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“‘God exists whether or not men may choose to believe in Him. The reason why many people do not believe in God is not so much that it is intellectually impossible to believe in God, but because belief in God forces that thoughtful person to face the fact that he is accountable to such a God.”

~ Robert A. Laidlaw

‘Relativism says there are no absolutes. Absolutely no absolutes. Absolutism says there are some absolutes. At least one absolute.’

~ Peter Kreeft

‘Humanism or atheism are a wonderful philosophy of life as long as you are between the ages of eighteen and thirty-five. But watch out if you are in a lifeboat and there are others who are younger, bigger, or smarter.’

~ William Murray

‘Man is certainly crazy.  He cannot make a mite, and he makes gods by the dozens.’

~ Michel de Montaigne, from Essays

‘The greatest act of faith takes place when a man finally decides that he is not God.’

~ Johann Wolfgang Goethe


Absolutes, something in these postmodern times that has gone completely out the window.

So what does this mean?

It means that a post modernistic mind, is incapable of grasping the idea of God on its own.

God is a far removed reality.

Somehow, people’s awareness must be opened up to this possibility, open their minds to meeting this God in ways unlike before. We have to get over the hurdle of disbelief first. This means that we must be prepared to accept the source of new information beyond what we currently base our source of information upon, in our nature and our ability to reason.

Moving beyond these things into a source of understanding through an acknowledgement of the heart, which is by faith.

We must pray for the Spirit of God to open other’s to the awareness of His very presence in our midst.


There is a huge gap of difference of what my truth is and what God’s truth is. I’ve been growing in understanding about this since my encounter with Christ Jesus last year. Because my awareness has changed from being solely subjective to becoming more objectively subjective as I move inward and onward.

Yesterday, I had a conversation with a young taxi driver named Paul. He said our human purpose is that, ‘We are born to die.’ And I asked him, ‘Why do we die Paul?’

He had no answer. His reasoning had no meaning nor basis to support it. ‘We die because dying is what we do’, he said. Does this makes sense?

He also said that he believed that everything is just energy. So much new age theosophical thinking going on but no meaning to really understand what it means in all honesty and in our conversation, he could not give any reason as to why he believed what he believed. It was a completely subjective foundation with no objective reasoning included.

As we parted ways, he said, ‘I could have this conversation with you for hours.’ And so I said, ‘Until next time Paul.’


Subjective reasoning is where we are right now if we are living without much thoughts towards there being a Creator, or we make the Creator much like the way we are, or a sort of nothingness that cares nothing about us…and to be able to grasp the idea of God, we must look for ideas that are unlike the norm, outside the normal way of thinking we have become accustomed to living our lives from. The norm now is ‘to each his own’ and whatever ‘belief’ makes you happy or feels good. This leaves no room for anything beyond our current mode of viewing life, because our perspective is not reaching beyond our own way of thinking. There is nothing greater we are reaching for.

Oh but there is Julia. Really? I am listening…

Well, there’s un-identifiable Spirit. There is a spirit and all this is illusion. How can we know what illusion is if we have nothing beyond our own personal experience to define or measure reality by? What are we basing this thought upon, that all is illusion when we deny that there is a God Who says He is the One reality in the same sentence?


Lately, I am meeting many people who find no purpose or meaning in life,  and I am observing that a growing number of the younger generation are having serious trouble with having or enjoying personal relationships, and they are writing about this because they so want to have social interaction with others, to experience friendships, but don’t know how to have them!

And in the same vein, I am reading that we are arriving into nirvana through human means.

Something is seriously amiss here!

The level one is aware of life’s meaning as coming from seems to be a factor ~

Oh but only focus on the positive and the negative will ‘disappear’. I am honestly making fun of myself here people, because I use to really think this way. What this thinking has done in my honest opinion, is made us cold hearted to the sufferings of others around us. We tend to leave people to suffer on their own so as to not bring our ‘energy’ down. This kind of thinking also teaches us to deny what we are seeing and hearing inside of us by covering over it with a feel good thought to drown out the convictions of our conscience.

Our future generations right now, have more technological savvy then all other preceding generations, yet many of these younger one’s don’t even know how to ride a bike! Technology has been found to remove the cognitive abilities and skills in our younger generations, not to mention making them inept in what is known as ‘soft skills’. Lacking morals and values and meaning that can only be obtained through the intimacy that comes from having one on one personal relationships.

We are in a sense, re-building the Tower of Babel to reach into the heavens to become like God, without understanding what is supporting our reality.

This is like building a structure without any purpose!

How can this be?

The foundation is built upon the level of awareness that our life is being lived from ~

Well, I am willing to share here what the benefits of  having been turned towards a Biblical perspective has done for me and what it has done for millions of others. Unlike any other religious or spiritual writings has been able to do or can do for us.

We seem more willing to refuse to accept something or anything that is so different than the way we see it or experience it.

We’ve surrendered our perspective to our own over our Creator’s.

A shared human experience by the way. This is due to external influences of man-made ideas that made learning  something traumatic or stressful. Creating more confusion than clarity-awareness that leads to deeper understanding.


Our egotistical nature does not seek God of our own volition. We turn away and seek all other ways of doing things our own way and we spend so much time looking every where else to satisfy the longings of our spirit and souls, while we make up practices to deny our flesh, as being the way to ‘enlightenment’, yet, we practice these spiritual methods by using fleshly ways to become more spiritual!

To deny our self of say food, does not make us more spiritual nor any more righteous than another who doesn’t practice this. Once we do these things, we find that we still have the same kinds of temptations to overcome everyday. So, it has not removed us from temptations nor has given us the ability to overcome them.

Debasing the flesh does nothing for our cleansing our conscience. It cleanses our bodies and maybe gives us a sense of being cleansed yet it doesn’t last. We have to keep doing these things and more in order to maintain a sense of ‘rightness’.

Denying our self of food or practicing self abasement of some form, is using external, physical means of attempting to reach for something that is not external in nature, and cannot come from the practicing of these things. While they may give us a sense of temporary peace, and even feelings of euphoria, it is a false peace that comes from applying spiritual practices by external means. The two are not of the same reality.

True peace comes from relationship, from making our peace with God by reconciling our relationship with God, His way.

Jesus said, “Blind Pharisee! First clean the inside of the cup and dish, and then the outside also will be clean.”

~ Matthew 23:26

It is by receiving new life through a new heart and a new spirit that our conscience is cleansed.

We are given a new and clean slate with our Creator who makes all things new in us as we receive His gift through Christ.

God is Spirit and all who reverence Him must reverence Him in spirit not by fleshly practices.


Our generation is clear evidence to this fact that we haven’t evolved much spiritually,  from all the broken relationships we all have been touched by in our lives and others around us who share this planet with us. It is global in scale now, and most likely that most people will not be partnered for a lifetime. We’ve lost our ability to do long term living by being committed, replacing it with an ‘easy come, easy go’ way of living mentality, and we are paying for it.

Some of the most ‘spiritual’ people I have met and known have serious issues with sexual lust or perversions, and they use other means to deflect their own and others attention away from this tendency. They also don’t want to be held accountable for their actions, when being called out on their very un-spiritual behavior.

These ones are usually not accountable to anyone! How?

By using their own experience as the measure of their spiritual level.  This way no one can align it with any standard of what is pure, holy and just.


Genuine Repentance is the evidence of a real spiritual awakening because it changes us from the inside out. Repentance is what causes a real change of heart and mind (soul) that leads to a change in lifestyle.

What does this mean? It means without repentance we are missing the mark.

What is this mark so many speak of?

What does believing in God do for mankind?

It makes us accountable to God.

It gives us a greater idea of the responsibility we have been given. Which means we have a purpose, which gives us value, and with value and purpose, comes meaning to our life.

We now have a target a goal to reach for.  A mark to reach by becoming skilled in marksmanship.

It is also the way to a growing awareness of our God given ability to self-govern our self when we are in relationship with God.

We are subject only to God but humbled by His willingness to use us as His vessels to watch out for one another as our brother’s keeper by becoming imitators of God in this world.


God is the Source of life of every uniquely created individual.

With God all things are possible means, that it is God Who gives us the ability to be aware, that we alone are responsible to Him for the way we live our lives and how we choose to live our lives is determined by what or Whom we serve or are accountable to.

Our accountability comes from our individual relationship with God, not from external influences or our personal opinions. External control comes from internal control first, not the other way around.

Mankind is either a slave to his weaknesses of his hypnotized ego under the influence of what the Bible calls the ‘god of this age’,  or a voluntary, free to choose to be a servant who answers only to God. To be a bond servant, means to volunteer yourself, your time, your all to God willingly not under obligation or to pay off a debt. He already paid the debt in full at the Cross.

A slave on the other hand, has been sold and involuntarily serves time to pay back something owed, a debt, a bond servant willingly gives their service based upon being free to choose to do so, not because of having to.

I once lived from an attitude that when I worked with others, I noticed that there were people who were lazy by attitude; just do what is asked and no more. And that is all they did, just what was required. Always wanting to get off work early and leave the details to close up or clean up for someone else, yet these were the ones who complained the most about not having any money! Know anyone like this?

They worked from an attitude of owing somebody something and therefore, in rebellion, someone owed them something.

Then, we have the over achievers, the workaholics, who expect everyone else to sign their contract in blood. A mentality that the company owns you. Still a slave. Still I owe therefore you owe too.

My attitude was focused on an end of the earth perspective.  A temporal view. In other words, I was making what was happening all around outside of me, the guide of my behavior because my attitude and actions were based up this being reality. I was a slave to the outer world’s rat race mentality, which leads to doing anything for the wrong reasons and with a wrong attitude.

When I experienced my understanding being opened to becoming aware of God’s existence, my sense of responsibility shifted. I no longer was working for a human like myself, I was now willing to volunteer my service to God and so my ‘work’ became service as an act of worship to God from my soul changed heart and mind that was now opened to letting God into my life as my Creator to in-power me, and the benefits of my newly found purpose, is  now coming from God’s set of values and purposeful meaning that has changed the way my life is being lived while here on earth.

I know what the right thing to do is in a situation now because I have tapped into the Source of all Wisdom.


So what does missing the mark really mean?

What does the fall of Adam-Mankind mean?

We enjoy playing games and games have presuppositions or rules. It’s what makes a game, a worthwhile activity. The rules of the game reveal how to play the game and what the purpose or meaning of playing the game is. Otherwise what is the purpose of playing a game without any guidelines or rules to it, especially when it is a game to be played with others?

Gone is the presupposition of man in his original Being-Ontology, as the created one who has a Creator.

Having the idea of a Creator is what underlies the holiness (wholeness-fullness) of our character.

Where is holiness in these postmodern times?

There is no real sense of it.

Do you see it in what you watch on tv, or read about in articles and magazines or what is being taught in schools or spoken of in conversation, are you hearing about it in church or spiritual circles? How can we know what holiness is if we have removed the Nature of Holiness of there being a Loving Creator Who is equally Holy, Righteous and Just, Who calls us to live in His likeness?

Called to be whole as He is whole?

How can we know what is perfect when we have removed the standard of Perfection?

This leaves seven billion or more ideas of perfection and we can’t all be right.

Perfection is precise.

How can we know what this likeness means when we remove the Creator whose likeness we are created from, far from our minds and hearts by doubting Him and His existence and loathing His ways?


The Fall of Man, Adam and Eve, The Serpent, The Garden of Eden, Original Sin


Man is fallen in his nature = originally designed pattern. The pattern that was created in mankind was  corrupted by seeking their identity outside of their identity found only in relationship with their Creator.

The pattern was now unstable and imperfect.

From this event, mankind began to have children from this broken, altered, tainted ‘it’s in the life-blood’  pattern,  made after man’s spiritual and biological likeness now to end in death, no longer housing within the likeness of God’s pure eternal Spirit that kept them from experiencing death.

We still have the image of God in us, yet now, we also have the broken pattern which is the evil we are able to see in our fellow human beings throughout our history here. Evil is what is Un-Holy, impure, that which is not Whole or not full.

Mankind was created to be filled with the fullness of God’s Spirit dwelling in them. And when God removed His Spirit from mankind, they became unfulfilled, not fully whole or incomplete.

Our souls have replaced the position of the Spirit of God with itself being the source of our identity.

Leaving us one dimension short of truth or reality.

All the self help books are evidence of us still looking to find ourselves.


What is the broken pattern of mankind?

At this time, when Adam and Eve chose to listen to the thought that they could become like God, they changed the pattern of Being God breathed by Creator GOD, into looking to them self as the reference point for meaning of their existence also known as self identity a part from God, instead of God being the source and reason of their existence, losing the ability and the authority to rule the earth as vice regents or kings and priests of God by succumbing to the one incarnating in the serpent’s body, he stole the deed, the rights to the Earth, right out from under them, and lied to them too.

The first Snake Oil Salesman.

The Serpent lied, because they did die in spirit in that moment and we the progeny’s contained within the original pattern of mankind have followed the way of life that has led to being born spiritually dead to God and we meet our physical end in death as they did eventually.

We all are born spiritually dead and we all physically die.

As within, so without…

We in and ourselves haven’t been able to stop death yet although the Bible says only One Man has in the history of mankind,  but many of us still don’t seem to be able to believe this in our post modernistic age.

Now, man unable to rule over the earth as God gave him dominion,  would have to take dominion over it by overcoming it, working by the sweat of their brow, because they gave their dominion over to the usurper of the deed of this domain, by removing God as The Life giving Spirit as their breath and bread of life, Who intended to share all things with them, they fell under the rule of another by listening to him instead of God, and this one continues to hold mankind in an unconscious sway while under his bondage, making man toil for his life giving sustenance and subject to the death he brought upon mankind.

The fallen angel is the one who brought death into the perfect creation of our Creator.

Can you see this still happening?


They did not say using their ability to reason, “Let’s ask God”, instead they became slaves under involuntary control of external forces by attempting to deal with the sly and cunning one in their own power and ability.

This reveals that these fallen Angels are much more powerful and intelligent than we are, and that they do know the Word of God…and that most of mankind doesn’t take the time to know what the Word of God says so they can twist it enough to sound a lot like it but lead mankind astray…because mankind has been led to stay away from it…

The results of the fall was they became subject to nature, instead of  nature being subject to them as God had created them to be.


The Bible speaks to us about God being the only One Who can give us meaning, providing the principles for living the right way with a purpose of living for God in a fallen world.

The Bible explains God’s answers to our problems by defining what the problem is and what solution God has provided.

We lost our awareness of our true identity of who we are in relationship with God, our intimate relationship became distant, and God became our enemy according to the lying seed of doubt planted by a created angel who wanted to usurp God’s position, and if we are not living under God’s rulership, then we are unknowingly still under the rulership of this fallen angel according to Christ.

This is why Jesus said, “No one can serve two masters. Either he will hate the one and love the other, or he will be devoted to the one and despise the other. You cannot serve both God and Money (Fortune, the god of this world).”

~ Matthew 6:24

So…Who are you living for?

If you say yourself, I ask you to consider…do you owe anyone anything?

If you do, then you are not really living for yourself…you just think you are.

Do you really own anything? Will you be taking it with you when the days numbered for you are fulfilled?

‘We know that we are children of God, and that the whole world is under the control of the evil one.’

~ 1 John 5:19

 We lost our identity and who we are in our Creator’s eyes and we hid our self from Him.

We as the human race are still hiding from Him, ignoring His Spirit’s Voice calling to us to come to Him through His Living and Active Word.


God our Father is willing to reason with with our soul, the seat of our intellect and emotions.

Our ability to reason is a gift from our Creator, and is what sets us apart from being mere animals who live solely by instinct.

And until we are made aware enough by His Spirit to understand that we are created and loved by our Creator, then we will not be freed from the never-ending cycles of dysfunctional patterns that are the make-up of our fallen humanity.

We will continue to live off balance, relying upon our intelligence as the measurement of our reality, or by reliance upon our heart by using our emotional experiences as the measure of reality.


All the good deeds we are capable of doing, are the evidence that we were created by an Intelligent Being who is loving, compassionate, knowing what is the right thing to do. The evil we see is evidence that we chose to turn towards our self as being the reference point of meaning (glorifying our self) and away from God’s Holy Nature, and that we attempt to justify or cover over any wrong doing that we have committed which is the evidence of our ancestors passed down decision,  and speaks of what happened to us if we are listening, as the corrupted nature continues to pass through all human beings.

There was no sin nature in Mankind in the beginning. They were complete by being filled with the fullness of God’s Spirit breathing His Life  in them.

Knowledge is what created duality because before knowledge, they didn’t have to choose between what was pure-holy and what was impure-evil or unclean, what is not holy.

We are enslaved by our fallen nature in our inability to choose the right way all of the time, through being deceived. When Eve took the bait under hypnosis, Adam willing joined her, agreeing to the powerful persuasion of the evil one to turn away from relationship with God indwelling inside of them,  to looking to them selves as the way of knowing who they truly were.

Their conscious awareness was turned towards outside appearances of accomplishments, forgetting it was on the inside coming from resting in God’s finished work. They became addicted and enslaved to fleshly pleasures, even though it keeps them from their relationship with God.


What is happening right now, is the demoralization of the human race, the fruits of choosing to live by the fleshly desires, controlled by external impulses and identity sought in outward appearances based on the accomplishments of work oriented credentials. And we are losing our worth and value by the constant propaganda being promoted in books, media, music, forums, and so on to keep on seeking our worth away from a relationship with our Creator…going so far as to say that there is no God Who is our Source, Who alone is the only One with the understanding of who we truly are in Him, Who is our standard of moral measurement, and the only One Who is able to restore us to our original condition.

Our source of true peace by resting in His finished works.

I also see many who are showing outrage and disgust by the way they and others are being treated in the external world, while proclaiming to be people of open mindedness, who are not ‘judgmental’ of others behavior at all!

We are a very confused generation…


What took me a long time to grasp and understand is, we cannot fix the old pattern, it takes Someone breaking the hypnotic hold and mold of the old nature, and creating a completely new natured mankind in order for us to be set free.

“Don’t copy the behavior and customs of this world, but let God transform you into a new person by changing the way you think. Then you will learn to know God’s will for you, which is good and pleasing and perfect. ~ Romans 12:2

This is what Jesus Christ came and did for His damaged creation. He being our Creator, planned to step into this once functionally good creation that had a wrench thrown into it by the evil one.

He came to restore peace between God and mankind.

He is the New Man Modeled for us in Spirit and in a glorified body of flesh that moves through all dimensions. Salvation is our second opportunity, made available to us to be able to be who we were originally created to be. Freed from the hypnotic unconsciousness of the serpent, no longer living under his spell of illusion, that the external world is the real world, in control of us.

Making us subject to that which is to be subject to us.

We fear change.

Yet, I understand that awareness happens gradually, because our Creator knows us having created every intimate detail about us, that makes us uniquely who we are. He knows what we are able to handle.

Looking at the state of this world right now from where it was fifty to sixty years ago, when values and morals, purpose and self identity via self help,  were not the main focus of articles so much because they were a way of life, our grand parents and great grand parents still lived in a time when believing in God was more norm than not, and now that we have tossed this idea of a Creator we are accountable to, right out of the window…we are seeing life lived from another perspective, without God ~

Objective reasoning is our minds and our hearts being made aware of Someone Greater beyond our current level of perception that exists. It opens our understanding to another reality so we can live with this objective viewpoint inside our subjective one.

We don’t lose our subjective perspective, we enlarge it with an objective one.

Just because we don’t currently believe that God exists, does not mean that God does not exist.

My article on Love’s Logic looks at discerning which reality we may be viewing our life from more deeply.

Now, I ask you, do you really yearn to know God?

Will your life be changed for the better, in becoming more aware of God?

Absolutely, because without God, you are missing out my friend on the most surest way to know your true identity and apt to live life without meaning from not knowing your purpose for being given your life.


Many Blessings,

I now believe in God through having had my understanding opened to being aware of His Presence and by continuinng to align my life with His.

InJoy this day,

May you come to understand the reality that you can know God exists, by including Him in your life too, aligning-believing in faith that He is a rewarder of all who seek Him in spirit and truth.

I Believe

in the Love and grace of God by the Spirit of Jesus Christ living in me ~


Quotes from Proof  That God Exists.com

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  1. Mills Says:

    Very talented writing! A very good expounding of the human condition with its fallen nature and the good news that we have a chance to change our destiny for the better and to be saved, if only we will;

  2. Julia Says:

    Thank you Mills for reading my blog and for your uplifting comments.

    Love and Blessings in Christ,

    Julia ♥

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