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“Pure being is pure power. Being is our most vital principle, our essential, animating life force. As it’s said, ‘What you are speaks so loudly, I cannot hear what you say.’ ~ excerpt from ‘The Mentor’s Spirit’ by Marsha Sinetar

“All creation is a manifestation of the delight of God — God seeing Itself in form, experiencing Itself in Its own actions, and knowing Itself in us as us.”
~ Ernest Holmes (paraphrase mine)

“It takes great courage to see the world tainted in its glory and still love it.” ~ Oscar Wilde


In my open to the Universe expressions streaming through this blog, I have openly been sharing the progress of my process as a pilgrim making my way back home.

Through the plains, mountaintops, waters, winds and woods and sometimes sinking sand I continue to make my way onward and inward through it all.

I have a developed quirky sense of humour about life throughout the many different experiences of living it. Especially once an experience has passed through and is seen in hindsight.

Love letters from God is one way for me to express my definition of people and circumstances that can seem not so very funny nor so enjoyable in the moment while being in the experiencing of said subjects. Resembling more hate mail than love letters.

When describing difficult people or circumstances, all of us would have certain images come to mind in recalling such a ones.

We speak of life’s lessons and finding the gold in it and taking it with us and that is exactly what these lessons are for. To enrich us and our lives.

I have shared that my upbringing was a source of pain and torment for me for many years of my life and how I was making my way through the transformation of these memories by finding the God or gold in them.

I understand so much more now that this is a never~ending process. Another layer or opportunity to be more deeply enriched as a living expression breathing eternal God Being.

And all these people and circumstances are a form of this very same Source of Life expression.

My mother recently passed on her way, her work here now done, and the culmination of almost fifty years of going on this journey with her was laid to rest in peaceful acceptance along with joyful discovery.

For myself, I realize that the tumultous years were the backdrop to the light of her presence in my life. There were many gold nuggets, gems she passed onto me for our future generations from her and my ancestral roots.

I find gratitude is seeping into deeper spaces that were unknowingly dry and some were lost in unknown awareness. It wakes you up this gratitude and cleans out one’s eyes to see the view from a much different perspective.

Through the seeing eyes of Love and acceptance.

I find this gratitude towards my mother has also enlarged my ability to be compassionate towards others who are still struggling to find a way in making sense of their lives. Through experiencing this peace of accepting my whole life as it is.

The feeling I experienced when I received word that she had passed was a deep sense of peace. It came from deep within me and filled the air surrounding me. I was permeated in it.

I have stuggled for many years with my birth family and made my way through the struggle to understand what Love is while not always having an answer or knowing how to resolve it and yet it has taken care of itself in a way I could not see by being in the midst of it. It has worked out in my relationship with my mother.

Through her passing she handed me a deeper understanding of seeing others
like my brother through the eyes of compassion, who is world’s away from me in our ways of thinking and reminding me that while very different, we both come from the same root.
Whether he or any other recognizes this or not is not what the heart of the matter is for me any longer.

It is how I see it and live my life from this place of now understanding this and not from a ‘what about you’ standpoint.

Our birth family is our introductory Love letters from God. We learn so much about ourselves and why we are the way we are and what we believe when we can look through the scrapbooks of our memories and no longer have the emotional pulls or attachments that keep us there in the past.

Being disentangled, I can bring all of myself forward and live life from the healing that has sprung from this event.

What shifted deeper in me was the understanding that no matter what has happened, it is over and done.

I feel her to be at peace and without any more suffering. My desire for my mother is equal to the desire I have for myself and all others.

The hurts incured from childhood have been laid to rest with my mother’s going on her way.

I say to anyone who may read this that what our experience of endings known as deaths show us,
is that whoever comes to mind for you cannot hurt you any longer. The experience has past.

You do not have to wait until someone has physically passed to heal. You can do this now.

This is about choosing to let your past memories go in this moment and live the life you are given in this moment.

Live free by choice. Healing is a decision to change really. We are the only one who can change our Self. I cannot do this for you or any other.

And knowing this now, sets me free to live my own life by example of what living free really is.

And you will find the good really. It is here waiting for you to reclaim it and live from this knowing.

My mother’s abrupt ways of doing things came from the years of hardship she endured and finding herself back at the?beginning point, having?to begin again.

She was a pioneer of her times.? As I am and as my children are also.

She kept going and this was her way of making me strong. The only way she knew how.

So she handed me her set of primitive tools and I have honed them all the while passing on my own set of ‘primitive’ tools in my own children’s way of seeing them for them to hone for use in their own pioneering journey.

Pioneers create their own map and tools. Through the using of their tools they learn to become skillfull in the use of them. This takes time. Time’s purpose being for learning how to use these tools and to grow in one’s experience by using them.

I see the mystical in my everyday experiences and I wonder at it really.

My mother forever a pioneer has gone on to blaze new trails as I blaze mine and my children and grandchildren are doing the same.

I see this for all of us.

When we hold onto our past we lose sight of the mystical and mysterious and they can become scary and fearful, robbing us of our life.

I wrote a love letter to my mother after hearing of her passing and I felt her presence as if we were having one of our intimate conversations in the last five years we spent together.

I once viewed these challenging relationships and circumstances in my life as hate mail from God and surely through the turning of the years, the rough edges have softened allowing the held back tears to be released, cleansing and softening the hard shell covering the tender heart exposing it once again.

My heart now, while tender and soft, is so much more stronger.

My mother’s heart beat is added to mine and her future generations.

Her Love Letter for me was that she knew I would be fine as she said this to me many times in the last five years of her stay here. Her legacy for me.

She in her essence sharing her view of my future and hers.

One of hope, peace and rooted in Love.

All these letters transforming into Love and flowing inward and onward, my mother’s?memory returning within me in her own special place that no one else can fill.

I encourage you to?invite Divine?Spirit in you for?the words to write your own Love letters by saying thank you for being able to find the God, the gold in your life experience that has made you the person you are today.

I Incourage you to choose for your Self?to be healed today. To see your life in review up to now by transforming what you may see as hate mail into Love letters.

It will change your life and bring you into experiencing a deeper sense of peace, hope and Joy.

Be tender with yourself in the process, allow the tears to fall upon your sorrows of unhealed memories and in the softening of your heart’s built up protective armor, let the Joy that is here deep within you find its way to its release through you so you can live from this moment on, in this Joy of knowing trust, that you are and always will be fine.

Many Blessings In Love,?Be Well,

Choose this day to InJoy Being a Love Letter expressing from God,




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2 Responses to “Love Letters from God”

  1. Talker Says:

    Let not the pen, word from the head thoughts, lest they be not truth, but from ones heart thoughts.

  2. Laura Says:

    Dear Julia,

    How interesting life is.

    Yesterday I left work earlier to be able to call home, as my best friend (in US) told me that my sister’s husband just died. My family was either too busy, or thought there is no point to bother me with this.
    He, my brother-in-Law was one who of those who showed in my life path and serve me life lessons. In retrospect, after many conflicting ponderings arising with the age of awareness, I see him, as he happened to serve my greater good, and I accept and love his memory with all good and bad as part of a harmonical One (way).

    I also love my beloved Spirit for providing me loving friends with whom I could disseminate his memories yesterday as conflicting thoughts come up at my impotence to be there with family. What am I saying?!? I think I stifled my beloved friend to death with my ruminating. At some point I become aware of it and I apologized I am sorry to put this burden on you, at which he replied please never say this.

    Having said this, now I see more to your letter of yesterday.

    Julia dearest for whatever is worth I am here any time you feel like.

    Condolences, and blessing to your Mom’s soul.



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