The Story Behind the Sacred Prayers

The Sacred Prayers


I altered these prayers for any who would read them, from the way they were origianlly given to me years ago. They came to me during a very deep and dark night of my Soul as I was being taught and shown how to refine my view of God, by having my ways of thinking about myself and my God’s thoughts towards me.

I do not know who the original author of the previous prayers was. But I thank them for writing them because, I once believed that I was the God of my life, but life has a way of turning out so differently from where we first began. And I can no more deny what happened to me then than I can now. I have been transformed.

When I first received them, I had already been practicing for awhile with learning a new language. These prayers or affirmations went deeper. Baby steps. I stumbled over this new language at first and had to let them roll around in my mouth until they became familiar and now a part of me. I would encourage you that once you begin to really believe in the meanings of these empowering words, to take it to the next step of standing in front of the mirror and looking yourself in the eyes and saying these statements out loud to yourself. I feel this way now that I changed the words to reflect the True Author of my life as I have been shown through walking through the fire and God was Who was standing on the other side, not any of these others ideas…

Share the Love. I would love to hear how your life is impacted by the daily practicing of these Truthful and empowering words and how it has made a very big and noticeable difference in your life. They will change your life because they will change the way you think about yourself and others whom you seem to share this planet with by allowing God His rightful place in your life.

I have the full version that I keep with my morning and evening meditations and I also keep the noon prayers in my car or on my person for when I am away from home during the day.

I have watched as these affirmations have continued to evolve myself as well as the ‘individuals’ I have shared them with throughout the years and realized, everyone must have access to so great a liberating Truth.

To Our Shared Freedom.

Many Loving Blessings, Be Well and InJoy the Sacred Prayers,


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2 Responses to “The Story Behind the Sacred Prayers”

  1. Julia Says:

    I was reminded by my Sister in Spirit today that these prayers were received in the mid 1990’s as we were going through a paradigm shift in our Identity.

    They are from Unity Church. A wonderful resource of Love, Light and Healing.

    Thank you Kathie, Namaste,

    I love you as you always know,


  2. Darrell Says:

    I played this during moving meditation – allowing it to flow through the Universe and for the Angels.

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