My Day Was…..

Who?s Been Sleeping in My Bed?


And how is your day going?


I am an early riser. I awaken at an ?early? hour and once I am awake I cannot go back to sleep. My usual time of rising is between 2am to 4am. May sound crazy to some but I love it! No one seems to be up and stirring and I feel like I have the whole planet to myself for a little while.


In the last few months, I have noticed that I am not waking at my usual time even while keeping my usual bedtime schedule. My body seems to be saying get more rest. I also noticed that my body temperature has been changing and becoming warmer. Well, my first response was I didn?t like these changes. It was shifting my morning rituals. I finally adjusted and just went along with it.


A few years ago I purchased a new mattress set based on a friend?s high recommendation and I noticed after sleeping on it for a few days that I didn?t like the feel of the mattress. I was working way too much and made the excuse that I had to give it time to ?break? it in.


The other evening while my daughter and I were talking, she mentioned in conversation that my bed has a ?memory? foam mattress. She said that if one tends to have a raised body temperature and or perspires while sleeping then the chemicals in the mattress are released due to the warmer raised temperature and are then absorbed into the skin. The chemicals are known through studies to have made people very sick and or ill. She learned about this while working for a home furnishings store. This captured my attention!


In the last couple of months since my body temperature has changed I have also developed a rash that itches like crazy on my upper back where I tend to feel the warmth while sleeping and I have been feeling more lethargic in energy. I am blessed to have a very strong and healthy constitution and I wondered what was going on. I believe in asking questions before going to sleep and in some way the answer seems to show up, sometimes in a dream or a hint in some kind of way. So this conversation really caught my attention.

I was putting two and two together.


I call it Synchronicity at work. Well, now I am not sleeping in contact with the mattress and I am in the market for a new mattress set that is organically made.


I am sharing this in case anyone else who may be reading this has a memory foam mattress and may be experiencing some health issues. It?s something worth considering in the mix. I hadn?t done my research before buying this expensive mattress set.

Sherlock Holmes would be proud.


Here?s to Sweeter Dreams, InJoy this day.




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A Saturday in Summer


It?s July here in the Midwest. We haven?t been having our usual summer weather so far. No complaints here. This time of year usually finds everyone staying indoors more due to the intense heat of the day. Temperatures climbing into the range of the upper nineties and then edging over the top into the one hundreds. Our humidity can range in the eighty and up percentile. It has been a rainy and cooler summer. Nice.

A large thunder and lightening storm cell blew in the other night. I was weeding in the steady, light rain, the best time I?ve found to do it. Once the torrential downpour began, I sat on my front steps and watched it. We experienced golf ball sized hail. It seemed like there was someone overhead just randomly lobbing them down onto the ground. I listened to the pops and smacks as they hit the cars and street, sidewalk and roofs. I didn?t notice any damage.

I spent Saturday with my children and grandchildren in the yard doing maintenance and clean up. Climbing ladders and trimming overgrown limbs with a chainsaw. A true opportunity to test and expand your daring! Trimming and reshaping shrubs and moving plants around. Weeds love my gardens because I have really good soil. I?ve often said I should sell weeds because they are so easy to grow, very low maintenance and they come back year after year without any invitation!

The children participate in the yard work. Their mom bought the two eldest children a ?just their size? shovel so they could dig in the dirt along with us. Their youngest sister is a muscular and strong little wonder or a tough cookie. She just picks things up, like a medium sized rock and moves them! ?Foof?

?she says, meaning move. We are teaching her to place a ?please? in front of the word with a ?thank you? following.

We shared a delicious fruit smoothie and some white peaches for energy and refreshment and I finished the time outside by walking through and making sure the transplants were well watered in. Children love to be in charge of the hose!

Later, I sat on the deck and enjoyed the view while being accompanied by my grandson who enjoys reassuring me how smart and strong he is! I enjoy how children are so openly okay with knowing who they are. It brings laughter and smiles out in me.

My grandson is the great encourager and complimenter. He also has in his favor, beautiful brown eyes with long eye lashes. My friends who are women would attest to this. I have been amused by observing their demeanor and response to his compliments. Also known as turning into putty in his hands. I?ll have to keep my eye on this one!!

He put his bike helmet on his younger sister?s head by her request, which was a little too big for her causing her head to tilt back a little as she walked. A moment later while in the kitchen with her mother I hear a smack!! Her helmeted head meeting the kitchen cabinet, sending her tumbling to the floor, but no tears. Her brothers quick response, ?Hey Mom!! It works!!?

And how is your day going?


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July ?Garage? Sale


Today was the first day of our two day garage sale. I don?t actually have a garage. It use to be in the basement. My home was the first one built in this area according to the President of the Neighborhood Association. It was sprinkling and the weather was calling for rain. ‘Do we pull the signs Mom?’ my daughters asked. ‘No, let’s go ahead and open.’ I just knew it wasn?t going to rain… So, we just kept moving our things out and set it up. It didn?t rain and I wasn?t surprised, I really sensed sunshine today.


While it was my original intention to Zen my home, I received another blessing by being around all the wonderful and gracious people that stopped by today. I met up with some neighbors I haven?t seen in awhile, and made some wonderful connections again. I felt a sense of reconnecting with community.

I enjoy living in my neighborhood, it?s like living in a woodlands. It is the best kept secret tucked away on the fringes of a larger metropolis. How interesting to hear where people have been from the days we brought up our children to now enjoying being grandparents. We have lost the art of neighbor connection in the modern age. I desire for my grandchildren to know what this is like, like my children and I once knew. Where everyone can benefit by helping one another.


I have a long tree lined driveway, which is nice because the trees provided?perfect shade for people to walk through and ?shop? while the wind showed up, assisting?us with a break from the high humidity. I don?t know how many glasses of water we drank today. It seemed to perspire out as fast as it was taken in. What a great way to detox!


My eldest daughter is a numbers girl. We sat on the front steps while waiting for the next wave of viewers and buyers?when she said to me, ‘You know mom, I?m happy with today, it?s been a good sale day because I noticed seventy five to eighty percent of the people that came through, bought something.’ I tend to not notice things like this!! It was when she said this that I looked at the driveway and noticed that a lot of our things were gone. It made me happy that someone had found something they liked. I was basking in the wonderfully radiant energy of this day. We truly had a great crowd coming through until we closed up at 3pm.


It?s early evening and everything having been put away, we relax. Today has left me with a very peaceful feeling, I am just enjoying the simplicity of it. As I type this and look out of my window, the wind is blowing and playing with a pinwheel tucked into a pot of coral bells on my deck. I?m going to head out, water my plants and enjoy this summer evening.


All is Well.


And how is your day going?


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