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The Apostle Matthew Inspired by an Angel by Rembrandt


All Scripture is God-breathed and is useful for teaching, rebuking, correcting and training in righteousness, so that the servant of God may be thoroughly equipped for every good work.

~ 2 Timothy 3:16-17

Above all, you must understand that no prophecy of Scripture came about by the prophet?s own interpretation of things.
For prophecy never had its origin in the human will, but prophets, though human, spoke from God as they were carried along by the Holy Spirit.

~ 2 Peter 1:20-21

Living in a world where consciousness has become the ‘new world religion’ of Spirituality, and being an active participant of it, I have been experiencing a growing desire, to express what has been pressing upon my Heart to share. I’ve been noticing?something popping up and?quietly eyeing it for awhile, waiting to see if it would continue to rise…

I participate in a wonderful global Spiritual forum,? and it is a diverse community of people coming in from all walks of life, a safe haven for the most part, where we can all share from our own personal experiences about how the unfolding nature of our lives lived has changed and formed us into the people we are today.

I see that most of us have come from some form of indoctrinated religious background for the most part, and want to be as far removed from fundamental religion as possible. This is understandable. For our original birthright given, was our right to be free. Free to make our own choices, free to think and act for ourselves. The key here is given. To have something given denotes there being a Giver, and a receiver.

In our desire to be free, I see that sometimes we lose sight of this very freedom, when we begin to act and speak in exactly
the same attitude, the very same intonation we have been walking away from to get free of. In order to validate our point of view, we must invalidate others way in order to say that our way is the right one. In an odd sort of way, we become the very thing we say we are not. We become the new religious leaders, teaching and preaching doctrines and dogma. We lose sight of the meaning of the InSpired message.

We begin to?die by the letter of the Law, and not Live by The Spirit. Being In-Spirit is what InSpired means. So many seem to be living from the idea of having to pull something out of themself, in order to be spiritual. Spirit comes into and flows through a person. This is the meaning of being Inspired. It comes in?unexpectedly?and flows through us and not by mustering it up in ourself. Spirit Inspired is not human derived.

We speak of the insanity of repeating the same thing over and over again, yet, we seem to leave The Spirit out of our daily equation. Hearing that it’s all up to us to ‘pull something out of ourself’ to save the planet, while Spirit is right here, at the ready to InSpire us, by our including IT in our lives. Isn’t the reason we are currently in our modern day conditions from attempting to pull something out of us already? We are for the most part forgetting the Giver. I sense this is a reason our world is currently experiencing such troubled times. We are indeed consumers. How often are we eating a meal without a second thought to say thank you. When was the last time,?we consciously gave thanks for what?we have or are receiving? Without a long list of I want’s,?or until I have?all what I wants, I ain’t gonna be thankful mentality, in order to? be able to say Thank You, my needs are?met.??We just don’t seem to give it a second thought…

The reason I chose these particular texts from the Bible in this blog, is because a point is being made in the very saying, that the writer’s wrote as being InSpired, GOD Breathed, The Holy Spirit moving through them as vessels of communication to write to us, mankind. That, and the fact that the Bible has?become the most controversial Book of our times. I’ve always been a curious one, wanting to see what all the commotion is about…which is what led me into my Church experience in the first place, and then out again, to explore what else was going on in the world of Spirituality.

I was once upon a time ago, a serious student of the Bible. I spent most of my time alone with it, and invited The Holy Spirit to be my teacher and guide. And I?made use of?fluid intelligence to discern from what?I received in my inner chamber sessions,?with what I was hearing from the teachings of the Church. ?I left the Church behind. Nothing happens by accident.? I am being nudged to go back in and take another look at what is written in this book, after a very long sabbatical. There is a Spirit of Power contained within its words,? as a?Light to guide our lives by seeing past our limited interpretation of it, and it is able to change a life from one of bondage into freedom. By inviting the Spirit of Truth in, also known as The Holy Spirit, into our studying of it. Open to receiving Its Divine Wisdom, Discernment and Guidance.?The Spirit gives Wisdom, discernment and guidance to be able to?uncover and understand the deeper meanings that?are waiting to be revealed underneath the written words upon the pages. GOD expressing ITSelf?through the Bible’s various writer’s, who wrote as they were InSpired by GOD through their pen’s. Filled with Spirit flowing through their hands upon the page.?? As we can be, Being InSpired, Moving as GOD’s Breath through us..

I can hear people piping up with yes, but it has been corrupted by so many translations. I agree. Man has indeed corrupted the original meaning. This is why I InCourage inviting Spiritual Assistance whether one is reading the texts in the Bible, The Tao, The Upanishads, or any other Spiritual texts. So we can see past the limitations of our own thinking and open to a Greater Mind’s Perspective. There are those who have been so put off by fundamental theology that they refuse to have anything to do with the Bible, filing it?under the label of religion, as being the only religious book. Which becomes another form of limited ‘belief’. It’s a restrictive belief formed by listening to?ingrained conditioning?by other’s manmade opinions of a Spirit Breathed Nature of?communication. And until we are willing to look into something that challenges us and know why, we will live from a smaller perspective, basically mistranslating it because we have not taken time to look into it, or get to know what it is saying and why. Is something making us uncomfortable when we read it? What is it?

The Bible in and of itself, as well as Yahshua, have nothing?at all do with fundamental religion when seen in their True context. What I find interesting is that while so many people constantly slam the Bible, they never seem to stop and consider, that out of? all? Spiritual texts ever written, ‘why?has this one?book, out of all these other one’s, been the most?tampered with?’ What?is in this book’s message that was, or is?so important to keep hidden from reaching the people in this world?

We won’t know until we are willing to accept the challenge of finding out for ourself, by inviting The Spirit who breathed ITSELF?through it, to relate ITs intended meaning of it, with us. It takes leaving manmade ideas outside the door. Enter in, empty minded and come and see for your self.

Religion means to bind together, bring into one.?Can this?not be said of defining all Spiritual groups??Communities are formed by their teachings agreeing with people. Who then?bind themselves?together, sharing a sense of the same values, and moral codes. Distinguishing themself from others. In other words, this is no different than what is aleady going on, just a differently formed ‘religious’ group. What happens is that the larger the group, the more people ‘conform’ or are ‘converted’. Let’s face it, the hardest thing for most of us to do, is to be ourself no matter what others are doing, or thinking. And anyone who thinks for themself, usually does not have a large group of people around them. They are too busy Being what is Breathing them. It takes awhile for the collective consciousness to accept a thought that differs from the whole. They reject it first. It’s the way of balance. From one extreme to another and then back to Center.

InSpired means to be In Spirit-GOD Breathed. And when something is InSpired, while it may go through tons of translations,? it is in asking The Spirit who Breathed?it,?for guidance and discernment, the Wisdom to know what is True and what is not.? This allows us InSight to recognize when something in?a translation is not fully opening up to?the original InSpired message. Does this mean that the message is lost? Only in?an un-inspired translation.? The meaning is here, even when the words are not conveying the original meaning of the message. We must prepare ourself to hear a message in the same way it was delivered.? In Spirit, not from or of our flesh,?InSpiration comes in through?our?flesh. And when we are not In Spirit, and reading something spiritual, we?are reading it in the possibility of opening to a spirit of error. Something to consider.

It does help to ask for InSight in order to be able to receive the gift of the InSpired message. I find when something is Inspired, it has a way of speaking to us in one of two ways. In one way, it burns in our conscience, sometimes it feels like a searing fire, when we are deeply hiding from something. Like a knife cutting through the cords that hold us a prisoner until we are cut free. But most of the time, it is like a soft ember, that glows in the dark. It reveals something that must be?seen, and let go of,?in order for Light to move through us, to purify us. This is what Light does, It purifies us, so we can be free from hiding. The other way, is that it reinforces the evidence that Light is in us. How? We are known by our fruits.?Spiritual Fruit is the evidence of Being?filled with The Life of The Holy Spirit moving through our ?inward parts, and moving all the way through to our outer conduct. Our attitudes are changed and it’s noticeable to our self inwardly and others, outwardly.

InSpired messages stir us up to stand tall and rise into our full?stature. Being rightminded towards those we meet in our everyday living. And our behavior and attitudes reveals which Spirit we are listening to. The Spirit of Truth which?Lights our way, or the spirit of error which is like the blind leading the blind, we stumble when we are off in our way.

InSpiration changes?us from the inside out.

We are?facing?times of great change, and it is very important that we hold to listening to The Spirit of Truth, and not the spirit of error. The Bible?happens to give?some practical ways to be able to discern what these fruits are. If?we are open minded to include it in our Spirituality. Leaving no stone unturned…And so, in closing, I am?including the text from Galatians 5, on the Fruits of the Spirit.

‘But the fruit of the Spirit is love, joy, peace, forbearance, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness and self-control.
Against such things there is no law.’

~ Galatians 5:22-23

The fruits of Living InSpirit. InSpired Living. And the wonderful thing about this as a guideline, is that it is something for all of us to be able to see if we are walking In the Light of Love’s Spirit. It’s level ground to walk?upon together, no matter what faith?we say?we are?of, in this world.

It’s a Universal guideline of whether or not we are being GOD Breathed Beings, by allowing the Light of GOD’s Spirit?to come into us, to flow through us, especially?in these changing times in our world.

Many Blessings, Be Well,

?In the Spirit of Truth,

I InCourage you to?receive The Gift of The?Holy Spirit to fill you,?allowing the Light of ITs understanding in,?so that you can…

InJoy this day,

bearing the fruits of this Love’s?Radiant Light, Breathing ITSelf into this world, through you ~

God Breathed, Expressing InLove through,



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