The Invitation

“If you want heaven to come to earth, you must bring it with you.”

~?Alan Cohen


There is much more to this than meets the physical eye … this post that is …

I am playing with a new idea and am in the process of making the or mixing the blend…

This will be an ongoing blog this year as I am inviting all to be Present in this metamorphical experience and grow along with me ~

In the Light of Love,

Blessings of Joy Be,



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4 Responses to “The Invitation”

  1. Talker Says:

    May you bloom into your beautiful fullness that is the rarest of all gems. May all your facets become gleaming beacons of love.
    Be Well

  2. Darrell Says:

    Alan Cohens statement is a very true one. Jesus taught ” Heaven is at Hand ” at hand means now – in the present.
    Heaven is here in the present, it always has been. I teach meditation, not to go into its frequencies, but how to bring them here into your life daily, as the new frequency you resonate in.
    Often in spiritual work we are seeking what I call the ‘ sideshow ‘ effect, something that profoundly different from your mundane life to be spontaneously created before your eyes, like in a magic show of illusion.
    To teach someone to ‘ into ‘ meditation is to teach escape from the reality of their lives.
    No different than drinking, drugging or sexing your way to escape.

    Heaven is a state of feeling, not even a state of mind. It is here all the time, lie the air you rarely pay attention to until it blows so hard hard your on your ass.
    So too Humans rarely seek heaven until their life knocks them on their ass. Or like now – the economy.
    Doom and gloom abounds on this planet like weeds amongst the wheat, yet there are those that are rising to the occasion, rising to strength they did not know they possessed. Spiritual strength, mind power, Human Being power. Don’t believe in the dream, believe in the reality, the one you create, not Barrack Obama or Ford, or Wall street.
    Believe in the reality your bringing forth from yourSelf and your own thoughts and feelings, desires and passions. This is heaven at work in your environment. If the economy falls, it falls, you do not need fall with it.
    Challenge the reality your being told is real.
    Be bold in your thinking, make your thoughts mighty- DARE TO BE GREATNESS.
    Dare to know heaven in the Now. Defy the prophets of old and the media of now, dare them to bring you down.
    Heaven is not a state of apathetic peace and illusionary myths of lions and lambs sleeping together, that is a pamphlet left on your doorstep. Heaven is a place of extraordinary Human genius, actions that defy the status quo and raise new empires of prosperity where old ones of haggard greed have stagnated Human growth and potential.

    Heaven hears the roar of the lion awakened from its slumber to a new dawn. It hears the wars silenced in the reality that it no longer serves a purpose and has no effect. peace is action spurned to the tenth power, thought elevated to a creative power, and feelings the language all life responds back with to Human understanding.
    Heart enlarged by joining to mind, and biology redefining itself in evolvement by pure will.

    Dare – dare – dare to be great – dare to be stopped, Dare to be in heaven while others walk in hell, so they may know that it is possible.
    You are a Human Being – unique to life on Earth, unique to Angels by the authors own words written of creation.
    I love life here, I love primates, but they are not my brothers,the are the cousins of my biology, and I AM so much more. I am the sum total of all life on this planet.
    past and present.
    As my life is the sum total of all life since life was created. I honor all life here, yet to be excluded from its origins is no insult to me or to them.
    It is honoring the truth of my creation. I exist so God may live alive in creation. I am God and I am Source I am all of it, whatever osophy -, ism or ology we ascribe to it – because what I AM can not ever be contained in a theory or thesis. I am too large.
    And Heaven opens the door to a space large enough, as it grows with me.

  3. Laura Says:

    What creature can resist the temptation of sweet spring flowers 😉

    Joy, Julia, Pixie, Fairy and Muse of Blooms


  4. Julia Says:

    To my Beloved and Expanding bouquet of beautiful blooms,

    I am inhaling and InJoying your lingering fragrance.

    I appreciate you Talker, Darrell and Laura.

    Love to you all,

    InJoy this day,


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