you, never has been, nor ever will be. Wow! Truly an amazing thought when given a moment to really soak this in!

There is a Divine Intelligence that is behind this Universal Grand Design. This is not a random impersonal act of happenstance, this is a very personal intimate, well thought out Designed Plan. To be given this much attention to the creating of you! Just the way God intended you to be.

Each one of us has a Divine Purpose to fulfill in this world, in our lifetime according to God’s Plan.


Many Blessings and Be Well,

May you spend some time today meditating on the thought that you are you-nique-by-design, according to the Divinely Designed Plan of our Heavenly Father, who knows you by name and planned your existence before the creation of the foundations of  of the world was ever formed.

InJoy this day~

Growing In the Love and Grace of the Spirit of Christ ~


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3 Responses to “Younique By Design”

  1. Talker Says:

    May the Beauty of Each New Sunrise Renew You,
    Hi Julie,
    Here I am. Well done , and giving off wonderful “feeling tones” viewing your “new baby”. Now let the beauty of all your life experiences come to the fore in all their glory assiting your visitors.
    Best of incoming guidance

  2. Vanesa Boele Says:

    The foundation of Christian theology is expressed in the early ecumenical creeds which contain claims predominantly accepted by followers of the Christian faith. These professions state that Jesus suffered, died, was buried, and was subsequently resurrected from the dead in order to grant eternal life to those who believe in him and trust him for the remission of their sins..

  3. Julia Says:

    Hi Vanesa, Thank you for visiting and for your thoughtful comment. The foundation of Christianity is Christ. True Christianity is living in relationship with God the Son on a daily basis, and not a religion. It’s not enough to just state that Jesus lived, died and rose again, there must be proof of this otherwise God’s Word is not true. The stone was rolled away not to let Jesus out, because He was already out of the tomb before the stone was rolled away. It was to allow the whole world to look in and see that He is indeed the Messiah as God spoke about coming since before the foundations of this creation were ever formed. God Bless you and InJoy this day! ^_^

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