Resting ~ In the In Between Space ~ While Life Is Returning ~


Early Morning Sanctuary

‘Say yes to life, even though you know it will devour you. Because amongst the obstacles and, to be sure, the cruelties of life, are signs that we are on a primary spiritual adventure (even though it seems to be taking place in what we regard as an unmistakably physical world.)

~ Stephen Larsen

‘Man can learn nothing except to go from the known to the unknown.’

~ Claude Bernard

‘Many people pray and receive the answers to their prayers, but ignore them—or deny them, because the answers didn’t come in the expected form.’

~ Sophy Burnham

?Trust in the Lord with all your heart; and lean not unto?your own understanding. In all thy ways acknowledge him, and he shall direct?your paths?

~ Proverbs 3:5, 6 from the Bible


?Awakening early, I step out into my backyard sanctuary just in time ~ I am greeted by birdsong filling the air as I face the earliest golden soft pinks and darker gray threads woven into the beginning of this new day. Such Peace and Joy is rising in my Heart as it is?viewed withIn the Eastern sky ~?I have the world all to mySelf?in this?moment ~

I wander my gardens in Silence, making my way through the overgrown grass awaiting its first trim of Spring …

Tulips of all colors, daffodils now fading, chindadoxa swaying?their small white?bell like blooms in the gentle morning breeze, the air?is full of fragrance and?embracing me ~

The Purpleleaf sandcherry is lovely?and lit up in?the softly rising?sunlight with its small white flowers that has centers matching the purple red colored leaves. I press my face into its blooms and breathe in its delicate sweet perfume ~ my gift for noticing and appreciating its presence.

The Sargent Tina Crabapple is fully covered in white blooms with pale pink centers, standing just a little bit taller than me. I come closer to view the flowers it is offering to me.

The Asiatic lilies and daylilies are growing in their places, awaiting their moment to gift?my garden with their lovely blooms and unique scents. My eyes take in all the different hostas, the astilbes, the coral bells, yellow blooms of corydalis, the poppies rising, and the lovely primrose in bright purples, reds and yellows that border a dwarf Spruce next to my deck.

The sedums,?thymes,?jovibarbas and chives are all showing up for this Spring show.?And I see with delight the two clematis I transplanted last year?are rising?yet again.

I love the mix of the ornamental shade grasses, the dark black purple and bluegreen mondo grass set off by the undergrowth of the golden green creeping moneywort , I can see a favorite hakonechloa’s bright green bamboo shaped leaves arching towards the earth in a graceful bow.

The viburnums are blooming along with the Chokecherry tree,?while the Pears and Redbuds?are?standing out against a backdrop of the bright green leaves of trees bursting open into full leaf. Azaleas?shine with?their clear and sparkling colors?and the hydrangeas have?new leaves that are sprouting from the souls of their feet, soon to move up and fill into its fullness and shake out their heady blooms.

My eyes wander in appreciation to the assorted evergreens of Japanese pines, Spruces of all kinds, and Cedars now?showing their candle shaped cones in tans and deep lilac purples.

A?red cardinal comes to InJoy this habitat with me and sits on the branches of?the Silver Maple that are leaning over and above me.?After doing his warm up chirps and trills, he moves closer and sings his Heart out for me. I am so deeply grateful to be seranaded by?his beautiful song. It’s?as though?he is?acknowledging my Heartfelt appreciation of his gift by his accepting the gift of my?Presence as his soul audience.? I am delighted and say so. He continues to sing ~ and he returns in the early evening while the sun sets to sing his song again ~

Now I am sitting on my front porch steps while InJoying being bathed in the wafting perfume of a Spring blooming Persian Lilac, planted so many years ago next to my front porch entry for moments just like this. For my pleasure and for the ones who have come to visit me in the home I have made all these years, an extended warm welcome while being embraced by this Lilac’s lovely scent as they made their way into this house that I have lived in for over the last twenty years of my life ~

The memory card is filled to the brim in this house and it is time to go on and create new ones. Life has a way of unfolding and mine is unfolding into New and Uncharted territories. I muse at how different I am now from when I first stepped into this house many years ago. This house that began with a family of four, then three, then four again, five, six and one half (a dog named Jack). And now, for the very first time in my life, I am alone ~ All One. Not lonely, just without physical companions sharing my space and …

Honestly? I am InJoying my newly emptied space. I mean wow. I can do whatever I want, whenever I want to and I smile. Such Freedom really. I have this space all to mySelf in this moment. Just Being me. And the way my daughters and grand children went forward with their own?lives and dreams?was such a Peace filled transition. The bumps?have been tiny?pebbles and not boulders this time around. And I find that this rests well with In me. I am at Peace with my life.

I rest in this most savored moment, in the Sacred Space in between the known and the yet to be known, and my Heart and Mind both are resting in Peaceful Joy.

“Take rest; a field that has rested gives a bountiful crop.”? –Ovid

Be Blessed, Be Well in this?moment ~

InJoy Being Present ~ in this Sacred space, like savoring a warm cup of your favorite brew in Silence, having no where to go or nothing to do but Be ~

InJoy Breathing In this moment and Living fully aware?of this moment ~

In the Spirit of Love ~



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3 Responses to “Resting ~ In the In Between Space ~ While Life Is Returning ~”

  1. Talker Says:

    Being as Julia in this drawing ~ now recognizing emotions for what they are ~ I take up my paint brush, gathering all the colors in my palette to create my splash! soil which all colors combined turn into the color of the earth’s soil ~ Loves medium to grow Love into things ~ the crayons my parent has given me to emulate It with in my childlike way ~ Parent while doing the same is looking straight at me and smiling, such a tender smile that is radiant ~ Lighting up my world and wow, the eye says it all ~

    I love you ~ everything is all right yes?
    Hello Julia,
    And may your palette always be large enough to allow painting your tapistry with the colors of your desires. Big, bold, bright, and beautiful.
    Be Well

  2. Julia Says:

    Namaste` Soul Artist Talker!

    InJoy this day ~

    Be Blessed, Be Well,


  3. Reader in New York Says:

    Keep up the good work, I like your writing.

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