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Here’s an ever growing collection of wonderful sites that may; enhance a curious sense of adventure, slake an unquenchable thirst,  grasping a deeper understanding about God or the myriads of interesting subjects He has given us to explore, or perhaps to allow you to experience something in a refreshing way, like a shift in perspective. Sharing resources from some wonderful souls,  sharing their portion of insights, experience through living and uplifting messages.

This page is designed for those who are curiously interested in opening their minds more in their seeking Spiritual Journey, or for developing and growing personally in other ways.

Practical and also intending to include some fun learning ‘tools’, that may be an opportunity presented to deepen our understanding of God, and so our selves,  and our relationships, by God clarifying our life purpose, while including other areas of interest, just because life is so very interesting. Most of these sites offer a lot of free resources and if they do charge, it usually is very minimal for what they offer in return.

Just for the record, I don’t make money for suggesting them.

So, InJoy browsing through my ongoing, (there’s always more to share), library of You-nique sites found along my way~

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Here are two sites that are packed with information on how to recognize the infiltration of  the occult in our modern 21st Century times.  Jeff Harshbarger, a former Satanist, is the founder of Refuge Ministries along with his wife Liz Galvano-Harshbarger. Jeff was saved out of darkness and despair of Satanism by Jesus Christ.  Jesus then sent people to minister to Jeff through his struggles and to strengthen him in his ongoing walk-life with Christ.

“If you have been involved in Satanism, the occult, Wicca, Witchcraft, New Age practices or false teachings in the Christian church, I am here to help you. I offer Biblical counsel, prayer, encouragement and resources. You are welcome to contact me for any reason.”

~ Jeff Harshbarger, Founder of Refuge Ministries

Refuge Ministries

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Laura Maxwell is a reformed Medium Spiritualist who openly shares her journey from being set free from the Kingdom of Darkness by being led into the Kingdom of Light.  She was a practicing Medium for many years, along with her mother who introduced her to the dark arts until the spirits in their home, believed to be deceased family members began to turn on them attacking them both.  While searching for answers, Laura was introduced to the Biblical Jesus Christ, who set her free. Laura’s mother also accepted Christ but her life would end tragically and you will learn how in Laura’s personal story. Today, Laura is working tirelessly to get the message out to those who are enmeshed in the occult and offers excellent Biblical advice on how to recognize who these spirits really are and how to be set free and delivered from them. Her site is full of helpful resources for those who are caught up in the web of occult, New Age and Spiritism.

“As a Spiritualist, I had believed Jesus was just a cosmic force; part of the universal consciousness, or a great Psychic Healer.  Since my conversion in 1994,  I’ve met, spoken to & read of many Psychics, Gypsies, Mediums, Witches, Luciferians, and even Satanists who also discovered the entities of their ‘Spirit Guides’ or ‘dead relatives’ were not who they claimed to be. These people were also set free from demonic attack after receiving Christ into their lives & receiving His deliverance & freedom.

Jesus healed me of fears, phobias and physical conditions. He has given me joy and peace I simply never knew existed. His very tangible Presence of pure love is more real than any powerful encounter I experienced within Spiritualism.”

~ Laura Maxwell, Founder of YourSpiritualQuest

Your Spiritual Quest

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There is something for everyone on this very innovative site that shares what is happening around the planet and to be able to catch a glimpse of what man is doing in these days ~


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This is an interesting site I came across, designed to increase understanding by taking a look into the supernatural, paranormal and occult from a distinctive Biblical Christian perspective,  (key word Biblical not fundamentalist). Don’t be fooled by the description. It is actually a very well done site. Come and see for yourself.

Spirits – A Christian View

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“Train up a child in the way he should go: and when he is old, he will not depart from it.”

~ Proverbs 22:6

These next two sites listed, are an interesting way to enlarge our own self growth and development by gaining some insight into our personal learning styles. Through increasing our understanding of diverse learning styles, it allows us to become more accepting of others learning styles, as we become more adaptable through gaining the knowledge that there is more than our way of learning.

This is a tool, that can benefit us in more ways than one, and can open our hearts and minds into a better understanding of others. Gaining a greater Insight into the way another person may grasp something totally different than we do, presents us with the opportunity to make choices in becoming more effective communicators in our relationships.

The more skilled we are in our ability to understand other people, the more we will be committed to maintaining longer lasting relationships that are InJoyable for all involved.  Others feel more understood when we ‘get’ them and help them to ‘get’ us. This may be very helpful for people who have young children in order to observe and study them to better understand what their God given gifts are. With this kind of insight, we can be better equipped to help them along the way God has designed for them in order to fulfill their purpose here by using their gifts, skills and talents for the benefit of others and by the grace of God.

As Jesus said, ‘Do you really see this person?’ Looking past outer appearances.

The first interactive test, is interesting as it relates with one’s dominant tendencies by targeting specific areas that may be suitable for exploring our own life purpose.

Interactive Multiple Intelligence Test

Understanding Learning Styles

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Giving  SQuire Rushnell and his wife Louise DuArt a High Five for their uplifting stories of how God makes Himself known in the mundane living of every day life ~

When God Winks

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A worthwhile look into the Person of the Holy Spirit and His power over demons ~

Demons Can’t Swim

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So much of a word’s meaning has been lost from generation to generation. To those who were brought up in hearing the Bible, and it didn’t make much sense…we are encouraged to seek its meaning like we search for something dear to us that is missing or lost. Growing into our understanding, which deeper studying of its meaning comes by asking the Holy Spirit to teach us,  He is the One Who reveals to us how to know what is true from what is not true. This one element can change the entire context of a message. Here is a site on Hebrew definition for you to peruse that gives  a basic explanation of the Hebrew meaning that may change the way you understand the meaning of a word to be from the way you were taught:

Biblical Hebrew Picture Dictionary

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It is very hard to not be able to notice how radically  our world has changed, especially in the short twelve years of this 21st Century. Well, it hasn’t happened all of a sudden but all the changes we see, have been taking place over a long period of time, moving humanity towards what is known as ‘The End of the  ‘God’ of this Age’.

The Bible contains what is known to the Jewish nation and authentic Christians, the Sacred Calendar of God’s Appointed Seasons for the nation of Israel and the Age of Mankind, which affects everyone on this earth.

It says that all eyes will be on the Middle East in the End of the Age times. The unrest in the Middle East is increasing and what many may not understand, is the reason for why this unrest is growing and increasing with violent acts of aggression.

It all centers around the Third Temple being restored as was prophesied. The Temple must be built before The Messiah, The Prince, can return to set up His Kingdom on the earth. And this is where it gets really interesting because as those of authentic Christian faith know, The Messiah is Christ or Yahshua Mashiach, Who has already come, and the building of the Third Temple, is preparing our world for a time known as The Tribulation or The Time of Jacob’s Trouble.

This time was actually foretold back in Jeremiah the Prophet’s day, and then opened up to Daniel in the Old Testament. Daniel, was given the understanding by the Angel Gabriel of what was to come and he was told to write these things down. Daniel lived during Israel’s time in exile in Babylon, God giving the tribes of Israel into the hands of their enemies, for their violation of God’s command to have no other false gods before Him, their idolatry causing them to be captured by the Chaldean’s or Babylonian’s, during the time of Nebuchadnezzar, the King of Babylon.

So, if you would like to view this site, it is excellent in explaining what is about to take place. It makes the connection of what is happening in our modern day recognized as being an ancient decree of God, that is happening and coming to pass before our very eyes.

Here are some links which will benefit anyone who desires to look into this and understand the different roles Israel and the Authentic Church of Christ play in these daily revealing events, as there has been much misunderstanding between who is where, when, as all this unfolds.

I encourage you to pursue your studying and offer these as a place to begin.

Daniel’s prophetic vision is coming to pass before our very eyes, just as the angel Gabriel said to him, “Go your way, Daniel, because the words are closed up and sealed until the time of the end.”

We are living in this time:

The Rapture and The Revelation

Daniel’s 70 Weeks Explained

10 Signs We are Living In the Last Days of the End of the Age 

The Fourth Beast of Daniel and Revelation

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This site is actually a book that traces the beginning of parapsychology and the history of how it has been brought into every area of modern life including the churches of various religions, heralding in the last days of the ‘End of the ‘God’ of this Age. Many people are confusing spiritual-ism with Spirituality, which can only come by The Spirit of GOD drawing us to Christ and then Christ being welcomed to live in our spirit and soul in our body. What many are practicing and believing as being of GOD in this modern day, is nothing more than empowering the soul’s nature through practicing the occult and calling it Spirit. There is a huge difference between being of the Spirit of God and of the soulish nature.

A very interesting read:

Spiritualism and the Foundations of C.G. Jung’s Psychology

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For those who have experienced difficulties in understanding the Parables of Jesus, here is a site that will give some insight into the meanings by comparing scripture with scripture, and sharing what the social customs of  the people were during this time.

It helps to be able to relate with the images He used, well understood by the people He spoke with during His first visit here on earth, in order to give us a deeper understanding with the help of the Holy Spirit, of what Jesus meant, as He came to reveal the hidden meanings of the Kingdom of Heaven, and the way GOD is in His nature and to fulfill The Father’s Plan for mankind.

Jesus, having come from Heaven and not being ‘of’ this world, Who in speaking of Himself said, ‘I will open my mouth in parables, I will utter what has been hidden since the foundation of the world.’ ~ Matthew 13:35.

Come and look into this for yourself, and let us learn more of GOD, by asking the Holy Spirit to teach us from His Inspired Word, and may we be filled with His power, to open our spirit, soul and hearts to receive from Him:

The Parables of Jesus

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“This is the culmination of a wonderful journey that started in 1980. After a dramatic conversion into our Lord and Saviour’s Kingdom in 1976, I soon became extremely interested and extremely excited about the entire subject of eschatology (study of prophetic events) and related issues. As a journalist and photographer covering many wars, conflicts and the dramas of the world since 1972, this Biblical subject hit home in a big way. I have studied the subject extensively for most of my adult life”….

“I am no fan of modern teachers and preachers and “cut my spiritual teeth” on the old- school disciples like Charles Finney, AW Tozer, Watchman Nee, and similar. The small handful of modern disciples whom I have received much from, include Derek Prince and Hal Lindsey.”

“The old-school disciples were never afraid to pull the carpet out from under you and give you the unadulterated truth, while today most ministries are centred on self- gratifying, motivational-based ministry resulting from shallow half- truths.”

“Please go through the “Resources” section. Here you will find links to deep teaching and material for you heart and soul. This collection will set you as a rock, safe and secure in the face of what lies ahead. It is not material to tickle your ears and stands completely removed from most of the superficial modern day half-baked teaching material.”

~ from About Joel Joseph, Author of The Prophetic Scrolls

A subject that is under much attack in these last days;

“In the last days “lawlessness (no truth) shall abound and the love of many will grow cold”

~ Jesus, in Mathew 24:12

Truth and Error

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‘Deep Calls unto deep.’ ~ Psalm 42:7

Resources for deepening Spiritual Growth and Understanding:

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I’ve always had a fascination for understanding human behavior. Perhaps from being exposed to so many people throughout my life from my earliest years. A growing human trait is narcissism with the New Thought ‘Religion’ of Love Myself First, which has taken its original meaning and inundated it with humanism. Here is an interesting article on describing narcissist’s with keen insight. To our ongoing growth in understanding;

Narcissist, Can You Recognize One?

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