The Sacred Prayers

ஜ The Sacred Prayers 

ஜ*”˜˜”* ஜ*”˜˜”*ஜ*”˜˜”*ஜ*”˜˜”*ஜ*”˜˜”*ஜ*”˜˜”*ஜ  

Experiencing Christ’s peace within me, I am calm.


 I am reverently and uniquely made.

I am beautiful in the eyes of my Heavenly Father.

I ask for the Spirit of wisdom and revelation so that I may know You better.

 Holy Spirit guide me, comfort me and purify me, as I remain in intimate relationship with You.

May Your fruitfulness be produced in my life the more I yield my spirit to You, fill me with Your power to follow Your decrees.

May the Joy of Your indwelling presence and radiant Light of love and grace overflow in my life so Your Beauty shines in and through me.

 Teach me to love Your Way so I will continually meditate upon Your precepts and consider all Your ways…

Show me how I can best serve you today Heavenly Father…

I am willing, listening and available to go wherever You send me.

 May Your Love be made tangible in this world today flowing through me.


I listen to God’s Spirit, to receive His discernment, wisdom and insight in all circumstances.

In prayer and meditating upon His Word, He speaks to me.

I am set free from the good or bad opinion of others,  assured of my identity found only in Christ.

I know who I am, because I know Him, the Lover and Keeper of my soul and spirit.

May I worship You Father in my daily activities, whether at home, work, school or  play.

I am confident and fearless in the face of any challenge as I rest in God’s power and ability and not my own.

He is my Protector and empowers me by His Spirit to stand confidently in the face of any opposition whether of man or of angels.

God is on my side, and I am exactly where I am suppose to be at all times, fully supported in all my ways as I seek His face with all my heart.

Father, make my heart true to You in all I do, and may I seek Your praise alone and not the praise of man.

Lead me in Your way,  strengthen me to walk upright in the way you have placed before me.


My soul is calm as I cease from all inner striving and cast all my cares upon Him.

I sit in silent expectation in the presence of my Father’s Spirit within me . My soul waits for Him.

I trust that my Heavenly Father’s Perfect Will is being accomplished for all in every situation.

 I give thanks for the beauty of this day and ask Christ to bring rebuilding and renewal in my spirit, soul and body, as I lay upon my bed and meditate upon Him in the night watches.

Christ, the Lover and Keeper of my Soul cares for me.

I rest peacefully in His arms, knowing He Who never sleeps,  is upholding the universe by the power of His Word.

Now to Him who is able to do immeasurably more than all we ask or imagine, according to His power that is at work within us, to Him be the glory forever and ever.

Amen ~

Live Forever In Jesus Name and know peace.

ஜ*”˜˜”* ஜ*”˜˜”*ஜ*”˜˜”*ஜ*”˜˜”*ஜ*”˜˜”*ஜ*”˜˜”*ஜ  

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