Life Is Beautiful


South Entry Garden?


Sunday morning and as the world is sleeping in on this designated day of rest I walk my garden. It is a beautiful and perfect morning. The wind is blowing softly while the doves are cooing and birds are singing. I watch the squirrels play with one another running in spirals around the large Silver Maple in my backyard. Walking through and viewing all the life growing in my gardens. Plants have such an amazing energy. They greet me and I sense a warmth and a happy to see me radiance.

The sun is stretching its arms upward and reaching forward to begin this new day. Its first soft lit beams glowing through the red leaves of the Japanese Maple and the sprays of flowers on the purple Smoke tree.

I stand still and take it all in. Breathing in the deeply felt peacefulness and calm. I am blessed to be able to witness this moment. All is Well they remind me.

What a wonderful way to set the foundation and pace in beginning a new day.

Yes, Life is Beautiful.




Grandchildren; Love Letters from God


My grandchildren are a wonderful source of joy in my life. I am blessed by three. Since this is my second opportunity to experience being surrounded by children ranging from ten to two years of age, I am even more attuned to noticing their little daily discoveries. They live in the moment. I ‘ve noticed that children especially the younger children before the age of five have no sense of judging another. They just observe and participate with whatever is going on in the moment. They are soon off on another adventure that captures their attention.

I enjoy the uniqueness of their personalities.


Kiara Flower Age 10

The eldest, is a nature girl, and a deeply perceptive young girl. She is an ‘old’ soul. She enjoys spending hours outside building little houses for the rabbits and birds. When she was younger, she would play along side me while I worked in the garden, digging up earth worms, having conversations with them and telling them stories but always remembering to send them home later to have supper and be with their parents. I see her Inner Light and Beauty reflecting back at me as I look deep into her beautiful and luminous eyes.



The middle child is also the first born son and the man of the house as he says. He is expressive, affectionate and radiates joy in his being. I enjoy his wonderful sense of humor and wildly imaginative stories that he shares with me. He is also a come along side friend. He will sit with you and wait for you. Compassion is his very nature. He is very masculine and loves his cars, bike and building his car runs and playing sports. He looks into my eyes with straight forward love and devotion.



The youngest is the most gregarious of the three. She is solid energy moving in total abandonment and sheer force. Her answer to everything is No! While shaking her head in all different directions, even when she means yes. Hi is her favorite expression after Amma, the name my grandchildren associate with me. She is very animated and funny without effort. A just do it kind of girl. She will look you straight in the eye when she knows she is doing something that she will be asked to stop, in an I dare you to stop me way. She is always up for the challenge. Her eyes are playfully focused as though she is playing a peek a boo game with me, inviting me to look for her hiding behind the lens.

The gifts my precious wonders bring to me are many. The art they create and surprise me with just because they desired to gift me, offering to share their toys and bites of treats just because I am there. The gift of their being in my life is especially felt in the moments when for no other reason than to be with me, they come to me, lean their head against me while wrapping their arms around me in loving bear hug fashion and freely share their heart inspired expressions of, I love you Amma.

I love and appreciate these moments. Deeply felt and known, we share an intimate moment of Love’s pure presence.

Words are lost in these moments. It’s just deeply understood within our shared heart space.

I am thankful for the beauty of each unique one and that I am here to enjoy being with them.

Life is Beautiful.