Sacred Alchemy ~ Sacred Geometry, Esoteric Home Rebuilding


?A Sure Foundation




“Ideas leave not their Source.”

~ A Course in Miracles ~


‘We need to do more than just treat the symptom. We need to eliminate the cause of the dis~ease. We need to go within ourselves where the process of illness began.’

~ from ‘Heart Thoughts, A Treasury of Inner Wisdom’ by Louise Hays ~


‘The idea is like a blueprint, it creates an image of the form, which then magnetizes and guides the physical energy to flow into that form and eventually manifests it on the physical plane.’

~ Shakti Gawain ~


Alchemy, a Sacred Science, has a mystical nature surrounding it, an idea we may be most familiar with through Jesus turning water into wine or of changing base elements into gold. Dark elements into Lighter pure elements through the application of fire.

Transforming something of a common nature of worth into something of an Uncommon, rare value or nature through the purification process by passing through the highest degree of fire. Known as the Violet Flame. Hmmm…

Being a student in studying Esoteric Principles for most of my life, I have come to an understanding that there is always more to the developing of myself as an active living creator, an expression of my Eternal Nature. As an ongoing student in A Course in Miracles, it says, ‘Ideas leave not their Source.’ What does this have to do with Sacred Alchemy or Geometry?

Change your core beliefs, your core patterns and you will change your life.


Integrating Spirit’s Perspective

As always, in Asking for Divine Wisdom and Discernment?within us?(Divine Understanding) in these things, you will be given the Divine ability and InPowerment to apply what is given you to know through having your awareness Intuned, opened to experiencing the Presence of Unconditional Love.

‘I invite ‘God’ to show me, reveal IT Self to me. ‘


Let Go

I was then invited to consider dropping all my prejudices or preconceived ideas and beliefs first, are you openly willing to be honest to see where all your ideas are truly coming from? Would you consider (allow the possibility) that you just might be in error in the ways that you are seeing ‘God’~Divine Spirit, life, and the world you currently live in? Are you willing to see that you are building?your current life experience based upon your thoughts, seeing the Plan or Blueprint designed by you? It is a process of releasing, eliminating what I believe I am building my life upon in this moment . . . de~programming old thoughts deeply ingrained founded and grounded upon man-made fundamental building blocks.

A time for cleaning out ones Inner closet to allow for rebuilding,?re~programming, renewal. Letting go of the old to allow the new to take its place.

Throughout this process of releasing I found out that I had been creating from a false foundation in my life, founded on false beliefs of re~occuring thoughts. By not knowing whom I Am and Whom I come from. My beliefs have created my life and by being open to being willing to see through Self examination of my thoughts, I have traced them backwards to the inner core and I find, once again, I’ve uncovered;

The True Cornerstone On Which To Build My Life?Upon

No one else owns my thoughts unless I allow another to think for me. I am able to allow another to choose for me. Where else are my ideas really coming from? ‘Outside’of me? Is this how I am really seeing secretly in the hidden depths of my Being? What or whom else is left in influencing my life once I move past all the ‘others’ in my life? We have all been given freewill to choose which beliefs belong to us or not. Hmmm… sounds like taking personal responsibility. Uh Oh . . .

Evaluate Your Foundational Building ‘Blocks’

Find out what you believe your?real?stance, re~occuring thoughts or belief is, what is the underlying and supporting building blocks of what you are believing about yourself right now and find out where they?began from. Are they God or not God ~ Love or not Love ~ Holy or unholy re~occuring thoughts~beliefs?

Moving deeper through the shadows of our deepest fears and into the Heart Love of Its Light seeing clearly into?the ‘matter’, with?no judgments, I am now able to view my hidden thoughts, being a little bit more open to this uncovering. I quieten down the ‘outside’ noise (opinion) of ‘others’ and listen to my own thoughts. Wow!! Just take three steps back and observe your thoughts without the limiting labels of good or bad, just pay attention to what arises and observe your immediate thoughts to them. What are you telling yourself? Are you quick to defend yourself?

Where ‘on earth’ did that come from to Aha! That’s not who I AM at all realizations will arise as you move through the process.

Revealing what I have unknowingly been hiding as my rooted belief by the way I have participated in my life experience this far as brings deeper clarity as the Light moves through me.

Really. It has taken some ‘time out’ to retrace my steps down to the cornerstone, the building blocks of my life.

Bringing Down the Facade, and Breaking New Ground

Back to the Beginning. The root, the Cause of what was showing up in my life. I found out I was feeling very unsupported in my life and this is what was showing up with regularity.

Fear based living not Love based. A shaky and shifting foundation and not a sound and solid one.


‘To Begin, Begin’ ~? William Wordsworth

Now realized, the demolition begins! When we genuinely open ourselves up to be fully and totally examined down to the core, life may take a series of interesting turns. What has been holding up our world may seem to come crashing down all around us. Our foundations are being leveled to the ground making ready for the Rebuilding. Our beliefs are being shifted and shaken down to their very foundations. Our relationships may seem to end or go south, our ways of earning income ceases or changes dramatically, we may experience health issues, a sense of losing everything we held so tightly to. And when these things begin to happen, many draw back and retreat backwards, prefering to cling to the old grounded beliefs, hiding in fear, instead of stepping forward and moving through this alchemical process in its entirety?to allow the restructuring of?the foundational patterns, the original ground work that caused us to settle into us to?live our lives?based on?deeply rooted fear?in the first place. Re~occuring thoughts reinforce our fears?and this delays the?changing of the patterns within. Change seems too uncomfortable, too painful. You will remain the same?way unless you are truly willing and ready to change your programming.


Building from Trust

I release my false beliefs. I am willing, open to allowing change to take place in my life.

The Blueprint or DNA of my life patterns are now being viewed along with the Divine Presence in me invited to assist me,?showing me the ways Love?is always?revealing all along in my Journey that’s ITs Lighting my way, everything I hold onto as my false core of belief, the false bottom,?deeply and foundationally buried. I began to see how I had deeply buried the Authentic Source or Cause of my life.

Now, in seeing this more clearly throughout the cycles?of progression of going through?the alchemical fire of transmutation, the releasing and restructuring my beliefs are being realigned (Sacred Geometry) and, I am?being freed up more according to?my willingness to let go of the dross?and opening my Mind up to build upon the ONE that truly knows me?as?I?essentially?am and?the ONE?I AM orignally from.

?Through the shifting sands of fear based living into Solid Rock grounding in the Source of LOVE.

Sacred Alchemy applied, changes my geometrical Blueprints, my innermost patterns, from dna to Sacred DNA … Through the Divine Elemental Energy of the Holy Fire in the purification process. Sacred Geometry is being performed throughout the alchemical process. I am releasing all thoughts that is not GOD in me to allow the GOD thoughts?of I AM That I AM, to realign in me,?freeing me to?be filled with my Divinely Present Being. Love’s Presence.

A Divine Aspect of GOD ~ LOVE Energy ~

An otherwordly LOVE without labels, limits or limitations ~ My Origin ~

A LOVE that gives no thought to the idea of IT ever ending. Sacred transformation. Living as an Eternally Breathed Energy Being of Divinity, of Source, GOD~ The Force of All Life and Living.

Loves Energy is our UnLimited Power, IT is our Energy Life Source without beginning or end ~

God is Love Energy and is whom we?are a part of.


Taking An Inner Inventory

Not liking your life right now? Nothing seem to be changing no matter what you do? Check your Blueprints, go down past the basement and look closely at the foundation. The Innermost patterns, re~occuring thoughts.

Ask to be open to being seen through, by self examination of your Blueprints, your building permits. Ask to be willing to remain open to seeing where there may be an error, a crack in your engineering design, a foundational error that may have been overlooked. It can be corrected. Now is the time for rebuilding your home by retracing your steps all the way down to the core in the deepest part of you. Clearing new ground.

When we invite, ask the Divine into our Self examination, time does not exist in the Esoteric realms. The Universe moves in at an indescrible speed to assist you.

The Holy Instant as it is called in A Course in Miracles. This is because it is done in Spiritual Understanding and not in the ways of fleshly undertakings.

All things become as new when you go back to?your Original State. Building on new earth.

In the Beginning was GOD ~ Love Energy. All things that were made were made by GOD. There was nothing made that was not made by GOD. Surely you are able to find yourself in this statement.

This is our True foundation, Our cornerstone, the ground which our lives are truly built upon when we remove the false elements?that we?have?buried ourselves?under in. There is no exception unless there is an errant thought, a crack in one’s foundational belief somewhere … a glitch in the programming …

Hmm . . . now, where did I put that blueprint? The last place I looked, within.

Many Blessings and Be Well,

Be open to allowing yourself to go downstairs to the core of what you have built your life upon.

InJoying the process of restructuring, rebuilding, and renewal, founded on the cornerstone of LOVE that knows no limits

Reclaiming your Authentic Blueprint by accepting Whom you?are from, and build from the ground up.

InJoy this day,

Experiencing the Joy in the process of rebuilding?your True Home founded on LOVEs Energy ~

May you make way for Love to Light the way for you today,



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3 Responses to “Sacred Alchemy ~ Sacred Geometry, Esoteric Home Rebuilding”

  1. Talker Says:

    Well expressed Julia. The Goddess cleaning house, getting locked into routine, forgetting their inner inherent power. The dream within a dream within a dream, until awareness of true creativity is fogged over.

    We become lost Gods and Goddesses, in world of our own making.

    When the inner voice whispers ‘Awaken’, while one is deep into the routine of self-created reality, it goes unheeded. The cup is full.

    When finally the false reality takes it’s toll, and futility and soul hurt rocks the cup, we realize now that something is wrong, then and only then, do we stop and listen. Ah yes, that gentle whisper, still there, gives hope, within we hear again, ‘Awaken’.

    Ah, thank you God for not abandoning this one.

    I hear you, I Awaken, I go forth renewed, the Path again regained.

  2. Julia Says:

    Well said Talker and thank you very much for sharing this Soulful expressions.

    To our ongoing Journey Beloved Talker.

    InJoy this day InLove,


  3. Kasyno Says:

    It was nice to read your post. I added your website to bookmarks.

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