Prayer ~ The Art of Experiencing Communion with GOD

Silent Sanctuary

Prayer may not change things for you, but it for sure changes you for things.

~ Samuel M. Shoemaker ~

Deep down in me I knowed it was a lie, and He knowed it. You can’t pray a lie – I found that out.

~ Mark Twain ~

Grow flowers of gratitude in the soil of prayer.

~ Verbena Woods ~

When you pray, rather let your heart be without words than your words without heart.

~ John Bunyan ~

Prayer is the coin paid to Gratitude.

~ Jessi Lane Adams ~

Prayer requires more of the heart than of the tongue.

~ Adam Clarke ~

There come times when I have nothing more to tell God. If I were to continue to pray in words, I would have to repeat what I have already said. At such times it is wonderful to say to God, “May I be in Thy presence, Lord? I have nothing more to say to Thee, but I do love to be in Thy presence.”

~ O. Hallesby ~

‘Pray without ceasing’.

~ 1 Thessalonians 5:17 from the New Testament of the Bible ~

‘We have been given freewill. God does not force Himself upon any of us. He waits for us to ask Him to work in our lives before He intervenes. We must invite and desire His presence to receive the inner food He can provide. Prayer is not union with God, it is communion with God in relationship with God. Prayer is coming into direct contact with God. Prayer is also an acknowledgement, even if subconscious, of a being greater than ourselves.

Prayer is a revolutionary matter, because once you begin, you put your entire life in the balance.’

~ Henri Nouwen

Quite alot of shared thoughts here above me on prayer yes? Hmm… and to share that these are merely the tip of the iceburg on prayer however not just on the subject of prayer, but on effective prayer. Truth

I have been very aware lately of the attitudes revealed in conversations about other’s underlying views of wealth and abundance and how it is connected with prayer. I have observed my own attitude in this area for many years. What comes to mind is an open ended question, one that can only be answered by?our self.

My question is, How do?I begin?my day?

Attitude wise. What groundwork is being laid for beginning?each day upon our rising?

One that is begun on the expectation of our good, from an inheritance of wealth and abundance or a hidden dread of what will this day bring in its wake?

Most of us have heard about meditation for well, since time immemorial, and what does meditation really mean? Is it coming into the Presence of the All in All, and laying prostrate before IT? Is it waiting to hear something miraculous so we can have the spark that keeps us going, that gives us a reason to want to keep on living?

I am speaking here of what’s hiding there inside our bag (baggage)? Our true Heart Intentions, beliefs. What feeds our life view. What’s in our soil or seedbed? Sharp rocks, sandy soil, restricting clay or a rich loamy soil mixed with a healthy blend of all these ingredients broken down into its finest particles, a composted soil full of life giving nutrients, that matches all the necessaries of bringing life to its full potential?

We really cannot fool the All Knowing ONE whom’s Presence lives within us. We cannot fool our I AM selves truly, and?we all know exactly what I am sharing here. This little tiny something within?we know?we are still hiding. That?something we horde and do not want to bring?out into the Light. Not quite ready to let that one little something go, that coveted trinket.?What is this?little something?we secretly?all feel can’t hurt us to keep back,?as it is just a small thing really…

Yes, it is a small thing at first, it’s called a seed of doubt. And if we allow it?to remain unattended, it?will continue to be fed, because we are all nurturers at Heart. Next thing?we know,?we are being overwhelmed with what this seed is producing, that has been allowed to grow unattended?into a thickly rooted tree stump of a vine, wrapping itself tighter and tighter around?us until?we feel constricted, as though?we are being held back, or?bound by?it, and then it begins to appear in the physical reality we see, as in others or some circumstance that is responsible for hindering our progress,?our ability to be free?to?breathe deeply and live without these restrictions.

‘We should be too big to take offense and too noble to give it.’

~ Abraham Lincoln

I have to say that being a part of this diverse Spiritual community all these years on planet Earth, I have noticed a backwards idea of being sensient beings who are aware of a Greater Presence. We?can see evidence of?this in the media, when ones have taken advantage of being easily offended by the inconsiderate ways of others.?To the point of suing ones for saying something that sounds racist or derogatory, or even when revealing?the underhanded ways of another. We put so much power into another to hurt us, and forget to remain strong by standing firm in our True PowerSource to give us the inner strength to forgive, or see beyond the offense, whether intended or not. We give our Power away when we allow this. Some of our inner strength is lost in our diminished integrity. We feed upon our doubts more, when we allow our self to react in this way towards those outside our self by allowing us to be defeated by an outside source. We draw back and?stop moving?forward. We unknowingly are agreeing with our fears in our battling.

This says something about us in the deepest parts, by showing up in?the way in which?we interact?with?our outer world, coming?from?what our?unseen belief’s are producing. We are showing that we?really do not believe who we say we are, because we are still holding onto that tiny little seed of doubt.?We not being aware enough yet, of what we are, to be able to remain unaffected by the inconsiderate thoughts and actions of another. We know just enough about?our self?in an intellectual way,?yet not so much?about living?as?Being,?Consciously?Alive in?Awareness,?drawing?our life from the Source of our inner strength,?Who is willing to meet us in?all our circumstances. This Love Letter was?coded into our very essence to bring to our remembrance, the Unseen yet very Presence of Spirit.?What’s hidden inside of us?comes?into the Light, when we consciously are aware of our own behavior, and seeing how we handle?the people we meet. The ones?whom are still ignorant, or asleep to?an awareness of?this Presence,?when we open ourselves up, to letting ITs Light in. We seem to know just enough to keep us in a state of patterned misery, when we cut off our communication with this Spirit’s Presence. UnSeen is out of mind for most of us…

How do we find ourselves in this position? By nurturing a seed of distorted belief, an empty one devoid of producing life, also called disbelief. Doubt is a seed?that can be exchanged for a another?seed, one that has? life contained within it to grow like fruit. What are we producing in our lives? It’s fear seeded doubts, that keep us from living and growing. We keep putting our Energy into an empty and lifeless seed, and expect to?reap something other than the yield we receive from it, and we wonder why…we experience frustration, anger, a sense of hopelessness or giving up when we keep giving into it, and not getting any fruit from it?in return. The bank is paying out yet there’s no deposits being made into it…because we are feeding a lifeless producing seed…doubts steal our lives from us, when we do nothing to change them.

When life seems to be rocking our world, shouting out loud?for our undivided attention,?it’s a call from Love to say,?let’s get to the Heart of the matter in this moment. Let’s be silent and listen,?so we can uncover the real attitude growing in here. So we can reason together why this might be happening…It’s in such?moments as these, that we?find ourselves asking?for some guidance beyond our current ability to?understand our circumstances. Kind of a backwards way yet, it does seem to work or help in most cases. We feel a lifting of our imagined burdens that seem so real and imprisoning to us, when we enter into this Silent Sanctuary.

Writing in Silent Solitude

Now about this question I asked in the beginning. Are you aware of your Heart attitude upon rising? If not, pay attention and write it down. Writing out our genuine thought flow, is what allows us?to get a deeper look into Knowing what is going on inside of ourself. This sets us free truly. Knowing our Real Self intimately. Not the personally identified self that shows up, to be for others what they want to see in you, or want you to be for them, so you can feel accepted and a part of the community by being another’s image of you.

This Real Knowing sets all things straighter, and puts our Inner House in more Order. Divine Order. For when you know your True Self, then whom can say otherwise about you and affect you? It rolls off like oil?on water. Truth. Truth is a Light that moves steadfastly through all the debris of chaotic darkness.

The beginning of our day, begins with the ending of the day before. Leave?the day before?there. Oh, but this legal thing is ongoing and I have to deal with this and that, my child is having issues in school, my parents are elderly and ill, the bills are due, etc…Write in your journal. ?Leave it in the hands of the ONE who is willing to guide you and assist you. How? By prayer and meditation. And then act upon the?intuitively sensed guidance into what action to take. Then write down the outcome. In time, you will notice something unfolding before your very eyes…that a way came through for you in these circumstances.

Prayer is a word that leaves a disagreeable taste in alot of people’s?mouth due to the heavily influenced definitions of religious leaders and followers. They instruct you on the how to’s,?by telling you what specific?physical position you must be in for it to be effective as in bowing down, laying face down, sitting on a hard surface, etc…and exactly what words you have to say in order for it to be effective. Often people will quote The Lord’s Prayer in rote fashion. Yahshua, gave us this prayer as an example to show us?how to pray positionally in our attitude. It?is about?our inner attitude, that makes prayer and meditation effective. It’s a very personal prayer that our Heart acknowledges?experiencing the Presence of?GOD, ?who is able to handle whatever it is that is causing our soul to be?brought to?its knees. And also, to reveal how intimate our relationship is with our Heavenly Father who positionally?Being Spirit, is far more?able to see beyond the physical reality, with Its?Greater Perspective View, from where we are, still being grounded in this world?not yet able to?see the?Greater panoramic?view.

Prayer is an attitude and position of the Heart, and not the physical body. I have prayed while driving in my car,?washing the dishes, and tending my garden, grocery shopping, washing my hair and on and on. And the interesting thing is my prayers have been answered while in the midst of doing these very?things. So, physical position does not seem to affect the answering of prayer in my honest opinion. Nor does repeating a prayer by rote seem to bring any response to our prayers. This is what is known as praying with lip service while our Hearts are miles away ~ We so want to be responded to yet, we cannot even give our attention fully to the One we are seeking the Presence of experiencing! Wow ~ We’ve all done it.

It’s about having a Heart to Heart experience with GOD, sometimes with, and alot of times without words ~

Julia, you mentioned meditation, Heart position and attitude, a getting caught up in the ‘troubles’ of this world mentality and then prayer. Yes. It is all working together here, hang in here with me. I was brought up in a military lifestyle with a mixture of faiths all around me while a Christian flavored background was in my own family, and so I was privy to prayers of all kinds.

Meditation has many meanings. One meaning that stayed with me, is that it means to sigh deeply, to utter from one’s depths, also to chew upon, regurgitate and rechew. As in tucking away Spiritual thoughts within to simmer, to break it down, in order to be able to digest it easily as nourishment.

A way of receiving?Soul food from The Spirit ~

I noticed that no matter what way one chose to?pray, there was a unified belief about prayer. All these people of diverse faiths,?really believed it worked, and that it?was working for them.?It seemed?to me though, just in listening to the way they described their way of relating with their you-nique idea of GOD, that?it was?more?like being a?slave receiving its meted out rations from a temperamental and demanding?God. Being uttered mainly out of fear, pain, angst and despair, due to being unhappy about whatever was happening in their life experiences. Promising to change their ways radically if and when their prayers were answered.

Rarely did I see ones praying for the sheer Joy of expressing gratitude or being happy just to be with GOD. In Truth. I am not saying that I never heard prayers of gratitude, just rarely, and when I heard them being expressed, it was from a relieved position of a God having mercy upon a lower unworthy being.

How about praying just for the sheer Joy of Being in the JOY of this ONEs Presence, and from?experiencing without a doubt, that this ONE LOVE’s you and desires only to InJoy ITs relationship with you. IT desires to Breathe ITSelf through you as ITs companion. In Loving Gratitude we can return the blessing by spending time in ITs Presence. Based upon the understanding?that this Divine Spirit truly delights in you and only desires to draw near to you.

I spent many years praying from the position of being inwardly prostrate, my face positionally eating a steady diet of dirt in my Heart attitude. A begging and pleading for mercy from the God I once believed in due to my level of awareness in that moment. Having come from being?ingrained by a collective religious consciousness.? I really felt due to this way of?believing that I was a mere worm at the mercy of a Vengeful God’s whims, that sometimes God was saying,?’Do you feel lucky today Julia?’ I laugh at myself now. However, I journaled alot of my hidden Heart’s utterings, and found them after my foundation has been shaken to the core. My former level of awareness shifted,?and I could not believe I wrote these journals! Such groveling!! It honestly made me ill to read them because my eyes were opened, and I saw GOD very differently now. I threw them all away because I did not recognize the?person I was, ?whom had written them based on my once ingrained false ideas of who GOD IS. Truly. It was my coming of age to experience GOD on my own, my One on One, and no one else’s.

The more I have?listened to my own Heart in Silence, I have become very aware of my sentient nature,?and this has helped me to listen to what a person is not saying. Or rather what a person is saying, underneath their outwardly expressing words.?Many of us, have prayed or meditated from a seed of doubt that was planted in our field, while we slept, without realizing it. And our in our most innocent years, we were yet experienced enough to be able to tell what was a fruit bearing seedling from a weed bearing seedling. Find out for yourself and consider whether there is any truth?to what I am about to share.

I noticed that the way most?of us?thought?about the meaning of?prayer and meditation (myself included),? was uncanny and similar in the way?we carried ourself?in everyday life, as living evidence?of the results of?our most?earliest influential impressions. Honest.

If we were in an environment that was devoid of warmth, caring and nurturing, or harsh, mean and cruel, I find that most of us tend to scoff at the notion of a Benevolent Heavenly Father. Or were begging and pleading in our prayers, of unbelief that they would even be answered. It was a crap shoot. We had learned, if even in an unspoken way, that Love meant pain and suffering and groveling for attention. If we were in an environment where we were left to ourself for the most part, to figure things out for ourself, even with loving parents, I find in those I have met from such backgrounds, a sense of uncertainty, futility,?and?even having?no sense of a Benevolent Heavenly Father with them at all. Self esteem yes, self love…mmm….It’s all up to?us mentality, ?and don’t expect any help to come?from anywhere else. In both ways, there is a developed sense of an impersonal or non-existent GOD or an impersonal?Universe. I came from a blend of both backgrounds. The former blended in with a ‘don’t ask me, go find out for yourself’ attitude and response when I asked about something I was?curious about,?beyond my understanding?in the moment. I say this as a result of doing inner work to uncover why I thought about things the way I did for so long, when my life was in a stage of inconsistencies and I finally noticed and turned my curiosity around to the inside. Moving from an unbelieving position into experiencing a believing one, as?a Benevolent Presence?made ITSelf known to me as a very up close and personal Sentient experience. Warm not Cold…

I was then shown?about Divine Order. Leave each day behind where it belongs. Done, finished. Anything that is ongoing such as the issues I mentioned above, are easily handed over, and I know as I go to sleep that I am taken care of. Everything is being ‘worked’ out by the Universal Immortal?Father of All,?while I rest and rebuild for the new day’s adventures.

I don’t have to figure things out in my personal mind any longer. I have my Best Friend who sticks closer than a brother with me,?whom is more than capable of handling all the details, why just look at this ONE’s track record; Being the Creator of the Universe! What a relief!! What a burden lifted. I can empty my bag of all things, even a tiny seed of doubt now, because, I have found IT works?through?having experienced?that everything is already taken care of!! In my favor and yours. Spirit, Source, GOD just wants to be included in our building process. Are we in essence saying, No GOD Allowed. Go somewhere else. You’re not welcomed to play in?Your own?Universal Garden?along with me? I honestly see that we might have things turned around here.

Have you ever stopped and considered yourself to be someone whom is already favored by Spirit ~ Source ~?’GOD’? Or do you secretly harbor a seed of feeling left out or forgotten, abandoned in your darkest hour or just your life in general? A ‘Father! Why have you forsaken me’ moment experience? Our eyes tend to close when we experience something painful, and we are focused on our pain as being uncureable. Is there any correlation in your view of this Creator of All Life with your earlier care givers? Just asking…we did enter this life as unwritten upon canvases…where did our ideas come from about GOD, Spirit, Source, especially when the Code of Life is written into each one of our you-niquely designed DNA?

We are called to look ‘up’ positionally, as in beyond?our circumstance and be seen. We are always seen and known by our Heavenly Father. It is our short sightedness that keeps us from seeing this. Truly. Our current level of awareness blocks our ability to see what is Immortally REAL. We have to look past the physical world of events, as being the only focus of our reality, to be able to grasp the Greater Essence of this. Pause the movie and go silent. Moving?beyond the limits of the screen…

Once?we practice?ending our day in this trustful state of knowing, it sets the pace of beginning each new day with this shifted?attitude.?There is a?genuinely felt appreciation?in trusting that we somehow have?everything being provided for?us .?We wake up refreshed and ready to face the day with a sense of quiet Joy for living because?we know with certainty that the Creator of the Universe has some amazing things in store for us! And now?we are able to InJoy this wonderful relationship?with our?only desire? being, to experience it all day long. The Apostle Paul called it praying without ceasing. You commune (two way open door~ receiving and returning in kind by listening and being listened to) communication. Heart sensing ONE another …

We become like a child that knows without a doubt that?our Heavenly Father is taking care of everything!

Meditation as was shown to me from the early days of being 19, is about being Divinely Connected with my Source. I have forgotten this in moments, as I shared about finding my old journals, yet it was through this process of being willing to release my old beliefs, my old habituated fears, that allowed me to remove all my former doubts and stand firmly supported in my current state of being InPowered by my Source.

My back (past) is covered at all times, as is my leading (future) and everything in between as well, this now moment. And this opportunity to experience this, is the same for?all of us?when?we do what? Just be willing to be open to being aware of IT. That’s all. We don’t have to struggle to get this really. It is this idea that keeps us from experiencing IT.

Release is a Spiritual form of exercise, it strengthens our Inner Core.

If I were invited to teach anyone on how to pray effectively, I would follow the Divine Design given by Yahshua for everyone, by practicing?the KISS Principle.

Keep IT Simple Sweetie~pie

How? By feeling IT more than wording?it ~ Spirit?looks into our Hearts and not our outer appearances.

‘Meditation is the tongue of the soul, and the language of our Universe.’

~ Jeremy Taylor

Just say, Thank YOU!! Letting it flow from our Heart, from our awareness of experiencing an Immortal Presence.?The evidence of this seed of LOVE?continues to grow and grow and grow, leaving?less room for the barren?seeds of doubt to take up space in the valuable?soil within us ~

IT is enough truly to live from a root language of Thank You. Watch what happens ~

Many Blessings Indeed await us all, within our Silent Sanctuary, The Holy of Holies, The Ark of the Covenant we were created to be ~ When we are filled with the Presence of Immortality ~

Words escape us somehow ~ sounds arise within our being ~ like a deep deep sighing?from our?Heart ~

InJoy this day ~

Discovering that Thank You, not pleeease, is the magic word, that UnLocks the Universe’s response,?for our Joy to be expressed from our Heart Knowing position, as we grow in experiencing?that All is Well ~

There’s no ‘time’ to focus on our body’s position of playing a game of twister truly, stand up and move with this Life Force living through you.?We can get the Highest View, while riding upon the shoulders of our Heavenly Father whose only desire is to be intimately acquainted with us, delighting in?us?as?much as we delight?to be in our Immortal Father’s presence ~

Much LOVE to all my fellow Souls today,

InJoy our Divinely established Relationship,

Being Well, knowing that All is well ~

Remain constant with this everywhere Present communication with our?Divinely Guiding Parent?…

Thank You Immortal Father, for Being Present Here, with?us all along!

?In Love and Gratitude,


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  1. Fred Press from Mauritius Says:

    This is so true, real and the simplicity and honesty and makes “prayer” a place of true intimacy.
    Thank you for his article

  2. Julia Says:

    Hello Dear Fred,

    I appreciate your Presence and loving thoughts.

    Namaste` and InJoy this day,


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