UnConditional LOVE ~ A LOVE That Never Fails ~


“It is only with the heart that one can see rightly; what is essential is invisible to the eye.”

~ Antoine de Saint-Exupery

‘The ultimate lesson all of us have to learn is unconditional love, which includes not only others but ourselves as well.’

~ Elizabeth Kubler-Ross

‘The beginning of love is to let those we love be perfectly themselves, and not to twist them to fit our own image. Otherwise we love only the reflection of ourselves we find in them.’

~ Thomas Merton

‘The rule of unconditional love; it is in the giving that you make the other person realize.’

~ Unknown

‘Love sometimes wants to do us a great favor: hold us upside down and shake all the nonsense out.’

~ Hafiz of Persia

?And so we know and rely on the love God has for us. God is love. Whoever lives in love lives in God, and God in him.?

~ 1 John 4:16

In late 2007, I joined a forum, known as Our Ultimate Reality Forums, put together by?Adrian Cooper, a man whom I now consider as my friend.? It is a global forum with people of all faiths coming in to mingle with others?who all have foundational beliefs (realized or not),?that are quite different from each one of ourselves. A most wonderful place full of opportunities to be able to discuss, agree and disagree on all subjects that matter to each one. A very?diverse community where one can experience ?growing in their Spirituality.

I began a thread in the Religions and Traditions Board titled;? Definitions of Meanings, Speaking in Spiritual Language. I sensed to begin this thread in order to allow us all to see what we understood about the various terms used in the Spiritual arena.?Bringing into the Light for clarifying what we felt their meaning was?to each one of us, and perhaps uncover more InSight into a meaning that would deepen our you-nique understanding of a word, and enlarge our view.?Growing in?our perspective of these meanings, and how we might be able to make greater use of them in our everyday living through the practicing of our newly gained understanding. Becoming skilled in our practicing, bringing theories and practical living together into one place. Into us and living it out. And through this process, gaining more practice in becoming effective communicators with ourself and others.

The idea came through to be expressed much like?having a Family Night, where we would have the opportunity to gather together in the Great Room, and play games together, in order to learn about ourself and those around us. This forum being a gathering place in itself for one’s who desired to be Lights shining in this world of UnConditional LOVE. And so, my very first post was on asking what does the definition of?UnConditional LOVE mean to you?

I have to say that if anyone were to read through all of my experiences as I have moved through this forum in the past three and a half years, you may find yourself laughing at me, getting mad at me, shocked at some of my language, and even hurling angry insults at me in moments. And through this whole experience, I can only say, that I am so deeply grateful for this wonderful opportunity to grow so much in my Spiritual process through all the interactions I have had in this forum.

It is a most wonderful place, to really get to know ourself through our relating with others. I’ve learned that no matter what another says to me about me, it says more about the person saying it, than it does about me. And this applies to myself as well, in what I say to, or about another. I have learned again and again, that whatever I say, is my own words expressing from what is inside of me. I am the owner of my thoughts, emotions,?words and deeds, and this is where it rests. The buck stops here. I’ve grown more Self responsible through this wonderful adventure of moving through this forum with everyone there.

Thank you my Precious Family at OUR.

The Hundred Acres Woods Clan

In my quirky childlike imagination, of loving stories; I can see Owls’s and Eeyore’s,?Rabbit’s, Piglet’s, Kanga and Roo’s?and Pooh Bear’s, Tigger’s, and even Christopher Robin, in this Hundred Acres Woods of unfolding stories.

All in all though, having a common place to gather together with fellow souls on this life journey, as well as here in my blog has been a most rewarding experience in my life. And so, a funny thing has happened to me along the way while moving throughout the rooms of this forum, and I?would?also come?in here, my blog, which is like having my own room to sit in and reflect and write down the impressions?flowing through?my Heart as it was experiencing authentically in the midst of all the activity going on all around me outside my inner door…

Here is what flowed through this morning in my quiet time, while in my inner sanctuary.? I felt deeply moved?in my Heart to express in the Definitions and Meanings post today with my fellow souls, about how the meaning of UnConditional LOVE has changed alot for me, many times throughout my life’s progression, and very recently, I heard something so clearly, and felt this ‘Click’ inside that brought inner and outer together in a moment, and I?had to share what can only be experienced in understanding Heart Language and received only by another who listens with their?Heart ~

I’m posting my written expression here, and?the link is above?should anyone want to see this woman, walking, slipping and sliding, stumbling and falling, yet, getting right back up, washing herself off, and keeping onward with?her journey in this world as long as I have breath left in me.

Be Blessed, Be Well In Your Being ~

Thank you My Beloved Friend Adrian, for your generous Heart in opening up this Forum for those who desire to grow and evolve in their Spiritual Journey.

InJoy this day,

May this expression be received in the Spirit in which it given ~

From A?Love that Never fails us, that sticks closer than skin all throughout our journey here.

In LOVE UnConditionally,


From Definitions and Meanings ~

Hello Everyone,

A while ago, one of the definition cards drawn was LOVE, or rather UnConditional LOVE. Opened up for anyone to give their impression of it…the idea of this thread was much like having family night, where cards are played around the table together. So many you-nique expressions that are shared and not shared. Yes, we all have freewill.

I’m coming back to this card; Unconditional LOVE, and sharing something about this LOVE that mystified me for a very long while, and going through the sifting and sorting process of mmm and ahh…

UnConditional LOVE has changed in meaning for me. Alot. Now, after playing with the pieces of this puzzle for years, something clicked into place for me, quite recently actually. I’ve gone through a process of letting go of anything that once defined what love meant to me, as in, where I was still looking for this love. And as each person, place and thing has come and gone on, slipping through my fingers, I kept moving through each cycle learning to let go of this and then that and then when I looked at this once filled space now left empty, I let it remain empty to see what would happen, and I walked on. I’ve moved from grasping tightly to these things, to loosening my grip and then gripping at the last minute before they disappeared from sight and on into, letting them follow the natural cycle of life…

Unconditional Love. It’s what cannot be changed in Its essence, Its nature. You’ve said this before Julia. Yes I have. I’ve expressed what is so hard to describe in mere words. Its something that can only be understood and expressed in a language of the Heart.

This kind of LOVE, is not shaken by anything that happens. When my inner and outer world was being shaken by events unfolding in my life, I did not see nor understand this for a very long time, that whatever can be shaken, is not UnConditional LOVE. This is why these events were happening in my life. They were my own and others ideas and forms of love that were being shaken and loosened, to remove whatever was not of this kind of LOVE.

There is a kind of LOVE that cannot be shaken or changed by any outer circumstance or appearance. Its the LOVE that remains after everything and everyone else is gone from our presence, our awareness. We all love with human love, each and everyone of us, and I see from my own blended experience, that it is very very easy to confuse the two. What is human love and what is this ‘other kind’ of LOVE.

There is a LOVE that sticks closer than a brother. And IT is this LOVE that has opened my eyes to see this. It stuck closer than a brother, closer than skin and after awhile, it sinks in. It takes time for most of us to ‘get it’.

It’s a no matter what kind of LOVE, IT will do whatever is in the best interest for the ‘object-ive’ of Its LOVE.

Because to do otherwise, It would have to deny Its very essence which is LOVE.

I say this with LOVE, that we seem so often, to confuse our ideas with this Greater One’s Idea of LOVE.

To understand IT, we have to be willing to merge with IT, in order to receive this LOVE to share with others, because we are so use to doing love our way, and we really tend to withdraw from ones who do not do things our way. It’s our commonly shared human nature to be this way. It comes from experiencing this LOVE being interpersonal and interactive in our life that we eventually can see the difference of when we are being loving with personal interests (hidden, unspoken yet still expected) and when we have no expectations from another having to give us anything in return to be able to be LOVING towards someone else outside our self or friend or stranger to us.

Do I only help those people whom I like? Or am I willing to help someone who may be a stranger to me in this moment? All our friends were possible stranger’s to us at first. Or what about the person who made our lives a living hell at work or school or in our neighborhood or even within our own family? What if something happened to them and they needed help. Would I be willing to give it, by letting go of their past behaviour, and seeing them as a fellow Child of GOD, whether their soul was a regenerated one or not yet? By my willingness to be a vessel that extends UnConditional LOVE towards my ‘enemies’, it may be the very act that opens them to receiving in this kind of LOVE. It may awaken them to their own unregenerated soul that needs a drink of living Spirit water to regenerate them, as IT has for us. This kind of LOVE isn’t something that can be hoarded to ourself. In fact, it’s impossible to be selfish with it.

UnConditional LOVE is not the norm in this world. And in these days we are living in, the Light of this kind of LOVE, really will stand out when I am willing, when we are willing to be filled with IT, to overflowing and sharing with all we meet in how we act out with one another.

UnConditional LOVE is the oil intended for our lamps.

InJoy this day All ~

In the Spirit of UnConditional LOVE,


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  1. Talker Says:

    Shucks, a 101 learning curve regards Unconditional Love and that simple word combination of ‘don’t like’.

    So what is the problem!

    For starters, how many times has one heard or said ‘I love you, but I don’t like what you are doing’! ”Unconditional Love’ and the words ‘don’t like’ are antagonistic and troublesome when getting down to the nitty gritty of understanding the meaning of their usage.

    Saying ‘I love you but don’t like…..’, is much like washing only one side of a window.
    Being ‘Unconditional love’, is washing both sides of that same window.

    Be Well


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