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‘For it is a false assertion that the sense of man is the measure of things because the individual man refracts and discolors the light of nature.’

~ Francis Bacon

“Our lives shouldn’t be based on what can’t be doubted, but on what we have the best reasons to believe. All other ways lead to insanity.”

~ J. Budziszewski

I wrote about what follows in the forums where I once participated in, regarding discussions that relate to spiritual topics and if a person was willing to consider whether we tend to use our objective or subjective reasoning abilities when discussing matters of a spiritual nature.  Are we able to realize objective (unbiased-unemotional) reality and so be able to come to the truth in spiritual matters? Or are we  living under hypnosis by being pawns to our subjective (emotionally biased) reality, that continues to keep us from ever being able to come to the truth of the matter? Is there a way to find The Right Way for our souls eternal resting place to find true peace?

What Reality is Your Reasoning Based Upon?

Have you ever evaluated your reasoning style? Or rather, what reality your reasoning is based upon? Is it an objective or subjective reality that you currently live and breathe and have your being from? Come with me for a moment, and take a look with me, as I share about how I have come to clearly see the way-reality that mine has most prominently been coming from for many years, and now, I am uncovering how both ways affect me in making decisions in my life that have alot to do with the quality of my life.

We are all born into a world that assaults us with so much information grabbing for our attention, so much so, that stress is experienced in our lives from day one, adding to it any trauma experienced with regularity due to our environment, which draws our attention away from objective reality and towards subjective reality. Trauma, stress, experienced on a daily basis in our most impressionable years no matter how or whom it comes from, has caused us to become hypnotized by distracting our attention away  from our inward man that lives from being in friendship with God’s indwelling Spirit, to our souls becoming more focused on the daily distractions of the external world around us, as being reality, and believing that our external world is real, we in turn run away from our source of life, and substitute our self as the source of our life. We lose touch with reality and we don’t even realize this is happening to us, until we are so deep in our trance, that we believe the lie to be the Truth.

It takes a solid and grounded understanding, not a knowing,  on what objective and  subjective reality is, to uncover the source of our basis of reasoning, especially in these days when so many are buying into the idea that ‘truth is subjective or relative’ as we diversely subjugate truth with the cliche of  ‘my truth and your truth’ which has led many people to accepting the idea that truth is an illusion, when it is the lie we are living that is the illusion.  A sign of our times…and one that does not lead us in the direction of peace and friendship with our Creator, it leads instead to seven billion hypnotized souls that are subject to being controlled by their external environment.

Is there level ground to be found? Is it possible to find peace and live in it, unmoved by what is happening in the external world?

An objective reality is untouched by any of our previous personal experiences because it is not emotionally based, this means that it carries no resentments from past experiences. It is outside the knowledge of our subjective personal experience which is based upon knowing and not understanding, and that while we may not ‘see’ it yet, this doesn’t mean it does not exist.

 An objective reality does exists whether we currently understand this or not, as it is independent of whether we believe it is true or not, it does not exist anywhere in our imagination, for this is what illusion is, based on imagination-not reality, objective reality is not dependent upon our subjective view point at all.

It comes from a discovery that makes us aware of it, it doesn’t come from being learned or practiced in ‘finding’ it.

It is our subjective reality that prevents us from realizing the True Reality, which we can begin to see only when we become de-hypnotized from the trance we have been subjected to since birth.

A subjective reality is colored over by thinking the character roles we play off of with the other people in our lives is the true self, when it is really the persona whose basis is in an external false reality, also known as the illusion. Our subjective reality has covered over the True reality. How can this be? By the use of our imagination as being the basis of reality. Our imagination is fantasy based and this is the illusion. It comes from basing reality on what is happening according to external events as, people and circumstances all around us as the grounds of reality, keeping us forever entangled in a web of illusion.

Objective reality is not based upon fantasy thoughts and therefore is not based upon our imagination which only continues feeds the illusion, the more we react to it.

It may sound odd to say, that to free our self of our imagination, will actually allow us to become more creative…

This is because we begin to detach from our false sense of self, while re-connecting with our true self made in the likeness of God, our Creator.

Inspired Creativity comes from Peace stilling our soul from within;  we stand still, when we remain unmovable by what is happening in the external world, staying longer in the inner Presence of our True Source of Life.

Subjective reason is a view point that cannot be verified by using concrete facts and figures to support our basis of reality, because it is based upon knowing through one’s feeling infused thoughts, or rather, our imagination. Hence our imaginary world is created and reinforced when seeking to escape from the stresses and trauma’s of everyday living that remind us of some previous happenstance, we develop coping mechanisms. This causes us to struggle to live from the attempt to control our world by using our own previous personal experiences, senses and devised preferences as a reference to protect us, from the idea that ‘we won’t be fooled again’, and this stressful way of inner tumultuous living will cease to exist once we become objectively aware in realizing where our true self is, which increases our understanding in seeing the way we have falsely been living our life up to now.

What Is the Purpose for Using Our Objective and Subjective Reasoning?

These two ways of reality based reasoning affects the way we make the decisions in our life and will determine the quality of our life lived. It is the awareness that comes through objective reasoning that reveals the how’s and why’s of our decision making process, and how they affect us quite differently. To make a solidly wise choice, knowing what is the right thing to do, it is essential to use the appropriate realization of reality, which relates with our spiritual well-being. And this can only happen when we understand which reality we are really basing our life perspective upon.

Understanding comes from viewing reality objectively, which allows us to live from true freedom in making more wise choices, because we are not having our chains yanked by the emotionally influenced thoughts of others, gradually being able to be present while not being drawn into the external world as being true reality. We begin to relearn how to respond and not react to what is happening in the external world by disengaging from the emotions of others around us that are programmed into us from birth.  We return to our true innocence, becoming as we were in our childlike state.

We become the true observer, once we are aware through discovering the realization of reality from what is not reality. And this in turn helps us to discern which reality the person or people, or circumstance is coming from outside of us, that we may be dealing with in the moment, revealing which reality is in the control seat of our self, and other people.

Are we being internally controlled by our true self, subject only to God, which is what true self-government is, or are we being controlled by our external false self aka our ego, who is controlled by the roles we play in those outside of our self’s lives; needing to be needed by others in order to ‘feel’ validated and important, needing to know that we matter (instead of understanding that we do matter because we exist and have value and purpose which is understood from having relationship with God). As a protective reflex, we tend to make our self god in our imaginary world, in that we are continuously seeking, scheming, planning and devising ways to be glorified in our own self image in others eyes, in order to feel a sense of our self value and worth through external means. Truly a vicious cycle. For our worth becomes dependent upon others outside of us, when we live from this kind of subjective reality. It is learned behavior.


Have you ever found yourself in the scenario pictured above here? Where you were at some public function or gathering and wanting to be accepted by the crowd, you say and do things you know are not true about you, just so others will approve or accept you? The young man on the right is being his true innocent self as much as the young girl is.  Will their differences create a rift in their relationship? While this is a simple example, the concept is not.

Innocence is not the wishy washy, la la la state so often depicted. Children, are quite straightforward and honest. The difference of innocence as seen in young children is what is often lost to us as we mature into adults.

Children speak up straightforwardly and honestly without resentment.

There is no harm intended when they say that man has no clothes on, or ask questions out of honest curiosity and we  feel embarrassment.  We on the other hand tend to speak our ‘truths’ laced with past resentments due to our well implanted subjective reality, which, based upon past experiences has yet to be forgiven, and we hide this well, from ourselves more than others. Feigning to love our enemies when we do anything but. Our inner most thoughts may be hidden from outside eyes, but we cannot fool the Spirit of God within that we hide from. Our egos just think we can, and the fig leaf grows larger with each passing year as our hiding goes deeper and deeper from prying eyes…

Dulling our ability to listen to our conscience, by over-riding it with our subconsciously implanted thought-feelings.

Ego’s mandate of  the External World as reality, imposes our inner world through; Body into Soul into Spirit.

Repenting ~ turning around, and now living from the True Self, whose Foundation is Spirit;

Opens our awareness to Living from; Spirit into Soul into Body.

This is why it is important to define the difference and purpose between the two kinds of reality based reasoning. Which reality is honestly your most current way of living your life from? Are you seeking to understand how your current reality is what is determining the outcome of your daily decisions that are affecting your quality of life? Is it possible that we might be wrong in our understanding of what reality really is by the way we go about finding it? Can we be objective with our self and others, in order to understand why another lives they way they do, or we do for that matter, and be able to lose our long held resentments that are keeping us from living in immovable, unshakable peace by reinforcing our world through knee jerk reactions?  The disagreements we have with others, are our opportunities to realize through our awareness becoming more conscious, the current position we are holding to as reality.

And we can only be observers from an objective reality, not a subjective one. There is no true reality in the subjective world.

Subjective reasoning, is grounded upon our own past experiences, and our own emotions are infusing our thoughts which dictates and controls how we relate with others.

And bitter roots produce bitter fruits.

‘Objective reason deals with universal truths that dictate that an action is either right or wrong…Under subjective reason, concepts lose their meaning. All concepts must be strictly functional to be reasonable.’

~ Max Horkheimer


It’s the same equation whether we are male or female, child or adult, an American, Canadian, Japanese, English, African. Like Objective reality.

Is your reality Objective or Subjective When  It comes to Knowing God?

Much damage has been done by churchianity to Christianity. They are often confused due to the external influences that traumatized us in our most earliest years. And having pursued new age paganism for over 16 years, it is my honest opinion and discovery that both are not so much different in purpose, and are only another form of the same thing being done to people all over again.

And what is that Julia?

Both turn people away from seeking a relationship with their Creator.


Regarding the eternal security of our souls…it’s not so much about a knowing but a  discovering that is hard to describe let alone express.

Truth like true peace, is immovable.  It doesn’t change nor alter with time, because it continues to exist outside of our personal subjective opinion, whether we believe this or not, won’t change the fact of this being a true statement. Our subjective reality ceases to exist when we do.

 Where have your ideas come from? Most likely from past outward influences being forced and let into your inward parts…

Is it possible that God is outside the range of our personally subjective awareness, as to whether God being our life source is Objectively true or not?

Existing outside the range of seven billion personally subjective levels of awareness…well, anything is possible isn’t it?

Are we objective (unbiased and emotionally detached) or subjective (biased and emotionally attached) in how we treat other people?

As equals or only people I like are treated as equals and the rest well…

Becoming slaves drawn into our external world through hypnotic influence from birth, conditioned to turn away from our voluntary attention being placed on what we choose, and led away by capturing our attention onto anything or anyone, outside of our self, while our inward man’s capacity to connect to God’s indwelling Spirit, remains ignored within us. Our soul remaining un-regenerate within us, for, as long as we continue to hold onto the wrong view of reality, we will continue to walk away from discovering reality.

God hasn’t gone away, and is able to  be discovered, if you are willing to keep on asking, seeking and knocking to know God.

We have continued to move away from God, being led astray while under the hypnotic trance of an evil one, who introduced trauma and stress into this once perfectly created world, through entering into the first created human souls, implanting them with doubt towards their Creator, and causing them to turn away from their Source of life by doubting Him and trusting in an external authority more… they became externally influenced…flesh ruling over their spirit…

Do you have any doubts? This is caused by placing our focus of reality more on external sources. When you turn your attention around-also known as ‘repentance’, you will begin to see the Light of Truth dawning in your hearts, and if you continue towards the Light of Truth, you will be led home, into the Presence of God, through discovery.

‘You will know (understand) the Truth, and the Truth will set you free.’

~ Jesus, in John 8:32

Can We Be Objective About God, Our Self and Others?

True Love is not possible without forgiveness. And forgiveness is not possible while we still harbor hidden resentments.

True Forgiveness can truly set us free when we discover through understanding, that we must let go of the resentments (suppressed emotions held) towards our manipulators or tormentors of our past, even if we have put the incident itself behind us. We are free of our external controllers when our emotional entanglements to them, are released. When we are able to be unmoved by reacting to such outward behavior in others any longer, we make this discovery, that we are no longer bound in chains to this moment in our past. Our self control has moved back into place, into our inner man’s environment, no longer controlled by our outward environment.

Shifting our reality through discovery.

All our resentments can be traced from being subjected to an external event in our past.  Children learn what they live. This is where all our present resentments have been seeded and taken root from. We weren’t born being resentful. It is learned behavior that is repeated over and over again through experiencing the daily inflicted stress and trauma that comes from living in a world that was already in this state when we were born.

And this is where we can understand that trauma and stress had an origin. For the world was said to be created as being good which means properly functioning, in proper order.

Forgiveness begins to be possible by acknowledging the discovery of our own need for it, and then accepting it for our self first.  This means we have to know ourself in an unbiased-objective (non-emotional) way, in proper order to be able to forgive our self and have it to ‘extend’ to others by releasing-uprooting all of our own implanted resentments. Our egos are very capable of harboring hidden unforgiveness towards ourself and others because it is controlled by the outer world as being its reality, but ultimately its roots can be traced back to being unforgiving towards God and this comes from being implanted with doubting God’s goodness, by an evil one, who wanted to be God himself.

Objectivity is the basis for knowing our true self  inside. Knowing our true self doesn’t come from interacting with the external influences of our own personally developed biases based upon those outside of us controlling our outer environment, who have and will continue to influence us, if we do not awaken out of our hypnotic trance and are willing to see it for what it is.

Step away from the outer world and begin to bring your awareness into the inner man through true meditation, not false meditation as in using repetitive mantras to attain of state of a false sense of peace, from dulling the mind from thinking. Keep on asking, seeking and knocking to understand how to develop your friendship with God.

Being unbiased about our self comes from understanding the way our Creator sees us, it is God who opens our awareness to see objectively. Our Creator is the Light that reveals what is hidden within us, stating the Truth without emotions or feeling-thoughts of resentments held against us.

We tend to favor our subjective reasoning when it comes to observing our self and others. Why is this?

We are afraid of realizing the Truth about our selves and are prone to look for support outside of our self through others opinions of us, we seek justification so we don’t have to make any changes… yet it is understanding the Truth about our self that truly sets us free and allows us to be our true self, the self that exists without anyone else’s opinion to support us, except God’s, our Source of life.

Because our soul is the mediator that stands between our ego and our inner man who is in dwelt by the Spirit of God. So, it depends upon whom our soul is willing to listen to and spend the most time with. When we listen to and become more intimately familiar with God, we don’t doubt God is living in us. Something that knowledge (gnosis) can never give us is assurance, for knowledge without understanding leaves us with doubts.

When we are able to come into the understanding of the Mystery of Christ, that God is living in us and we live in and from having an actively alive relationship (gnonai) with God, we have assurance without doubt this way because we go directly to the Source of our life, and we have no need for guru’s or anyone outside of our inner man who lives by being indwelt by the Spirit of God, to ‘guide’ us.

Living from the inside out.

In reality, when we seek to be validated through others, we are giving them permission to control us! Stop giving in to your ego’s needs by continuing to look to the external world for your identity, and turn towards your inner man to be filled with the life of God’s indwelling Spirit, Who is able to guide you from within. This is far better way to live than from giving your self to the whims of outside, external forces!

We give away our responsibility to self govern our self, subject only to God, to another, by allowing them to have the experience for us and telling us what it is like. This is not real spirituality!! And religion is mistaken to mean that if we read the words another has written, that in reading them, we too have had the experience! Not so! True religious experience comes from inner understanding, not from knowing about something from intellect. Ego is all over intellect, it’s mind based, mentally stimulated, and this is where our imaginations come from, our minds. Imagination is ego based delusions.

True Creativity is Spirit inspired reality.

And Christ’s disciples came to understand this, after waiting to receive the Comforter He had promised to send into them. This is what allowed them to experience some horrible outward torture. They  understood that what the Bible was speaking of as being seated in the Heaven-lies with Christ, was dimension-ally happening all at once! In Heaven as it was on earth.

Our personal authority begins and ends within our own skin. And when we are objectively based in our reality, we become aware of this through understanding that grows within us.  It allows us to see through anyone attempting to yank our chains through external means. When we are removed from feeling-thought reality, tantrums and bullying, will not move us, nor shake us away from our inner peace at all.

Be Still and Know that I am God, means our souls become still in the Presence of God. We will recognize that we are not God,  because our soul has the capacity to recognize being in God’s Presence and once realizing this, our soul stands still in the Light of God’s Presence. This is where the peace that passes all understanding comes from, it is literally not of this world (imaginary-subjective reality). It can only be experienced by Objective Reality.

And objective reality reveals God and who we are in relationship-friendship with God.

We see our weakness from being hypnotized, and know that apart from our source of life we can do nothing to be free of it.

Take my yoke upon you and learn from me, for I am gentle and humble in heart, and you will find rest for your souls. Jesus said this to us for a reason.

Surrender is the way to receive the peace that God has for us. Humility is the attitude of experiencing true communion with God. We must become naked and transparent before God, for He dwells in the Light of Truth, we must be willing to admit when we are having trouble with choosing to live from our subjective false self’s view. Trading our true pearl for a false one. And let His Light cleanse us of all falseness in us, and fill us with the Truth. The Truth that brings with it peace for our souls, making our soul still, at rest, because we are forgiven and without any past resentments to bear from our Source of Life towards us.

We hear so often in new age paganism,  of having a Love that is unconditional to draw out from within our self, yet we deny the very Source that is the only One who is able to give it to us to have for all others. Unconditional love isn’t a love based upon emotion, because emotions come from believing a subjective reality is real and being entangled by it.

What many call unconditional love is really conditional love covered over by their imaginary intellect.

This kind of Love can only be understood from awareness of Objective reality which is knowing God, and God’s Love in us, is knowing how to choose  the right response towards another, because there is no external pressures being applied in the choice we are making.

It is  a Love that does what is best for the object(ive) of God’s love and not based upon our past influenced emotionally based resentments, or any other conditional expectations of receiving anything in return, and this simply is not possible without being able to be objective in our awareness of reality whether with our self and towards others.

This is simply impossible without being connected to our Source of Love.

God, Who loved us first.

Be aware of how your feelings tend to get hurt when feeling like you are not being responded to in the way you think you should be, and how it immediately becomes personal, this is due to living from a subjective reality, our inner state is being controlled  by an outside external influence, stealing what we think is our ‘inner peace’. In this way, we are not coming from our true self but our false self.

Our egos are simply incapable of Unconditional love. I will write more about this in another post. Our ego is the creator of  the outer man’s-subjective reality, we must stop feeding it, if we are ever to allow the awareness of what Objective reality is by stilling our soul in the Presence of the One who opens our awareness to reality, which is God.

There is a world of difference in understanding reality from knowing what reality is.

Something to Be Aware of Objectively 

What we also seem to forget about is that Love is not the only truth about God’s nature. It is written that God is also Holy and Just in His nature. And one part of God can’t deny the other or God cannot claim to be a Perfect Complete Being, a Fully Whole Being. This is describing a partial being when we say God is Love, and only love.

It is not possible to know ourself objectively because we are lost by our whole view of our life seen subjectively from within our false self.  It is our ego that hides our soul from our Source of Life. Refusing to come out into the open into the Light of Truth, to be exposed for what it is and what its basis of reality is. To be seen for what it really is;

False evidence appearing real. Illusion through hypnosis…

 It is an ancient idea that we are made in the likeness of God.

The ego in us cannot know God. Why is that? Because our ego’s are what keep reaching for the grand illusion of being glorified as God in our false self. These two realities cannot ever be reconciled. Feeling the stretch and turmoil inside? This is our ego squirming in order to run away from the LIGHT of Truth. It doesn’t want to be exposed.

God’s Holiness and Justice exposes the lie that ego can ever be God. For when ego is brought into the Light of Truth shining upon us in the time appointed by our Creator, our awareness is opened and we see our ego for what it is. And how we have been duped by it. And this leads to our seeing the truth of our false self which leads us to repentance. Our awareness is what turns us around to be able to understand the Truth from the lie by the Spirit of God coming upon us. Until then, we continue to live the lie as being the Truth.

I have been re-learning about what God has to say regarding what happened to us, as I read the Bible again after a 16 year sabbatical, and I see much more clearly why it says that Jesus validated being Love’s Logic by being willing to Incarnate on earth as the Expressed Image of God in a body… It had to be this way as we were lost in hypnotic trance having been bitten by the serpent so long ago.

Jesus spoke with authority as being The Living Word of God in Person, and came to establish the way back to friendship with God in us, in speaking to us of this truth and reality:

That we are made in the image of God, and are endowed with such infinite worth and value, revealed by the mystery of all time, in that God laid aside His glory, and ‘squished’ His Infinite Self into the confines of a human body, in order to restore a right relationship with us, due to the infinite worth and value He holds of us, in giving us freewill to be able to choose the right and good thing to do, when we live from our inner man in dwelled by His Spirit.

What many have not understood about salvation as offered by Jesus Christ, is that it means it is our second chance to live from the inner man by choosing to allow the indwelling Spirit to reconnect with God in friendship, now being able to live from an objective reality, inward influenced and subjective only to God, and not by remaining an enemy of God in making our false self as god, if we believe this, we are still being held hostage under a hypnotic trance of the serpent, and living from an imaginary subjective reality, subject to external authorities, including nature. This is what the serpent did, turn our first parents away from friendship with God, to be controlled by everything else that would keep our eyes away from the very One who really loves us.

The Missing Link


The ability to love and reason with one another comes from healing our relationship with God first, in order to be perfect or complete, fully furnished, whole as a being by receiving a new Adamic nature only found in Christ in exchange for the old  corrupted Adamic one.  Because this can only happen by being aware of Objective Reality, which is recognizing that God Is.

God is Objective Reality.

And God’s Word is known as The Logos (Reason) or Word of God, Who being manifested as Jesus Christ, is The Lover of our souls.  As my friend Brian explained more in depth about  the meaning of Logos;

The LOGOS is “God’s thought of Himself” which is the Son.
No one can know the thoughts of a man except the spirit of the man in him.
No one can know the thoughts of God except the Spirit of God.
Only the Spirit of God can know the LOGOS.
The LOGOS dwells in us to give us the knowledge of God.

Christ must be formed in us.
The LOGOS is formed in us to give us the knowledge of God.
Christ Himself is the fulness of us all.

The Bible is the testimony-Word of the Person. You can witness it for yourself in reading the Bible, beginning with the Book of John account.

And dimension-ally, we invite Jesus to come in and dwell in our inward man.  As in Heaven so it is on Earth. It isn’t about the ‘inner Christ’ already being in us as so often the way it is said. It is about realizing that we must invite Christ in and we can live empowered through Him living in us, this happens only when our eyes are opened and made aware of Him being the objective reality “God’s thought of Himself’ made flesh, that our understanding being made aware allows for our soul who yearns and is willing to be in dwelt by the Spirit of God to be regenerated.

Returned into living in friendship with God living within us, God intended to be this close with us.

‘There is a friend that sticks closer than a brother.’

~ Proverbs 18:24

 God exists beyond our subjective view of reality. And it is our subjective reality that keeps us from awareness of God, when it is externally controlled.

It seems we have been looking for God in all the wrong places.

I am writing from the experiences in my own life journey, having been on this long road of looking everywhere else to find the right way to fill my spiritual hunger for a good many years, and I have finally found Him, the Source of my life.     I am being spiritually fed by a Living God through relationship with Him, and this is what is allowing my reality to shift from a primarily subjective one into an objective one. Living from a reality where I am not moved by outer influences so much anymore.

I have been being set free from resentments I did not realize were even there.

My Awareness has been opened up and I’m am assured that this will only continue.

May this speak to the soul who is still spiritually hungering and really looking for a way to logically and objectively be able to find the right direction for your soul’s resting place. Once your awareness is opened up, to be able to finally find this resting place, your soul will relax and enjoy the ride being filled with a peaceful assurance, for you will know you are in the right way heading in the right direction that is leading you into Heaven,because you will begin to understand through a living and active relationship, the One who has overcome this world of illusion for you.

This Truth will be brought out into the Light of your existence in everyday living as you become more aware of how natural it is to know what is the right way to respond to your outer world, by being  made objectively aware of your true self that resides in your inner man, where the Spirit of the Living God, being Christ Himself dwells, through living awareness of His Presence, when you welcome Him in.

This is the reality Jesus spoke of as Himself  being The Way. His Way leads us into Objective Reality, the true realization of God, just like He exampled how to live in this way and still does in us, when we are willing to follow His way into the Heavenly dimensions, on earth as it is in Heaven.

And there were earthly subjective witnesses who validated what He said in the external world, while not believing it themselves at first, they became objective in their reality, having been moved away from their subjective reality awareness, which said, a man that dies, doesn’t come back, especially after being dead only three days, and certainly cannot raise himself from the dead… It changed their lives when they saw Him after He returned from being dead, because it changed their awareness that there is indeed another reality. And what was not known before these things took place in the outer world, was understood after seeing Jesus alive and actively living, opening their eyes in awareness of dimensional living, once they waited and had received the Spirit of God promised to be sent by Christ Himself into them, now there eyes of understanding were able to see beyond the veil of subjective human understanding into understanding what is in the Mind of God.

By His Spirit being in them.

 The Way to Heaven can be realized.  Through Love’s Logic. You can live objectively being subject only to God, while the external world becomes subject to you. This is true self-government as God intended when first making us in His likeness. Thank God for the gift of both when they work together based upon the realization of the Truth. We will continue to grow deeper in our understanding on how to live in the right way and much more effectively from realizing God as our Creator.

When our inner man is living from the awareness of the  indwelling Spirit of God, we are subject only to our Creator, then  external nature becomes subject to us.

My life when I consider eternity, is just beginning, and wow, my mother was prophetic again, in saying, ‘Lisa, in Japan, people believe and say, that life begins at 50’. Hon to Yo! Kahsan! It really does and I am a witness to this being true, and loving it. Thank you mom, I love you in my memory always.

In the Love of Christ for you all,

Sharing many blessings for your well being in finding your souls eternal resting place.

InJoy this day being open to looking at Love’s Logic objectively by  inviting you to reconsider His Way as The Way into Heaven,

We love him because he first loved us. ~ 1 John 4:19

Love, Grace and Peace in the Spirit of Christ,

Observe what it is you are reaching for to fill your hungering soul.

A glorified image of your self or a friendship with God, the source of your being.

May you choose wisely and well, may you ask to become Aware.

InJoy this day, knowing that reality is this near to you ~

It is time my friends, to Awaken to Reality,

By Understanding God Lives ~


© Copyright – All Rights Reserved.

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