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‘A compliment is something like a kiss through a veil. ‘

~ Victor Hugo

Hello to all, this is a response to comments?left here?requesting a response?. I wish to say thank you very much for taking the time to write to me and for your kind thoughts towards me. I am not one to ignore others however, I ask?one thing, that when you leave a comment, would you be so kind as to leave your genuine real name, if only your first name and for now, your genuine email without the advertising.

I genuinely have an interest in?each one I meet as a real person,?and do understand that we are living in a diverse universe with people who come from all walks of life…you know, a butcher, a baker, a candlestick maker and then some…

?My blog was created to reveal?me as opening my door and letting people see into this being called Julia. Julia is my real name, and my blog reflects my passage through the process of being on a spiritual path for over thirty years now. Seems hard to believe in moments…

Moving from the church years, through the new age Spirituality of consciousness and now, radically turning around and seeing not a ‘religion’ of any kind so much as it all kept showing up in ways to be…and this was what I could not sit completely still for…ah…

I am looking?into some of the suggestions you have made regarding the browser issues some of you are?and have been experiencing?in reading my blog. Computer technology is still a very new learning arena?for me, and I am moving at a snail’s pace in becoming more adept in computerese.?I thank you for your patience.

I will also be more than happy to address the other comments about follow ups on previous blogs as well as questions regarding blogging. I have been ‘toying’ with the idea of beginning a facebook page to be able to interact with all who have posted comments here. I am open to hearing back about this so feel free to leave a response.

It seems the comments set-up has changed with WordPress from when I first began this blog. It’s not a simple click to add comment any longer so this is why I am considering having a facebook page dedicated to responding to all the wonderful comments you are leaving. Thank you very much.

I am?undergoing a huge change in my life right now, I am?in the midst of experiencing what it is like to keep a promise made?to myself to?give myself a whole year to? just be me being me, no matter what.?Open to whatever?would open up in?my way?to really let my authentic self?be in company with herself. And listen, by paying close attention to what showed up in silence and less outside conversations except by choice.

It’s been interesting to say the least…and I find, it’s really been about surrender. Having to?lay down?all of my projects begun but still not quite finished yet, like crayons and paper left?sprawled all over the floor, left in the midst of activity…and uncovering the purpose for it. Hard to do this? Yes. Worthwhile, no doubts whatsoever, YES!

My writing will reflect these changes and I honestly hope that you will come along and continue to grow?with me, as I?am willing to?reveal what has unfolded in my process of being?still, and listening, and hearing?God?in the quiet speaking to me about me In Love, in order for me to become like a child again, full of faith and trusting in the process of my life.

For now, Thank you again for all your comments.

I wish you well ~

InJoy this day,

Blessings In the Spirit of Love,


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