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The Cowardly Lion


What is courage? Allow me to share from some others ideas of courgeous examples;

?Courage! What makes a king out a slave? Courage!
What makes a flag on the mast to wave? Courage!
What makes the elephant charge his tusk in the misty mist, or the dusky dusk? Courage!
What makes the muskrat guard his musk? Courage!
What makes the sphinx the seventh wonder? Courage!
What makes the dawn come up like thunder? Courage!
What makes the Hottentot so hot? What puts the ?ape? in apricot?
What have they got that I ain?t got?


~ Sung by the Cowardly Lion from the Wizard of Oz ~

??Everyone has talent. What is rare is the courage to follow the talent to the dark place where it leads.?

~ Erica Jong ~

?Every incident is nourishing,
every circumstance is nourishing,
every word is nourishing,
every sound is nourishing,
because the same love
is in everything and everyone.?

~Swami Chidvilasananda ~

?For God has not given us a spirit of fear, but of power and of love and a sound mind.?

~ II Timothy 1:7 ~ The Bible ~

?All our dreams can come true?if we have the courage to pursue them. ?

~ Walt Disney ~

?Courage is grace under pressure.?

~ Ernest Hemingway ~


Nature Contains Guidelines for Living A Courageous Life

I use Nature often in my observations because of having played, worked and lived in it for so much of my life, I find in remaining a child of Nature that it contains all the Wisdom I will ever need, It is a living ?manual? on how to apply the tools effectively that we have been born with, to produce all the desired results we dream of creating. Nature is an excellent, and foundational guideline in how to build and maintain one?s own courage. There is no need to work against it by trying to re-invent it or rewrite Its Living Self contained manual of how to navigate successfully through our life.

When I am attempting to find another way of creating a ?better duplicate? of Nature from one that is already established and in excellent ?working? order, I tend to find myself having a getting lost in the woods experience?

I am not speaking here of living from a mundane, same oh, same oh view?of doing something in a ho hum rutty fashion?

I was once a hairstylist and eventually the opportunity arose to travel around the country for a natural hair products company to teach other hair stylists how to cut the styles they were promoting while showing ones how to use the products effectively. They were actually bringing back a technique that was taught many years back, in the hair industry especially popular in the 70?s, but somehow lost, cast to the wayside by a growing consumerism of wanting something ?newer and better? all the time.

I was allowed to meet all different types of characters in my field in this given opportunity and there were a few, those who being newly introduced to this ?new? to them way of cutting hair, who felt the necessity to ?question? me in front of a room full of people on how to check the haircuts.

There is alot of ego in the beauty industry, folks.

The styles were cut using a method promoted by Vidal Sassoon in the 1950?s known as Geometrical Hair cutting. He being inspired by the Bauhaus Architectural and Design School?s revolutionary design principle of that time;

?Form follows function.?

This idea was still being practiced by many of the ?well seasoned? hairstylists because it really worked in allowing one to have their own unique style formed to their unique bone structure, working within and including the spheres of their head and body, yet due to all the incoming and outgoing styles and fads throughout the years of ones wanting to look like someone else (a duplicate), for the incoming new stylists it was a lost art or an unheard of new thing. They were just of the mind that they already knew everything about how to cut hair and that unless it was done exactly in the same way they thought was the only way it should be, it couldn?t possibly be of any use to them or done in any other way.


Keep An Open Minded Curiosity for Learning More About Life

A change was occuring in what they believed they already knew all about?

This happens to us when we believe there is only one way to apply the foundational principles of what we know and that?s it! Only one way to live or Be and no other way to live or be. Masking a fear of change, a lack of courage in exploring the many possibilities or ways of doing something. No one could share anything with them in this way of thinking because they thought they had learned it all at once and had no use for evolving in their knowing. Funny how they ended up in coming to the class. It was being held in the salon they worked in and so they had to schedule around the class!!

Resistance to change of applying the foundational guidelines in another way? exploring it in moving with it into another direction?

One young girl, sitting with a group of friends all looking very displeased throughout the class, arms firmly crossed and glaring at me, asked loudly from the back of the room once I finished the haircut, smirking when she asked loudly?

?So. And just how do you check these haircuts??

In this particular filled class were students and teachers from different Beauty colleges in this small town, as well as stylists from various salons? and the students and teachers and other stylists all looked at me in this moment speechless by this girls defiant tone and attitude.

I knew my abilities and what I was doing, so I replied while keeping myself calm and looking steady into her eyes,

?You check this way of cutting hair the same way you check all your haircuts that was shown to us in beauty college, you retrace your cut, by following the guidelines, your points of reference, know where your guidelines are.?


Our Faith GrowsFrom Following Established, Grounded Principles

I then turned my attention back to the audience and I shared with the students, ?What we learn in beauty college is foundational to our ongoing growth, allowing us to build from these solid, foundational guidelines (principles), and once we get the foundational guidelines down, we are then free to create anything we want based on these principles. You can create any hairstyle you want.?

The silence in that room and the look on her face was priceless not to mention the beaming smiles coming from the students, teachers and other stylists. Honestly, it was like a relieved duh expression on their faces as though they were expecting a different response! Like I held some big hidden secret!

This younger girl waited for the group to thin out before approaching me and asking me more questions in a very changed demeanor in which I took the opportunity to InCourage her to consider becoming a ?teacher? herself as well. I felt she would make a very good teacher and I thanked her for participating by being present and by asking her questions. I saw behind her defiance, her hidden desire to do what I was doing. And so, I gave her the opportunity by inviting her to do it, she had it in her, she just didn?t know that she could do it as well.

In Incouraging her, I was unexpectedly Incouraged in return. Her soft smile, thank you and appreciation was my hidden gift.

Courage is shown to me in many ways in Nature. I see it as I watch a seedling life beginning to push itself through the surface of the earth in its couragageous desire to live and make it happen, facing the elements that pound down all around itself, and sometimes while a bit bent over it quickly restores itself to its rightful position, continuing in its reaching for the sun. Still growing along in its courage in the face of seeming odds and adversities. It keeps on growing through it all, into all it desires to be. Keeping its eyes on the prize. I can feel and see its glowing life radiating its confidence trusing in its arrival of coming into full bloom by observing it through the process, becoming what it was intending in its desire to be. A full grown plant in all its glory, in its rightful place?

Such courage is always evident if I am keeping my eyes open to seeing the Love Notes that Nature surrounds me in constantly?tucked into my inner and outer garden?if I tend to it by being tender yet strong in the process?
Nature is a constant reminder of our tenacity, resilience and our faith if we are looking for it with eyes wide open to seeing the wonders of what Love?s message is revealing in this moment?

Sometimes it whispers and sometime it shouts, yet the established guideline is the same even in its bold expression ?

?Be of good courage, you have overcome this world. Go forth and multiply??

Recognizing our established, foundational guidelines and building upon them in anyway we desire to grow into our full bloom with a tried and true success rate that is constantly providing opportunities in forming our fully functional courage.

Form follows function (activity ~ Energy)

Function is an active faith expanding into the fullness of being heartfully present through the progression of living of ones desires ?

‘You’ll never know your strength until you face your fear.’ ~ Unknown

The Cowardly Lion overcame his fears by his tiny faith actively moving him through each moment he faced his fear, and beginning with the very first step, he became InPowered to walk through each one of his fears ~ until he eventually realized that he had now become A Courageous Lion ~

Gaining?the?awareness of it in himself,?as he drew from it, throughout the process,??stepping back?into it from taking just one step in faith,?that led to him being able to?make?a giant leap ~

He realized he was now, fully embodied in his courage ~

??It takes courage to grow up and turn out to be who you really are.?

~ e.e. cummings

A wonderful reminder to stand firm and face our fears, and to keep on moving through them, get on with it, take the first step and move in the direction of your dreams ~

Walking on the solid ground of guidelines already established for you! Take a step and see for yourself ~


Many Blessings, Be Well

InJoy this day, taking the first step towards the unfolding of your gift of Courage, that already?lies established?within you, waiting for you to find it again,?in your unwrapping journey of self discovery ~

In Being Your Authentic Courageous Self, actively moving in the directions of your innermost heartfelt desires, and seeing them appear?before your eyes, reaching for the sun into full bloom ~



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  1. Talker Says:

    Ah yes, the fear of being different from others. Once the din and chatter within is subdued, come forth the gentle whisper of Truth. I am unique, therefore, I am different, and beautifully so.

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