UnWritten ~


‘In the creative act there is an upward surge from some unknown, fertile, underground layers of the mind.’

~ Koestler


‘Let the beauty we love, be what we do.’ ~ Rumi


I love music, sharing it, singing along with it, listening to and dancing along with it.? Music is like water for the creative soul’s nourishment, a liquid language that flows and beats it rhythm through our veins, a circuit of a connecting current feeling, a universally shared experience of Heaven’s Heart touching our Heart strings while inspiring all who feel its energy ~

?… with or without words, knowing the words or not, it is something that can be InJoyed together with anyone.

?I heard this song years ago and felt the message of this song as much then as I do now, having heard it again the other day while driving along with my daughter into our day.

?Music is a Universal language that we don’t have to learn how to understand, it’s a spontaneous experience , inspiration is something that cannot be taught, it just is and we know it when we feel it.

This song Unwritten by Natahsa Bedingfield is for me an inspired song whose message will not ever be out-dated in its message.

?To our Unwritten and Unfolding Life in the making ~

?Many Blessings of Well-Being ~

?InJoy the feeling of standing before your blank page today and feel the dance rising from your feet, poised as your Soul begins to show up note by note, brush stroke by brush stroke, symbol by symbol ~

?InJoy Being? UnWritten and be Heart and Soul InSpired today ~

Sharing InLove’s Enthusiasm along with you,

Breathing it in and exhaling ~ aaahhh …



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5 Responses to “UnWritten ~”

  1. Laura Says:

    Great song, great woman…great message.


  2. Julia Says:

    As we are dancing together to this one Laura Love ~

    Embracing you InLove’s Joy ~

  3. Talker Says:

    Did you feel it, more than hear,
    twas the inner clk a tac,
    clk a tac, tap, tap tap,
    it flowed, the rhythm special, mine,
    claiming the moment divine.

  4. Julia Says:

    Yes I do feel it Talker!! My Heart and Soul beating with my feet dancing to the rhythm of the beat … bom bom bom ~ tap tap tap … 😉

    You are a great dancer Talker!

    dancing up and down the mountain of the inner and outer worlds in cadence ~

  5. Bea in Chicago Says:

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