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I will be adding to this page of interesting Sites that I find worthwhile. Bringing Inspirational value into my practical experiencing and experimenting in my Life in areas that enhance my overall well-being, in the art of practicing new things that I am drawn to explore. InJoying what allows me to remain a child at heart, while nurturing my elder child too. Health and well-being is holistic, which I feel the physical aspect, has a way of being left out on the Path of Spirit in moments, having done this at times in my own journey.

I appreciate you for growing through the changes…along with me ~


I honestly cannot say enough enough positive things about Dr. Ben Kim. He is a Doctor who really cares about the well-being of  people, giving his suggestions that are doable and proactive for taking our physical, emotional, and spiritual health into our own hands. I encourage you to sign up for his newsletter, as he gives wonderful advice and recipes that have worked for him and his clients, while openly sharing about his life experiences and relationships.

Dr. Ben

Full of ideas to motivate you into action, make’s you want to make something! lot’s of how to’s to get your motor running from gardening, wood working and more!

Mother Earth News

This is a great Independent News site, keeping us aware of what is happening to our choices to buy healthy foods, and what proactive actions we can take to make our voice and vote known.

Natural News

A great site for ideas relating to sustainable living. Lots of variety in this one for garden, home and outdoors!

Backwoods Home

Here is an amazing site full of ideas of all kinds. I really enjoy looking through this site! Thank you Sommer, for sharing this with me, you were right! This is a site that reflects what I am into ~

Heartful Home


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